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Birthday flowers - Give love!

Birthday flowers for those you love will be a meaningful gift on his or her big day. And sometimes, choosing the birthday flowers for you is also a difficult thing because you don't know what flowers to choose, where to sell quality flowers. Let 360 Fresh Flowers design the gift for you and on your behalf send to the person you care about an impression, surprise. No matter where your loved ones are on the planet, they will receive your attention anytime, anywhere simply with our flower delivery service of 360 Fresh Flowers.

Mục lục

Bó hoa sinh nhật đẹp nhất dành tặng bạn gái

The most beautiful birthday flower bouquet for girlfriend

Birthday flowers - Meaningful gift

Birthday flowers will be a surprise gift that you give to the ones you love, right!  Fresh flowers for a loved one's birthday are loved by many people because of the positive energy it brings, seeing the colorful fresh flowers give off a gentle fragrance to help people become more relaxed, feel loved. “Buff” is an abundant source of energy after a tiring working day.

Hình ảnh hoa chúc mừng sinh nhật đẹp nhất

Simple and meaningful birthday bouquet of roses

In addition to the presence of genuine gifts and cakes, beautiful birthday flower bouquets are indispensable. Although it is just a simple gift, flowers for that romantic lover's birthday contain many thoughts and feelings that the boyfriend who gave beautiful flowers to congratulate him did not dare to express, only dared to ask for flowers. It's beautiful instead of words to say.

Ảnh hoa sinh nhật đẹp ý nghĩa nhất

Beautiful birthday bouquet to give you a close relationship

Which birthday flowers to give and to whom?

Each birthday flowers has its own unique beauty and meaning. Therefore, choosing a birthday flower bouquet as a gift for your relationships, you also need to consider the appropriate circumstances to choose the most beautiful birthday flower bouquets to send to your loved ones! If you are still wondering how to choose flowers for your birthday, let's see what flowers customers who ordered flowers to celebrate in the past from 360 Fresh Flowers choose what flowers to give in specific cases!

1. Gift a birthday flower basket for your beloved wife

Choosing birthday flowers for your wife is an opportunity for you to express your care and love to the person who sacrificed with you. Happy birthday roses will be a testament to the eternal love you have for your wife. Who is not surprised to receive the most beautiful birthday gifts and bouquets, right? There is nothing better than accompanied by loving words.

Giỏ hoa tươi sinh nhật tặng vợ yêu

Give your beloved wife a beautiful birthday basket of fresh flowers

Instead of saying words of love, the bright and radiant birthday roses, the flowers that are the messengers of love, will help us express our sweet love through the birthday flower basket. gift to wife. Surely any wife will feel ecstatic when receiving this meaningful and loving birthday bouquet from her husband.

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Những bó hoa đẹp tặng sinh nhật vợ lãng mạn ngọt ngào

Beautiful happy birthday flower bouquet for my beloved wife

2. Give flowers to the father on his birthday

Giving a bouquet of sunflower birthday flowers to celebrate his father's birthday as a deep thank you to the person who has overcome many difficulties in life to help this son grow up. This special yellow flower with a luxurious beauty not only evokes the spirit of giving to the father, but it is like a sincere thank you from the father for teaching me to grow up, towards the good and the beautiful. so for society.

Hộp hoa hướng dương tặng chúc mừng sinh nhật bố ý nghĩa

Wandering sunflowers to give dad a meaningful birthday

Beautiful flowers to celebrate the third birthday is a bouquet of phalaenopsis orchids expressing your heart to always respect your father and a cherished family love. The beautiful lotus flower is a symbol of a father's love and is imbued with luxury, fortune and feng shui meaning. Birthday flowers for dad with a message of all the love and wishes for the best for him.

3. Give birthday flowers to your beloved mother

Choosing beautiful birthday flowers for mom is usually the kind of birthday flowers of the child, giving flowers to the mother to express sincere love, respect, and long life. A meaningful birthday bouquet of flowers for your beloved mother along with silent thanks, wishes for health and well-being, wishing her a long life with her children and grandchildren.

Hoa mừng sinh nhật màu tím tặng mẹ

Beautiful sparkling birthday flower bouquet showing love for mom

Lẵng hoa mừng sinh nhật mẹ

Flower basket to celebrate mother's birthday with beautiful meaningful wishes

The appropriate birthday flowers for mothers are phalaenopsis orchids, chrysanthemums, lilies, sunflowers, roses, carnations, etc. Each beautiful flower has a different message of love. For example, a birthday rose represents a sincere love; orchids express an earnest love, tolerance, respect and nobility; lily flower is a birthday flower for mom to express a deep gratitude, a noble love... or for her birthday with a bouquet of carnations with a special love.

4. Give flowers to celebrate your lover's birthday

Happy birthday, happy birthday to you!! Let baby flower bouquets for your lover's birthday, bright red roses for someone who is ready to spend all their youth by your side. Every morning to night, stay awake with you to share with you sad and happy stories. Happy birthday flowers to your lover with the most beautiful flowers, expressing faith and hope in him as well as wishing for the best future for the two of you.

Bó baby hồng là hoa chúc mừng sinh nhật bạn gái ý nghĩa nhất

Pink baby bouquet is the most meaningful birthday flower for girlfriend

A bouquet of birthday roses will be a good idea for you to create a great birthday party for her, an evening with shimmering candles on the birthday cake looks so wonderful. Come on, what are you waiting for, choose a unique beautiful birthday flower bouquet with meaningful wishes so that the recipient is always happy and happy to be kept in every beautiful birthday flower petal.

Bó hoa sinh nhật baby trắng với thông điệp yêu nhau 1 đời

White baby birthday bouquet with a message of love for a lifetime

5. Giving fresh flowers for my sister's birthday

Make a surprise for your sister with a birthday bouquet of flowers for your sister because when she was little when she was not around, she told her to take care of you instead of her. If my sister is a wanderer, does a lot of outdoor business and realizes that she is an "older" person, I think you should choose a model of phalaenopsis orchid for her. The message of this flower is nobility, wealth and prosperity. Seeing the bouquet of flowers to congratulate your sister on her birthday with phalaenopsis helps her feel relaxed, full of life and happiness.

Hoa lan hồ điệp vàng tặng gửi lời chúc mừng sinh nhật chị gái ý nghĩa

Yellow phalaenopsis orchids give meaningful birthday wishes to sister

If you are speechless, send a bouquet of flowers or a bouquet of red carnations to express it on your behalf. The message conveyed in the bouquet of flowers to congratulate her sister on her birthday is to admire, wish her happiness, good luck and express deep love when you choose red carnations.

Chọn mẫu bó hoa cẩm chướng chúc mừng sinh nhật chị gái

Choose a bouquet of carnations to celebrate your sister's birthday

6. Birthday gifts for male and female bosses

Do you think it is advisable to give flowers to a male boss's birthday? The answer is yes, not only female bosses love flowers! Their male bosses also have a strong love for flowers. If you are looking to choose birthday flowers for your boss, or other colleagues, flowers will be the best gift! So what kind of birthday flowers are suitable for male bosses? Is it like flowers for a female boss's birthday? For men, birthday flowers should choose species such as phalaenopsis, sunflowers, ...

Chậu lan hồ điệp vàng ý nghĩa dùng làm hoa tặng sinh nhật sếp nam

Meaningful yellow phalaenopsis orchid pots are used as flowers for birthday gifts for male bosses

When choosing flowers for a beautiful birthday gift for a female boss, you should choose some brightly colored flowers such as roses, gerberas, lilies or carnations.... And in this case. , it's a real woman, you should give it a small gift. Or you should choose the birthday flower that the man or woman likes. A gift such as a birthday cake and flowers for the boss is the most perfect, classic gift instead of a happy birthday for a male boss. Or a potted plant, a birthday flower basket for an orchid boss can be placed in the room, very easy to care for and can live for a long time.

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7. Give birthday flowers to grandparents

Fresh flowers are given to grandparents for their birthdays with sincere respect for those who did not hesitate to work hard to raise their parents. Those are gifts of fresh flowers as a birthday gift as a great thank you to grandparents from grandchildren. The birthday flower petals represent the most loving, rich and beautiful meaning to give to your grandparents. You can choose gerberas, carnations, sunflowers, orchids, auspicious flowers, which are very suitable to choose as beautiful birthday flowers to give to your grandparents.

Những mẫu hoa sinh nhật đẹp có xu hướng nhẹ nhàng thích hợp tặng ông bà

Beautiful birthday flowers tend to be gentle and suitable for grandparents

8. Giving birthday flowers to teachers

Teachers are the ferrymen who lead us to the path of success and enlightenment for the future. So don't forget to give birthday flowers to your teacher. Whether it's a teacher or an aunt, when receiving a birthday flower gift from a student, it must be very happy and grateful. Each birthday flower basket for teachers in the birthday party will strengthen the friendship between teachers and students. So when choosing birthday flowers for teachers, you should choose flowers such as birthday roses, birds of paradise, sunflowers and phalaenopsis, ...

Hoa mừng sinh nhật tượng trưng cho thầy trò mãi thân thiết

Happy birthday flowers represent teachers and students who are always close

A gift such as a birthday cake and flowers is the most perfect, classic alternative to a happy birthday. Or a potted plant, a leg of orchids can be placed in the room, very easy to care for and can live for a long time. When choosing flowers for a beautiful birthday gift for men, you should choose some brightly colored flowers such as roses, gerberas, lilies or carnations.... And in case, if it's a real man, you should include a small gift. Or you should choose the flower that the man likes

Giỏ lan hồ điệp trắng - món quà cảm ơn chân thành của học trò

Basket of white phalaenopsis - a sincere thank you gift from a student

9. Give birthday flowers to friends and colleagues

Giving a beautiful birthday flower basket to you on your birthday shows your care and sophistication for that person. Simply a bouquet of birthday flowers, but will make the friendship between you and that person more close and lasting. This is how to keep a good relationship and make your life more meaningful. You can choose birthday flowers for colleagues such as roses, daisies, sunflowers. As for gifts for colleagues, you can choose from lily flowers, carnations, gerberas, ...

Bó hoa sinh nhật đẹp nhất dành tặng đồng nghiệp, bạn bè

A sincere bouquet of purple chrysanthemums is a birthday gift for friends to bond with love

hoa chúc mừng sinh nhật đẹp

Template for a happy birthday flower bouquet for a colleague

These are the flowers that are suitable and meaningful for the people who have been with them for the past time. It will help those who are wondering what to give their friends to become an expert in how to give flowers to wish them a happy birthday. 

Happy birthday flowers are popular with young people

Rose bouqu​et for birthday

Roses are used as bouquets for birthdays of beloved wives, girlfriends, lovers... A favorite flower chosen by young people because of its sweet, warm flower buds symbolizing passionate and intense love. paralysis. In particular, there are many girls who are also passionate about the beauty of the birthday rose bouquet, its natural rose scent.

Lời hẹn ước chúc mừng sinh nhật không thể thiếu hiện diện của bó hoa hồng đỏ

An indispensable happy birthday wish with the presence of a bouquet of red roses

Happy birthday red roses have many other colors for you to choose as birthday gifts such as yellow roses, light roses, white roses... it's best to choose according to your favorite color of the other party so that the birthday bouquet creates an impressive meaning and includes a clear message for the recipient to understand this birthday gift. Roses when given to everyone will make that person feel warm and sweet.

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Baby flowers birthday

Choosing gifts for your loved ones will become easier because there are birthday baby bouquets, you don't have to worry anymore. When it comes to fresh flowers to wish a happy birthday, it always brings a positive message from the giver who wants to convey to the recipient. Just looking at the cute little flowers of the baby flower makes people's mood feel serene and more motivated in life.

Bó hoa baby trắng kèm hồng xanh đầy ý nghĩa tặng sinh nhật bạn gái

Meaningful white baby bouquet with blue roses for girlfriend's birthday

It's just that each baby flower, when gathered, contains great happiness. Sending dried baby flowers to wish a happy birthday will help to strengthen relationships and express sincere affection and concern. Not stopping there, each birthday flower bouquet also has accompanying decorations such as a baby bouquet with roses with an unlimited amount, each bouquet of fresh flowers has a very own meaning.

Phalaenopsis Orchids for birthday

Phalaenopsis Orchids for birthday is both an expression of joy and respect as well as the deepest and most sacred family affection. Do you know why phalaenopsis orchid birthday gifts are so meaningful? That's because they contain the good meaning, happiness and purity of the birthday phalaenopsis.

Tặng sinh nhật bằng chậu hồ điệp trắng mang lại nhiều điều tốt đẹp nhất

Giving a birthday with a pot of white phalaenopsis brings the best things

Not only that, the aristocratic and luxurious beauty that will help people's busy work lives add more color and joy when there is a pot of orchids for birthday gifts for people to give each other good things. through the meaning of this flower.

The meaning of flowers for birthday gifts

Meaningful birthday flower bouquets will instead send greetings to your lover, acquaintances or friends on this special day. Surely everyone loves beautiful, radiant and full of life bouquets of birthday flowers, especially receiving flowers from the hands of the person they love, from people and close friends is even more meaningful. Here are beautiful birthday flower samples collected by 360 Fresh Flowers from many sources on the Internet to serve you. However, if you love any birthday flower pattern, you can also request that our staff pack flowers for you in a very quick and unique way.

ý nghĩa hoa sinh nhật

Flower box to congratulate the gentle birthday for the wife

1. The meaning of sunflowers for birthdays

Sunflower - a flower that always faces the sun, symbolizing pride and loyalty towards one side, no matter how difficult that side is! Sunflower is a suitable flower to congratulate a best friend, isn't it! Even if there are difficulties, they still go through life stories with you, happy and sad, that is a close friend.

Hoa và lời chúc sinh nhật ý nghĩa

Happy birthday flower bouquet - Happy Birthday

2. The meaning of chrysanthemums for birthday gifts

This multi-colored gerbera flower symbolizes happiness. It is a meaningful birthday bouquet of beauty and miracles. It brings us brightness and cheerfulness; Not only that, it also represents innocence, love and praise. You can find purity in white daisies, love in red flowers, happiness in yellow gerberas or praise and encouragement in pink coins.

Bó hoa cúc đồng tiền chúc mừng sinh nhật

Bouquet of chrysanthemums to wish you a happy birthday

3. Meaning of birthday roses

The rose that is probably the most chosen for all occasions is the rose. Beautiful bouquets of birthday roses symbolizing love are always loved by many people, regardless of whether they are male or female. Birthday roses are like an affirmation that: this birthday you have me, next birthday too, love me! I wish to accompany you to the end of this life!

Bông hồng tặng sinh nhật
99 mysterious roses for lover's birthday

4. Meaning of birthday tulips

Meaningful tulips for boyfriend's birthday and extremely beautiful expressing the burning and radiant love of yellow tulips, faithfulness of purple tulips.

Bó hoa tulip tặng sinh nhật cho bạn trai ý nghĩa

Bouquet of tulips for a meaningful boyfriend's birthday

5. Meaning of Phalaenopsis Happy Birthday

A pot of phalaenopsis wishes the leader a happy birthday as a greeting and thanks to our dear boss, For many people, a leader is a companion, a guide. On the way to career advancement, although sometimes the boss is angry, but in general, it is also because of worrying about employees, the company, etc. Don't let your boss's birthday be lonely!

Chúc mừng sinh nhật sếp

Choose a pot of Phalaenopsis orchids for birthday gifts for leaders

Give birthday flowers for each month of birth

Each person born in different months prefers flowers to give birthday wishes according to different birth months, so what kind of flowers represent each month of birth? Let's find out the birthday flower bouquets according to the month of birth!

- January: Carnations represent intimacy and closeness, suitable as birthday flowers for relatives and friends.

Hoa chúc mừng sinh nhật đẹp ý nghĩa

January love with carnations

- February: Violets - faithful purple

- March: Daffodils wish good luck to you

- April: Haethbell – A meaningful April best friend's birthday flower pattern

Hoa tặng bạn thân đẹp nhất

Heather for a dreamy April

- May: Lily of the valley, you bring a sense of security and warmth to those around you

- June: Birthday roses - the most popular birthday flower pattern

Ảnh hoa sinh nhật đẹp nhất

June love with birthday roses

- July: Lotus flower means foresight and hopes the recipient achieves much success in life

- August: Gladiolus represents the strength to wish you to work hard to fulfill the set goals

- September: Hydrangea flower means adapting to all difficulties

- October Tulips symbolize peace and serenity, in addition, they also mean admiration of those who rise above circumstances.

- November: Sunflowers are angels for warm and sincere feelings. Lovers are always on your side

Những bó hoa sinh nhật đẹp

Sunflowers of sublime friendship

- December: Orchid people born in December are very confident and determined, going to create luck for their lives.

Happy birthday flower template by color

Pink: a gentle color that is considered the color of love, tenderness and femininity, so it is suitable for giving birthday flowers to mothers and female friends. Pink can be found in flowers such as roses, lilies, carnations, and azaleas.


Bó hoa màu hồng mừng sinh nhật lãng mạn tặng bạn nữ

Pink flower bouquet to celebrate a romantic birthday for female friends

Red: Similar to pink, red symbolizes love and passion and not only that, red flowers are also used to show respect and courage. Red flowers such as roses, tulips, geraniums, geraniums.

Bình hoa hồng đỏ kết hợp baby tặng sinh nhật

Vase of red roses combined with baby birthday gift

Yellow: associated with spreading happiness and joy, however, it is also a self-representing color of friendship. With bright colors, yellow flowers are often used in birthday flower baskets for leaders to bring positive energy. Beautiful yellow flowers like sunflowers, daisies, tulips and lilies

Hoa sinh nhật màu vàng

Birthday flowers for leaders are yellow with the meaning of prosperity and success

Orange: Orange flowers are vibrant and bold thus symbolizing feelings of joy and enthusiasm. Some common orange species include roses.

Hoa hồng màu cam cực đẹp tặng sinh nhật

Very beautiful orange roses - flowers for a girlfriend's birthday on a date

White: often used to express sophistication, innocence and purity, in addition, it means sympathy and understanding. White birthday flowers should be used such as phalaenopsis, tana chrysanthemums, carnations or white roses.

Giỏ hoa tana chúc mừng sinh nhật người yêu

Happy birthday tana flower basket

Purple: Purple flowers are often said to symbolize success and luxury, in addition to bringing a sense of tradition. Some luxurious purple birthday flowers include phalaenopsis orchids, baby flowers, and carnations.

Blue: The most loved calming color that symbolizes peace and brings a sense of relaxation that helps people release all negative feelings and stress. Some blue flowers that you can make birthday bouquets like hydrangeas, blue roses, morning flowers.

Hoa sinh nhật baby màu xanh dương

Blue baby birthday flowers

Green: means rebirth and renewal. Besides, it also symbolizes, good health, luck and fresh bamboo. Very rare natural green flowers you can use such as tana chrysanthemums, hydrangeas, in addition you can dye roses, baby flowers, ....

Cheap and beautiful happy birthday flower bouquet price

Beautiful birthday flowers are one of the most purchased products at 360 Fresh Flowers. In addition, birthday roses are selected most carefully by fresh flowers 360. Customers can rest assured about cheap birthday flower bouquets with a variety of tana daisies, ecuador roses, bibi flowers, hydrangeas, ... happy birthday gifts designed by the artisans of 360 Fresh Flowers. Quickly pick up the phone and call the hotline number and in the shortest time, the customer has ordered a beautiful birthday bouquet of roses.

The best birthday flower baskets, beautiful birthday bouquets are only available at 360 Fresh Flowers.

Basket of flowers for a very meaningful birthday party

Where to buy quality and reputable birthday flowers?

It cannot be denied that: birthday is a special occasion for each person, they deserve to be cared for and loved, only once a year. Therefore, every organization or gift giving must be accurate, creating a surprise for the recipient of the gift. Quality birthday flowers are sometimes not worth much but bring emotions to the recipient. So where is the choice of a reputable birthday flower shop in the thousands of stores out there?

Mua hoa sinh nhật ở đâu uy tín

Fresh flower shop 360 prestigious birthday flower shop

Come to the birthday flower service at 360 Fresh Flowers - Where you can hand over the responsibility of bringing joy to customers with the motto "Spread love everywhere" will bring you great spiritual gifts most wonderful. So, what are you waiting for, let's visit 360 Fresh Flowers to discover the most special birthday flower bouquets.

Birthday flowers at Tan Binh fresh flower shop

- Ensure quality of service, commit to deliver flowers on time and with quality

- All kinds of flowers including: flower baskets, flower baskets, birthday vases... are used by 360 Fresh Flowers with meticulously selected flowers and raw materials, 100% fresh Da Lat flowers, absolutely stable flower source. Do not use frozen flowers even during peak times.

Hộp hoa hồng Ecuador đồng hành gửi ngàn lời chúc sinh nhật ý nghĩa tại hoa tươi 360

Ecuadorian rose box accompanies sending thousands of meaningful birthday wishes at fresh flowers 360

- Always update the hottest birthday flower patterns, seasonal flower styles, themed for each season of the year, suitable for different events. Stable prices even during the holidays.

- Free local delivery

- A team of highly skilled, professional, enthusiastic and passionate artisans.

How to contact to buy flowers for birthday

In addition to birthday flowers, 360 Fresh Flowers is also an address to provide other flowers such as Ecuadorian roses, sunflowers, auspicious flowers, daffodils, carnations, hydrangeas, lily flowers, heather flowers. , Calimero chrysanthemums... In particular, the birthday flowers is mixed with other flowers by the shop to create congratulatory flowers, love flowers, grand opening flowers... creating impressive masterpieces and attracting all eyes.

To know the exact price or baby flower samples, please contact 360 Fresh Flowers at: 

- HEAD OFFICE IN SAIGON (HCMC): 413 Le Van Sy street, Tan Binh district, Ho Chi Minh City, VietNam
- HEAD OFFICE IN HANOI: 56B Tran Phu street, Ba Dinh district, Ha Noi City, VietNam
- HEAD OFFICE IN DANANG: 271B Tran Phu street, Hai Chau district, Da Nang City, VietNam
Hotlines: (028)22 298 398 - 0936 65 27 27 - 0977 301 303
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Web: https://360flowers.net/

Or you can also contact to order flower bouquets on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, decentralized social network Vitae...

Fast and accurate flower delivery service, along with a professional, dedicated and friendly service attitude, 360 Fresh Flowers promises to bring customers extremely interesting experiences when being served by us.

If you are overseas or are a foreigner, you can send flowers to Vietnam via hotline 0933 055 945 and will be consulted and ordered flowers as soon as possible.