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The interesting meaning of the chrysanthemum peony 

Although recently appeared, peony flowers are driving florists crazy because of their beautiful and colorful appearance. Let's find out why the peony has so many features that make it so popular.

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What is the chrysanthemum peony flower?

The chrysanthemum peony, also known as big mums or peony chrysanthemum, belongs to the genus of marigolds and originates from the United States, although the cultivation of chrysanthemums originated in China in the 15th century. Chrysanthemums were first discovered in the United States by Colonel John Stevens imported a cultivar called "Dark purple" - dark purple - from England. Over the years they crossed varieties of chrysanthemums together and to this day we have peonies.

What are the outstanding features of the chrysanthemum peony flower compared to other types of daisies? When looking at a bouquet of chrysanthemum peonies, surely all of us are surprised and admired by their great and magnificent appearance. There will be no one who would not want to receive a bouquet of flowers with colorful chrysanthemum peonies like this.

Peonies combined with many other flowers

Peonies combined with many other flowers

The chrysanthemum peony are larger than other daisies, large flowers with a spherical mass of 13-18 cm in size. No other flower comes close to this size so when it comes to bouquets with chrysanthemum peonies, it always makes the whole bouquet stand out. This flower has many different colors from hot colors like red, orange, yellow, pink to cold colors like cyan and purple, which will surely give you a special feeling of beauty.

The beautiful chrysanthemum peony patterns 2022

Meaning of peony chrysanthemum

What does chrysanthemum peony mean? In Asia the chrysanthemum is a symbol of life and rebirth, in European countries it represents sympathy and loss, in the United States it symbolizes positivity, optimism, joy and even longevity. And each color of the chrysanthemum peony has a different message, such as red for love, yellow for rejection and sadness or white for loyalty, steadfastness and a devoted love.

Colorful chrysanthemum peonies as the highlight of the bouquet

Colorful chrysanthemum peonies as the highlight of the bouquet

Many people misunderstand about imported chrysanthemum peony flowers with peony, but these are two completely different flowers, although the size is quite similar, but the texture of the two flowers is extremely different.

Although it does not have a distinct fragrance like the peony, the beauty of the chrysanthemum peony can make anyone's heart flutter.

Bouquet of brilliant chrysanthemum peonies

Bouquet of brilliant chrysanthemum peonies

How to arrange peony chrysanthemums at home

For those who are passionate about chrysanthemum peony and want to decorate chrysanthemum peony at home for the holidays. We'll show you how to arrange the most beautiful and similar chrysanthemum peony vases like florist shops.
Prepare materials:
- Fresh chrysanthemum peony flowers (should not choose more than 3 colors)
- Long flowerpot (should choose a simple color vase to enhance the flower color)
- A few decorative flowers and leaves such as salem, marble flower, silver leaf, dollar leaf, chlorophyll leaf.
How to arrange a vase of chrysanthemum peony 
- With flowers, you should cut off excess branches and leaves, remove wilted branches.
- Choose flowers with the same warm or cold tone to make the vase more harmonious.

- Attach some decorative leaves or flowers to highlight the beautiful of chrysanthemum peonies

Luxury chrysanthemum peony flowers vase

Luxury chrysanthemum peony flowers vase

The occasion to give peony chrysanthemums

With many different colors and meanings, we should learn carefully about chrysanthemum peony flowers before giving them to others to make the best impression on the people who we care about. Here are some beautiful peony chrysanthemum patterns for your to reference.

The meaning of chrysanthemum peony with red color shows your passionate love to your lover, so give red chrysanthemum peony flowers bouquet or pink chrysanthemum peony to the person who you love on special occasions such as anniversaries, Valentine's Day, surely the beautiful bouquet of red chrysanthemum peonies will make them happy and surprised!

Red chrysanthemum peony combined with roses

Red chrysanthemum peony combined with roses

White chrysanthemum peony with a message of loyalty and devoted love should be for special people like a life partner who stands by your side through the difficult periods of life. Not only makes your wife or husband emotional, but also an opportunity to warm up the feelings in your marriage.

Exquisite white chrysanthemum peony brings a luxurious beauty

Exquisite white chrysanthemum peony brings a luxurious beauty

If you want to express your secret feelings to someone, you should choose blue chrysanthemum peony, because this is a flower that expresses one-sided feelings.

Bouquet of blue chrysanthemum peonies to express secret feelings

Bouquet of blue chrysanthemum peonies to express secret feelings

Purple chrysanthemum peony represents your nostalgia and fidelity to the person who you want to give it to.

The purple chrysanthemum peony is gentle and simple

The purple chrysanthemum peony is gentle and simple

With colorful and eye-catching colors, you can give orange chrysanthemum peony flowers to your colleagues and partners or boss on the occasion of the opening or anniversary of the company ... to express your joy and congratulations. It will help you make a good impression and score points in their eyes.

Orange chrysanthemum peony flower with imported leaves, simple but brilliant

Orange chrysanthemum peony flower with imported leaves, simple but brilliant

Regardless of the color and design, a bouquet of chrysanthemum peonies will never let you down because a beautiful vase of chrysanthemum peonies will bring a lot of positive energy.

Beautiful chrysanthemum peony - The highlight for the whole vase

Beautiful chrysanthemum peony - The highlight for the whole vase

The most beautiful peony flower patterns

Bouquets of chrysanthemum peonies with vibrant colors will make many people flutter by its beauty. Let's see the most beautiful and impressive chrysanthemum peony bouquets!

Bouquet of pink chrysanthemum peonies mixed with many colors

Bouquet of pink chrysanthemum peonies mixed with many colors

Box of peony chrysanthemums with roses

Box of peony chrysanthemums with roses

Impressive bouquet of blue chrysanthemum peonies

Impressive bouquet of blue chrysanthemum peonies

Unique bouquet of orange peony chrysanthemums

Unique bouquet of orange peony chrysanthemums

The price of a bouquet chrysanthemum peonies ?

Where do you buy chrysanthemum peony flowers and how much do peony flowers cost? Surely this is a question that everyone who curious to know.

The price of chrysanthemum peony in Vietnam is quite high because it is an imported flower, depending on the region, there will be a different price.

Where to buy peony chrysanthemums?

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