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Gerberas are flowers that express praise, encouragement and spiritual encouragement. Therefore, when someone does a good job, give them gerberas as an encouragement. Not only that, when someone has a difficult time, choose a bouquet of gerbera flowers to comfort them and encourage them to overcome soon.

những sựu thật thú vị về hoa đồng tiền

What is the origin and characteristics of the gerbera flower?


It is one of the 10 most important commercially grown flowers in the world, native to Asia, South Africa and Tasmania. Gerbera is suitable for temperate or subtropical climates. Currently, in Vietnam, there are more than 30 varieties of gerbera being grown outside of production, these varieties originate from the Netherlands and China, with diverse colors. Flowers are grown mainly in Da Lat and places with cool climates.
This genus has about 30-300 species, living in the wild and distributed everywhere. But mainly in South America, tropical Asia.

Colorful gerbera petals

Colorful gerbera petals


Gerbera is a genus of plants in the daisy family, the scientific name is Gerbera jamesonii Hook, Gerbera Jamesonii, the English name is Gerbera. Gerbera, which originated in South Africa, is now widely grown all over the world.
Gerbera has a height of 25 - 30 cm, gerbera flowers are diverse in colors such as yellow, orange, red, white, pink ... with a flower diameter of 7 - 12 cm.

Gerbera has a mysterious beauty

Gerbera has a mysterious beauty

The meaning of the gerbera flower

Meaning of Gerbera: The flower symbolizes happiness, beauty and magic. Looking at gerberas can bring brightness and cheerfulness, symbolizing trust and excitement. In addition, gerbera flower also represents praise, love and innocence, purity.

The meaning of the gerbera flower

The meaning of the gerbera flower

Gerbera is also a symbol of joy, making your home more colorful, always full of life, cheerful and radiant like giving our lives a fresher and happier color. Gerbera is famous in the world for being in the top 10 most important commercial flowers.

Popular types of gerbera flowers

There are four types of gerbera flowers which are distinguished according to their shape characteristics in Vietnam. We can easily see them for sale in flower shops and home flower gardens, four types of gerbera include:

High gerbera flower

Flowering plants with a height of more than 25cm

High gerbera flower

High gerbera flower

Dwarf gerbera

The height is less than 25 cm and it is classified as a dwarf gerbera. 

Dwarf gerbera pots

Dwarf gerbera pots

Hoa đồng tiền đơn

As a flower with only one layer of petals, the petals are quite long and thin, the flower will look more fragile than other species.

Single gerbera flower

Single gerbera flower

Hoa đồng tiền kép

Unlike the single gerbera flower, which has only one layer of flowers, the double gerbera has many layers of petals planted on top of each other, the outer petals are long and shortened to the inside.

Double gerbera

Double gerbera

How to keep gerbera flowers fresh for a long time

To keep gerbera flowers as fresh as possible, after buying flowers, cut a part of the stem and soak the flowers in water. We need to change the water for the plug, make sure the bottle is cleaned and avoid chemical substances from the washing water. To make flowers last longer, add a few of the following solutions to your vase.

- Lemon juice

Mix 1, 2 tablespoons of picture juice into the vase to increase the acidity to help the flowers stay fresh for a long time

- Aspirin medicine

Increase acidity by mixing 1 aspirin tablet in a vase of water to keep gerbera flowers fresh for a long time

- Use coins

Drop a few coins into a pot of water, the metal in the coin will help antibacterial to keep the gerbera flower longer.

- Listerine mouthwash

Put listerine in a water bottle with a ratio of 60g Listerine / 5 liters of water, helping to kill bacteria and help flowers stay fresher

- Bleach

Put 1.2 tablespoons of bleach in the water to kill bacteria and mold to prevent the plant from wilting quickly

Put flowers in a cool place in a room with a temperature of 18-25 degrees Celsius, away from direct sunlight or electronic devices.

Change the water twice a day, morning and night, cut the root when it turns slightly yellow.

Caring for gerbera flowers to keep flowers fresh for a long time

Caring for gerbera flowers to keep flowers fresh for a long time

On what occasion do you give gerbera flowers?

Gerbera flowers will be a great gift to give to your loved ones. The gerbera flower baskets to celebrate the opening are also often used in life to add abundant energy to the recipient.

Gerbera to celebrate the opening

Gerbera to celebrate the opening

Basket of congratulatory gerbera flowers combined with roses

Basket of congratulatory gerbera flowers combined with roses

Bó hoa đồng tiền đẹp nhất tặng sinh nhật

The gerbera flower is a very meaningful gift

The most beautiful gerbera bouquet with colors such as pink, red or yellow means invigorating endless resources. So you should give it to your loved ones who are about to have a big turning point in life such as exams or going to work. In addition, a bouquet of gentle and dreamy peach-pink gerberas will be a special gift for new-born babies.

Besides, you can give a bouquet of gerbera flowers to your mother, brilliant bouquets of gerbera flowers to show your filial piety and deep gratitude. Flowers can also be given on occasions such as grand openings. They will help you convey the message that the recipient will have many fortunes and advantages in business.

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