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Bridal flowers - Beautiful bridal flower samples at 360flowers.net

You want to choose a type of bridal flower according to your preferences on the wedding day, but you do not know about the flowers that are cheap and beautiful? So let's find out and discover the beautiful and cheap bridal flower samples.

Mục lục

The meaning of the bridal flower

A wedding bouquet is not only to adorn the pretty bride, but it also shows the concept of love, the bride's wedding flowers also have many meanings about the luck of the bride's style.

Hoa cầm tay cô dâu đẹp nhất

Baby bouquet is used as the most beautiful bridal flower

The most beautiful bridal flower color

1. Charming red bridal flowers

Red bridal flowers affirms intense love for the bride and groom, usually people use red roses because this flower is a symbol of love, so when the bride holds a bouquet of red roses on the background of her wedding dress. White will give the bride a highlight thanks to the contrast of colors. A bouquet of red flowers represents youth and enchantment.

Hoa cầm tay cô dâu bằng hoa hồng

Rose bouquet is still the first choice of many brides

mẫu hoa cầm tay cô dâu

Roses are transformed into many different styles


2. Romantic and sweet pink bridal bouquet

Pink as the main color brings sweetness and love to its owner. The pastel pink wedding bouquet becomes a great “companion” for the bride.

Hoa cầm tay cô dâu đơn giản, đẹp

The bride's pink bouquet shows her sweet love

Bó hoa cầm tay cô dâu sang trọng

Pink bridal bouquet with other flowers helps the bride to be more confident

3. Brilliant yellow bridal flower

Yellow bridal flowers represent passionate and brilliant love. A yellow bridal bouquet with a white dress will help the bride to be vibrant and full of life.

Hoa cầm tay cô dâu hướng dương

The yellow bridal bouquet represents burning love

4. Blue bridal flowers

Blue bridal flowers are currently the trend of brides. In addition, blue also represents the desire to have a peaceful happiness.

Hoa cầm tay cô dâu cẩm tú cầu cực xinh

Blue bridal bouquet wishes for peace

6. Faithful purple bride flowers

Purple bridal flowers symbolize love and attachment, purple bridal bouquet is always the first choice of brides who love romance. Not only that, to increase sweetness, purple wedding bouquets can be combined with some flowers with blue, purple blue and white tones. The bouquet is arranged simply but delicately, so it is very suitable for the gorgeous wedding dresses of the bride.

Hoa cầm tay cô dâu 2020

Purple bridal bouquet represents loyalty

>> Summary of the most beautiful bride wedding flowers

The most favorite beautiful wedding flower style

If you are planning a wedding and want to find the most suitable wedding flower style, choose one of the following styles:

1.Long-form wedding flowers

Bridal flowers with lily flowers, orchids, sunflowers, lilies, irises... are very suitable for long forms. Depending on your preference, you can combine this long - form flower with a main flower for the whole bouquet or alternate with different flowers.

The long - form bridal flower style exudes elegance and lightness, so it is suitable for the bride to celebrate in the church.

Hoa cầm tay cô dâu dáng dài

Long-form bridal flowers create elegance and courtesy

2.Short - form wedding flower style

Contrary to the long style is the short - form bridal bouquet, also known as the cute Posy. This short - form wedding flower pattern is suitable for many types of flowers such as roses, chrysanthemums, sunflowers, gerberas, hydrangeas, peonies, dahlias, carnations... will be more beautiful.

Hoa cầm tay cô dâu dáng ngắn

Beautiful short - form bridal flowers

5.Bridal flowers in round shape

Because of its neatness, lightness and no entanglement in the process of moving, round shape bridal flowers are loved by many brides. The flowers suitable for round shape wedding flowers are gerbera, roses, velvet roses...

Hoa cầm tay cô dâu đẹp nhất

Round shape wedding flowers are loved by many brides

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