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Carnation is a beautiful flower and is loved by many people, in addition to carnations, it also has a symbolic meaning of motherhood, so it is often used as a flower for Mother on holidays and special occasions. Carnations also have a very diverse and rich color.

Mục lục

The origin of carnation

Carnations belong to the genus Carnation (Dianthus) and five in the family Carnation (Caryophyllaceae), in the order Caryophyllales. The world of carnations is extremely diverse, with about 11,155 different species, with single and compound carnations. Carnations are native to the Mediterranean. Currently, carnations are grown in most of the world, including Vietnam. And "land of thousands of flowers" - Da Lat is the place to grow many of these beautiful flowers.
The stem of the carnation plant is very thin, on the stem there are short segments and there are small, compound leaves. There is little white powder on the leaves of carnations. Flowers with many petals twisted together are very beautiful, rich colors, especially on each petal with a serrated shape.

Nguồn gốc hoa cẩm chướng

Carnations are loved by many people

The legend of carnations

According to legend, a beautiful princess was born in a certain court. But according to the prophet's judgment, the birth of the princess will bring many sufferings and misfortunes. Before that prophecy, the king brought the princess to a remote mountain to live to avoid all suffering for her son. And that princess's name is Carnation.
Day by day, Carnation becomes more and more beautiful and buoyant, with skin as white as a stream, shiny and long black hair, sparkling eyes in the dew drops, and plump lips. The beauty of the carnation is famous everywhere and there are also many men who come to propose to her.
To be more worthy of your outstanding beauty, my father refused to accept anyone and determined to find a worthy concubine. But suddenly one day, Cam Chuong fell into a serious illness, all the most famous physicians were also transferred to the palace to treat the princess, but all bowed their heads in defeat.

Truyền thuyết cảm động về loài hoa cẩm chướng

Behind the beautiful petals is a touching fairy tale

One day, an old man asked to see the King to tell him how to save the princess. According to the old man, Carnation will be saved by the leaves of a white flower, which grows precariously on the top of a mountain, between two abysses and a waterfall. The king's father ordered those who obtained this flower to become a son-in-law and inherit the throne later. The boys' landing in the forest to search for trees began, day after day, but no one could find that precious flower while the Carnation's disease got worse and worse.
Like a miracle brought to her, suddenly a young woodcutter, looking poor, offered the King that precious flower. Carnations were saved when drinking, the woodcutter became a prestigious concubine that made many people wish.
The two live happily together, but things don't go well for them. One day, the country was in danger, the concubine had to say goodbye to his wife and father to fight the war to save the country. Despite being far apart, the young couple's love for each other has not faded. Every day they ask to send songs to each other as a conversation.
Suddenly, all the news of the phoenix was not negative, every day she still went to the stream bank to sing to him as if returning to her was the sound of the pig wind blowing to her heart. Like that, in the afternoon, she went to the mountain waterfall to wait in vain for news of her husband. And whatever happens, it must come, one afternoon the birds fly back to bring the bad news back. Nang was in pain, burst into tears and despaired and threw herself along the waterfall, disappearing in the midst of the rushing water.
From where she stood, suddenly appeared a flower with the same shape as the flower that in the past, the consort brought to save her life, except that the flower was red. And people put that flower as carnation.

sự tích của loài hoa cẩm chướng

The legend of carnations

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The meaning of carnations by color

The image of carnations is no longer strange to us, so what does carnation mean in human life? Carnations have many colors and the meaning of carnations also depends on each color. Currently, carnations in pink, white, purple, red, deep red, and striped colors are very unique and impressive.
Pink carnations are a symbol of eternal love, as well as a symbol of Mother's Day every year. When you give a bouquet of pink carnations to someone, you are affirming to that person: "I will follow you to the end of the road and will never forget your image in my heart". For a child, giving his mother a pink carnation is a way to confess: "Thank you mom, thank you for all the great things you have given me".

Đóa hoa cẩm chướng hồng biểu tưởng cho tình yêu vĩnh cửu

Bouquet of pink carnations symbolizes eternal love

Red carnations are flowers of admiration, so when you really admire and admire someone, give them a bouquet of red carnations.
Deep red carnations carry a very sad meaning in love, which is a sign of a heart that is aching and bleeding. So, when you love someone but are not accepted by them, give them a bouquet of deep red roses with the message: "My heart aches for you".
Yellow carnations represent rejection or even disappointment and regret before unexpected events. In particular, in love, if you don't like someone, give a bouquet of yellow carnations as the cutest rejection.


Hoa cẩm chướng vàng như một lời từ chối dễ thương

Yellow carnations like a cute rejection

White carnations mean pure love, innocent but full of sweetness. At the same time, carnations are also a symbol of loveliness and bring luck to women. So, when you have a crush on someone or want to express your pure feelings in your heart, give them a bouquet of white carnations. You can choose a carnation as a birthday flower to symbolize the love in your heart.

Purple carnations are a symbol of sincere love, romance and fidelity. However, many notions believe that, especially with purple carnations, it represents the girl's impulsiveness.

Những bông hoa cẩm chướng tím thể hiện sự chấp nhận tình cảm

Carnations with only one color are often used to express agreement and acceptance of someone's feelings for them.

The meaning of carnations by country

Not only the color determines the meaning of each flower, but the meaning of carnations varies from country to country. Let's go with 360 fresh flowers to find out those meanings!
In England, carnations are used as a gift to help boys express their feelings to the girl he is secretly in love with.
On the girls' side, if they accept the boy's feelings, they will send back a bunch of carnations of 1 color such as red, pink... On the contrary, if they refuse the confession, the girl will send the boy a gift multicolored striped carnation bouquet.
In China, carnations are used a lot to decorate weddings and to make wedding flowers for the bride. The Chinese believe that carnations are a symbol of happiness and a full and complete marriage.

Bó hoa cẩm chướng mang ý nghĩa đặc biệt theo từng quốc gia

Carnation bouquets have special meanings according to each country

To the Japanese, red carnations are considered a symbol of love. This is also the flower used to make the most gifts on Mother's Day.
In the United States, carnations are chosen as the official flower of Mother's Day. Besides, this is also a flower that is used a lot to make flower bracelets for bridesmaids in weddings or on special occasions.
The image of carnations is gradually becoming more familiar, with the special meanings of carnations making this flower even more popular.

The popular types of carnations

Carnations are re-created and bred to create new flower designs with more unique and eye-catching colors to provide a variety of choices for flower lovers, see the popular types of carnations in Viet Nam.
Single carnation
The single carnation is a flower with only one layer of flowers, one flower has five petals, the single carnation also has many colorful colors and the petals also have serrated edges.
hoa cẩm chướng đơn
Single carnation

Double carnation

Double carnations also come in a variety of colors, but the flowers are larger and have many layers of petals planted on top of each other. This is the most favorite flower and is often used to make finished flowers such as bouquets, flower baskets or wedding flowers...
Hoa cẩm chướng kép
Double carnation
Bunch of carnations
Bunch of carnations are single carnations arranged next to each other to form clusters, the single flowers are smaller in size. Carnations are often used as ornamental plants to decorate homes during holidays and Tet
Hoa cẩm chướng chùm
Bunch of carnations

The meaning of Carnations on Mother's Day

Carnations are a meaningful gift for mothers to represent the noble virtues of a mother - a woman who has sacrificed everything for her children to have a happy and perfect life. It is also a symbol of kindness, nobility, depth and persistence of motherly love.
Pink carnations are a Mother's Day symbol, but today, one can give her a carnation of any color.
If you choose a bouquet of red carnations for your mother, you are cherishing the days with her. And white carnations represent regret when your mother is no longer in this world, no longer accompanying you in life's journeys.

Bó hoa cẩm chướng đẹp nhất dành tặng mẹ

The most beautiful bouquet of carnations for mom

Reveal interesting things about carnations

- Carnation has the scientific name is Dianthus, this name is compounded from 2 Latin words "Dios" which means "God" and "anthos" which means "Flower". Hyacinth is also known as the flower of God.
- Usually people talk about chrysanthemum tea, but carnations are also used to make tea. Carnation tea has the effect of reducing stress, reducing pain and balancing female sex hormones.
- Carnation essential oil is widely used in physiotherapy. In addition, carnations are also used to make cosmetics in the United States.

The most beautiful carnations

Carnations can be used flexibly in gifting occasions, can be used as wedding flowers, opening flowers, birthday flowers...or even condolence flowers, just pick the right color for each occasion. The gift is that we can use carnations effectively. Let's take a look at the most beautiful and eye-catching carnation patterns.
Bó hoa cẩm chướng cầm tay cô dâu ngọt ngào
Bouquet of carnations in the hands of the sweet bride
Bó hoa cẩm chướng hồng pastel
Pastel pink carnation bouquet
Bó hoa cẩm chướng hồng mix hoa baby
Bouquet of pink carnations mixed with baby flowers
Bó hoa cẩm chướng tone màu pastel
Pastel color carnation bouquet

How to grow and care for carnations

- Time to sow: Should be planted in August-September, this is the time when the tree is easy to grow and develop best,
- Carnation seeds,
- Soil: light soil, rich in humus, rich in nutrients, well-drained, well-drained soil,
- Planting pots, nursery,
- Watering sprayer,

Cách trồng và chăm sóc hoa cẩm chướng

How to grow and care for carnations

Steps to grow carnations with seeds

Step 1: Treat the soil for growing carnations
Step 2: Start sowing seeds
Step 3: Incubation stage
Carnation plant care
The most suitable temperature for carnations to bloom is 18-20 degrees Celsius.
- Humidity for good plant growth is 70-80%
- Water the plant 2-3 times a day, put the plant in a place with good light, in the cold season, it should be placed under the eaves.
In order for the plant to flower beautifully, you should prune the flower buds. Single carnations need to prune the extra flower buds. Standard carnations should have the side buds removed to give the main flower bud a chance to develop. Pruning shoots and fixing trees into grid plots must be done regularly

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Bó hoa cẩm chướng bắt mắt người tiêu dùng

Carnation bouquet catches the eye of consumers

Each carnation product of the shop is a work of art that attracts all eyes, creating an unforgettable impression.

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