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Always facing the sun, sunflowers convey a strong message of faith to always look forward despite difficulties, or demonstrate a steadfast and faithful love. Giving a bouquet of sunflowers to someone means that you are affirming true love from your heart, and want to tell that person: "No matter where you go, I still look towards you, still give you a strong love paralyzed".
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Characteristics of sunflowers

Sunflower is also known by other names such as sunflower kneeling, heaven kneeling, kneeling, kneeling flower. With the scientific name is Helianthus annuus. This is a flower that originated in North America more than 500 years ago. The sunflower plant has a blue stem, straight and stiff, with hairs surrounding the body. Sunflower leaves have a very large size, long stalks, heart-shaped leaf blades extending the tip of the leaf, and heart-shaped at the petiole. The sunflower plant flowers in winter-spring. Therefore, whenever Tet is near, sunflowers are sold all over the streets.

Hoa hướng dương đẹp

Yellow sunflower is also known as sun flower

Sunflowers are large in size compared to other flowers, with a diameter of up to 19 – 27 cm, yellow sunflower petals stacked on small yellow pistils. And when the seed inside the pistil is old, the pistil also turns black. Long sunflower seeds, used to squeeze oil or make snacks, with high nutritional value, both good for health and good for skin.

Sunflowers in Western Mythology

According to Greek legend, sunflower is a beautiful mermaid, passionately and secretly in love with the majestic and handsome sun god, that god named Apollo. Every day, the fishmonger comes to the surface to see the sun, in the hope of seeing the handsome god Apollo. Day after day, she was still working hard towards the sun, but in return, the god Apolo was extremely indifferent.

The legend of sunflowers associated with love

The legend of sunflowers associated with love

The heavier the love that the mermaid had for Apollo, the more often she looked at the sun. Before that situation, the gods sympathized with the great love of the mermaid, so they turned her into a sunflower so that they could reach out to the sun and see Apollo every day. And since then, the sun flower has entered the world of flowers.

What do sunflowers represent?

Sunflowers with attractive beauty along with the seductive fragrance of brilliant yellow, sunflowers represent faithful love, a symbol of sincere, warm, caring friendship. Sincerely for each other because sunflowers bring a bright yellow color, full of warmth like the sun shining and warming your heart. When the recipient receives a bouquet of sunflowers, please understand that the giver wants to send a message of love.

The legend of sunflowers associated with love

The legend of sunflowers associated with love

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In addition, the sunflower is always facing the sun, so it is often a symbol of loyalty, deep loyalty, that steadfastness also represents strength, authority, warmth, nourishment (all attributes of the sun) and also arrogance, external beauty or an unhappy love. The low sunflowers represent passion in the language of flowers. Sunflowers represent faith and hope in love, always aiming for the brightest.

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Meaning of sunflowers in love

The meaning of sunflowers conveys the message of lasting love and loyalty. Giving the most beautiful bouquet of sunflowers to someone is that you are affirming true love from your heart, wanting to tell that person: "No matter where you go, I still look towards you, still give you a love love as fiercely as the first breath". With this meaning, sunflowers are chosen as birthday flowers for girlfriends, wedding anniversary flowers and wedding flowers as decorative flowers in the wedding party or flowers in the bride's hand. Holding a bouquet of sunflowers in hand, entering the happy ceremony, both the bride and groom wish for stability, overcome the windy lives in marriage to create a stable family and always think about each other in every situation circumstances, whether noble or cowardly.

Hand-held sunflowers represent true love

Hand-held sunflowers represent true love

The beautiful sunflowers always face the sun and in return, the sun shines down on the flowers, giving a warm radiance, so it symbolizes sweet love… With the message that, “Happiness always comes to those who are optimistic and strong like a sunflower that always looks towards the Sun.”

Meaning of sunflowers in life

Not only has the meaning of noble love, but the meaning of sunflowers in life is also very noble and rich in messages. Sunflowers always face the sun, it represents strong rise, extraordinary energy, firm faith. With this meaning, you can choose sunflowers as graduation flowers, flowers to cheer someone up before important events in life.

Sunflowers represent strength and rise

Sunflowers represent strength and rise

Sunflowers are also a symbol of true friendship. That friendship surpasses material values, is not self-interested, is really simple and gentle, even though in all circumstances is always towards each other. Moreover, the beautiful sunflower is also a symbol of the employee's loyalty to the boss. Giving a bouquet of sunflowers to your boss on your birthday is affirming your loyalty and always wanting to devote to the company.

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What does the color of the sunflower say?

With the name sunflower, it is easy to recognize that this is a light-loving flower, wherever it grows, it will always turn towards the light. Originally named so with the meaning of reminding the upward direction, towards the better, at the same time it is also considered by the Chinese as a symbol of fidelity, respect and loyalty. The sunflower symbolizes the origin of a loyal heart in love, our mind is always directed towards the one we love, no matter where we are, even if the distance is the same, sometimes we still face each other. A simile about the image of flowers in life is really interesting.
Sunflower colors have 2 main colors: yellow sunflower and red sunflower, each color carries a special meaning as follows:
- The meaning of red sunflower: is the color that represents luck, carries in it a strong potential vitality that always rises and optimistic spirit.
- The meaning of yellow sunflower: the most commonly grown flower color, giving the owner affluence, longevity, wealth and happiness.
There is also a white sunflower symbolizing purity, but unfortunately this color is little known today.

The color of sunflowers brings more faith in life

The color of sunflowers brings more faith in life

Sunflowers have many different meanings. According to different regions and cultures, this flower has a distinct meaning as follows:
- For the European region, sunflower flowers represent constancy and faith in life, in the future.
- When in China, this meaningful sunflower symbolizes eternity, longevity and longevity.
In the Andes mountains, sunflowers symbolize miracles and are used in temples to show respect for worship.
Not only that, but Sunflower also represents a girl's faithful love for her man. No matter where they are, how many kilometers away, they still give love and always look towards each other like sunflowers always look towards the rising sun. This flower not only symbolizes faithful and eternal love, but also has a special feng shui meaning. This is a yellow sunflower that always faces the sun, so when used to decorate the house, it will bring a warm space, helping the relationship between family members always be close and good. more beautiful.
The sunflower is always facing the sun, so it also shows the loyalty and steadfastness of employees to their superiors. Not only in love, but sunflowers also symbolize family affection and friendship that are always towards each other despite the geographical distance. In particular, this flower also means for world peace. The sunflower was chosen as a symbol of world peace, with the desire for humanity to live in a world without nuclear weapons.

The meaning of the number of sunflower branches

The general meaning of sunflowers is like that, but when you give her a number of flowers, it will probably create more surprises and meanings to create the most delicate and special impression. The number of different flowers is also a silent message for the recipient. Do not let you hesitate about the meaning of the corresponding sunflower branch, please save it to see if it will be useful to those boys.
- 1 sunflower: for me, you are the only one and I always look for you.
- 2 sunflowers: This world is only you and me, we are two suns always facing each other.
- 3 sunflowers: hope love is reciprocated, or hope love will come to the person given the flower.
- 4 sunflowers: symbolizing unwavering loyalty, and unchanging love.
- 5 sunflowers: show us to shine together, to be confident, to be steadfast, to face the sun together.
- 6 sunflowers: expressing long-term, complete, and eternal belief and bright future of love.

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The most brilliant sunflower bouquet at the fresh flower shop 360

- 7 sunflowers: often used to give a wedding anniversary gift, with the idea of ​​keeping beautiful memories on a happy wedding day.
- 8 sunflowers: the symbol of the recipient is unique and irreplaceable in his heart.
- 9 sunflowers: I am impressed with your smile, your smile shines like a flower always facing the sun.
- 10 sunflowers: symbolizing my faithful love always towards you.
- 11 sunflowers: My concept of love is only given to you and only you, I am the Sunflower, you are the Sun.
- 12 sunflowers: I always hope for the bright future of the two of us, I also try to aim for the good.
- 13 beautiful sunflowers: Shine brightly.
- 14 sunflowers: I pray that you will recognize, accept, and appreciate my love.
- 15 sunflowers: I hope you accept my love for you.
- 16 sunflowers: The couple's love is faithful, lipstick and lasting love. I will maintain this goodness too!

Sunflower box towards the person I love the most

Sunflower box towards the person I love the most

- 17 sunflowers: Intense love.

- 18 sunflowers: Your new day is full of life.
- 19 sunflowers: I will always give you energy, will and love. Please rest assured in my faithfulness.
- 20 sunflowers: Have a lot of luck in your work, life and love! I always pray and bless you!
- 21 sunflowers: I will feed you for the rest of my life.
- 22 sunflowers: Be happy in everything, do what you want, as long as you feel happy.
- 23 sunflowers: You look so gentle, feminine and girlish. I love you so much!
- 24 sunflowers: Sweet love full of warmth, happiness.
- 25 sunflowers: Wish your life peace, joy, happiness and fullness. You always turn to me.

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Sunflowers are the inspiration for many poems

Meaningful occasions for giving sunflowers

Sunflower is a beautiful flower with brilliant yellow color that carries a positive message rich in meaning for life, very suitable for gifting on important occasions such as: Vietnamese Women's Day October 20, international happiness, etc. International Women's Day 8/3, giving birthday flowers or gifts can be given on private occasions, the most memorable memories of two people. If you are a little delicate, the gift with a beautiful sunflower bouquet is the model that she likes the most.

Beautiful sunflower bouquet for lovers

Beautiful sunflower bouquet for lovers

When deciding to choose to give sunflowers, whether it is 10 flowers, 8 flowers or how many flowers, the hidden meaning behind it is still a gift with a deep meaning. In case you are not sure, audition if you receive a bunch of beautiful sunflowers sent to you by someone, you will know the answer. If the recipient is someone who understands you, he or she will know the intention of the person who gave him that beautiful meaningful sunflower bouquet. Maybe you don't like that person, but please respect his message behind the flower bouquet.

How to arrange a romantic sunflower

With the symbolic meaning of faithful love, sunflowers are suitable for purple flowers to form a romantic and sweet vase. You can choose a beautiful sunflower arrangement with this vase to make decorative flowers in your home, or birthday flowers for your wife, flowers to celebrate your girlfriend's love anniversary. To arrange this vase, you must first choose a basket of brilliant sunflowers, choose fresh flower branches, sturdy petals that do not wither or rot in the pistil. Prepare a few more romantic purple flowers such as violets, cypress flowers, snout flowers, auspicious flowers, carnations... Choose a square glass vase and foam flower arrangement.

How to arrange sunflowers

How to arrange sunflowers

Use scissors to cut the sunflowers and purple snout flowers to an appropriate distance. Place the sponge in a glass vase and place the sunflowers in it one by one, alternating the musk flowers with the sunflowers. Plug so that the middle of the vase protrudes higher than the two sides of the mouth of the vase, because the middle is the center. To increase the attractiveness and impression of the vase, use a bow tie around the glass vase, which looks both modern and rustic. Refer to 360 Fresh Flowers for sunflower samples that are regularly updated by a professional flower arrangement team. Hopefully, the pictures of beautiful sunflower bouquets below will help you choose the right bouquet for you

How to grow sunflowers with seeds

How to grow sunflowers by seeds is very simple so anyone can do it!
First, choose firm sunflower seeds, and depending on your needs, you can choose tall or short plants. Then, soak sunflower seeds in a bowl of warm water, put them in a cool place for about 8 hours and then take them out.
Prepare the medium and deliver the seeds to the ground about 2.5cm deep. Should keep the soil moist, avoid waterlogging that causes the seeds to rot and cannot germinate.

How to grow sunflowers with seeds

How to grow sunflowers with seeds

When you see that sunflower seeds have germinated but sprouts have emerged on the ground, put the plant in a light place, limit direct exposure to sunlight to avoid sunburn and death of the seedlings.
After the seedlings are about 40cm tall, switch to pots or plant them directly in the ground. To fix the tree more firmly, tie the tree support rod for about 70 - 90 days/
After 4 months, apply fertilizer to the plant, it is best to dilute it so that it can be easily absorbed by the plant. Do not fertilize every day, but maintain the frequency of applying once every 10 days.

Price of sunflowers

How much do sunflowers cost? Where to buy sunflowers? Also the question is also a lot of people. Currently, sunflowers are sold in most flower shops across the country. And the price of sunflowers in each shop is slightly different.

Bouquet of sunflowers with many cheap bouquets

Bouquet of sunflowers with many cheap bouquets

Therefore, when deciding to buy sunflowers as a gift for someone, choose the most reputable sunflower shop. 360 Fresh Flowers is the perfect choice for customers. The shop is committed to fresh sunflowers, vibrant colors, sturdy stems and is combined into many styles with different themes. Moreover, sunflowers at 360 Fresh Flowers are much cheaper than flower shops in the area, because we maintain a par with wholesale prices.

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