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Super cute high-end teddy bears

Each gift is a sentimental message, with the gift of cute teddy bears, it is even more meaningful. Come to the cute high-end teddy bears at 360 Fresh Flowers to find out the meaning of this cute gift with fresh flowers!
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The meaning of teddy bears

Gấu bông dễ thương là món quà vô cùng ý nghĩa

Cute teddy bear is a very meaningful gift

If the gift you received is a cute teddy bear, the giver must have feelings for you. It can be a couple's love, it can be a close friendship, or simply a deep love between family members. Although there are differences between the giver and the recipient, the teddy bear has always been considered a symbol of love.

Teddy bear is a symbol of love  

Gấu bông tình yêu

Teddy bear love

For the couple's love, the cute teddy bear is like a gift that proves deep love, a sincere affection - carrying a loving message that will always be with the one you love.

Teddy bear carries the message "close friendship"

Gấu bông dễ thương là món quà gắn kết tình bạn

Cute teddy bear is a gift for friendship

Friendship is a sentiment that deserves to be cherished when it comes from sincerity and soulmate between strangers. With the most beautiful teddy bear gift, you have given your friend a feeling of being cherished with the message "Friendship sticks forever".

Teddy bear is a loving gift for family

Gấu nhồi bông đẹp tặng gia đình

Beautiful teddy bear for the family

With family members, especially children, will love a cute and lovely teddy bear on their birthday, adults will consider teddy bears as a keepsake, like the presence of the giver when the person gives them away. that's not beside

The right occasions to give teddy bears

Hãy chọn những chú gấu bông đẹp nhất để tặng người yêu thương

Choose the most beautiful teddy bears to give to your loved ones

Choosing the right and meaningful gift is extremely important, in order for the most beautiful teddy bear you choose to bring a deep message to the recipient, you need to refer to the appropriate occasions to give teddy bears.

Give a teddy bear to your girlfriend

Gấu bông là món quà các bạn gái vô cùng yêu thích

Teddy bear is a gift that girls love

The right occasions to give teddy bears to your girlfriend, lover, wife or the person you are pursuing are Valentine's Day on February 14, International Women's Day on March 8, Vietnamese Women's Day on October 20, and birthdays your girlfriend's, your wedding anniversary or your love anniversary. You can order teddy bears online at 360 Fresh Flowers store to surprise your loved ones with teddy bears.

Give a teddy bear to your boyfriend


Gấu bông dễ thương tặng bạn trai

Cute teddy bear for boyfriend

You think your boyfriend – the real man is not too suitable to give teddy bears? You can change your opinion right after reading this article. Giving a teddy bear to your boyfriend is an act of evoking memories and love. The emotional bond between two people thus becomes stronger. Especially for long-distance couples, the distance can make them feel lonely. But if he has a bear, every time he sees a bear, he'll think he's seeing you.

Give teddy bears to friends

Những chú gấu nhồi bông đáng yêu ngày tốt nghiệp

Cute teddy bears on graduation day

It is advisable to give teddy bears to friends on their birthdays, graduations, or an anniversary of their friendship. A teddy bear on graduation day as a wish for future success, on a teddy bear's birthday, it shows strong affection for each other. Graduation teddy bear is a symbol of intelligence, bravery and maturity to be able to overcome the thorns and challenges on the career path ahead.

Give a teddy bear to the family

Gấu bông dễ thương cho gia đình

Cute teddy bear for the family

If you are far away from home, give the most beautiful luxury teddy bear to your loved ones on birthdays or family gatherings. A beautiful teddy bear is a souvenir gift, a substitute for you to be with your loved ones when you cannot be with them.

In addition, you can give birthday flowers, meaningful love flowers with cute teddy bears
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Tips for choosing the right teddy bear

What is called a beautiful teddy bear?

Gấu bông cao cấp

Premium teddy bear

A beautiful teddy bear is not important whether the size is big or small, the teddy bear must also look balanced, not distorted, stout limbs and very tight stuffed. This is the exterior design, if you pay close attention, anyone can detect it. Teddy bear colors are often chosen according to the recipient's preference

Next is a beautiful teddy bear, a teddy bear must have a round face, soulful eyes, and a pretty nose. If you pay attention, you will see, cheap teddy bears often have a very long nose compared to their face and look at the bear's face very much like a dog, not as cute as a high-class teddy bear.
And another point that is also easy to recognize is that beautiful teddy bears are often made from high-quality materials: the fabric does not shed, is very soft and the inside is 100% three-dimensional twisted cotton with high elasticity. So when we touch the beautiful bears, we feel very comfortable, as if the inside is full of air. And if any bear that you feel is hard, it is definitely not a high-class teddy bear, surely the inside is stuffed with fabric, impurities or sponge ... very dangerous for health.
About the sewing technique of teddy bears is similar to when you go to sew clothes, consider the seams of the bear at the waist, the abdomen, the connection of the abdomen with the hands, feet, eyes,...The seams are tight and tight. The bear has already met the requirements!

The meaningful wishes with teddy bears

Những lời chúc ý nghĩa kèm món quà gấu bông dễ thương

Meaningful wishes with a cute teddy bear gift

Have you chosen a cute teddy bear as a gift? But still wondering how to send greetings with your gift? Let 360 Fresh Flowers advise you!

1. Love wishes

Gấu bông tình yêu

Teddy bear love

- “Have you seen this teddy bear? It was lovely and in many years it will still be as lovely as it is now. You too, in my eyes forever the cutest, most beautiful girl. I don't think I need to wish you pretty because you're already pretty."

- “This beautiful teddy bear must be more suitable for a beautiful person like you than me. Please take care of it for me. And also let it replace me to become your soulmate. Talk to her when I'm not with you. And if you're angry with me, don't ignore it."
- “This teddy bear is smiling so happily, right? I hope you always smile like that because you/I are your/my happiness.”
- ”Do you see a teddy bear holding a heart? That's your heart. You let it be by your side so that my heart beats with your heart."
2. Wishes for success
High-class teddy bears are given to graduates on graduation day as a gift of faith, a wish for a bright future.

Gấu bông cao cấp chúc mừng thành công

High-end teddy bear congrats on success

- We will do everything for success. Simply because we are young people and we never know how to give up.

- Success is not final, failure is not fatal: the courage to keep going is what matters.
- There's no secret to being successful, it's simply working long hours and sweating.
- Success is not the key to open the door to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you understand what you are doing, you will succeed.
- Build success from failure. Discouragement and failure are the two surest stepping stones to success.
3. Good health wishes
Teddy bears with wishes for health and quick recovery are also meaningful spiritual gifts.

Gấu bông chúc sức khỏe

Good health teddy bear

Good health girlfriend

- It's my joy to take care of you every day, but I don't want to see you like that forever. Please heal quickly.
- Without you, the house is very boring, try to get rid of the illness soon and come back to me.
- I wish I had a miracle to help you heal quickly, even though I know it's impossible, I will always be by your side to take care of you.
Good health boyfriend
- Honey ! Love yourself more, eat and sleep on time to recover quickly. Wishing you a speedy recovery.
- Do you know ? Seeing you on the hospital bed makes me very sad, I wish I was a fairy who gave you a miracle to help you overcome the pain and heal quickly.
- Having health is having everything, don't forget to take care of yourself because you are so busy making money. Wish you get well soon.

Good health friends

- Good people will always be blessed by God, wish him a speedy recovery and be as happy as before.
- Wishing you a speedy recovery so that you can have a good time with your family and loved ones. Take care of your health.
- Peace of mind but rest, rest, everything will pass.
Good health to parents
- Wish parents will have a lot of health, always live happily with their children
- Another year we are away from home, but for us, parents are always in our hearts. We wish you always be happy.
- Thank you so much for giving birth to me and raising me up. I always pray for you to be healthy and happy, not just today. Your parents are always in your heart.

How to take care of teddy bears

Bảo quản gấu bông cao cấp

Preserving high-class teddy bears

- Please keep your teddy bear in a cool place to avoid moisture because teddy bears have a very high hygroscopicity when you put them in a humid environment or pour water on the stuffed animal, the first thing you have to do is to let the stuffed animals dry in the sun for the fastest drying, or bring your family's vacuum cleaner to clean them as quickly as possible.

- For large stuffed animals, you absolutely cannot put them in the washing machine, in addition to being distorted and not intact, it takes a long time to dry and smell.
- Please cut a small thread on the stuffed animal, remove all the intestines, then wash the outer shell thoroughly, then dry. For those of you who have a dryer in your family, put the teddy bear's shell in the dryer and after drying, the shell will be loose and clean. Finally, stuff it back in.
- In addition, you can also buy chemicals and conduct dry cleaning of your Teddy Bear or go to professional cotton laundry services.

Where to buy cheap beautiful teddy bears?

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Hope this article has answered all your questions about cute teddy bears, good luck in choosing the right gift!