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Bouquet of flowers with money - True beauty

The theme of Money Flower is becoming more and more "hot", the new flower attracts many people because it is both beautiful and luxurious. Find out about money bouquets at 360flowers.net.

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What does the money bouquet mean?

People prepare gifts for someone important to them and the common gift is flower boxes or bouquets, but if you want something new then a money bouquet is an impressive gift.

Bó hoa bằng tiền mệnh giá 500 k tặng người yêu

Bouquet of flowers with money for lover

A new product, thanks to the polymer banknotes, makes a difference compared to the birthday bouquet. Depending on the denomination, the money flower bouquet will reveal its own meaning, the giver shows sincere and loving feelings.

The denominations of the money bouquet

Based on ideas from polymer banknotes. The money bouquet has satisfied the expectations of many people. To complete a flower bouquet with money, there are many factors.

Hoa bằng tiền dành tặng em

Flowers with money is a gift that many girls love

Bó hoa bằng tiền 500.000 đồng tặng người vợ yêu

Bouquet of flowers with money for wife

Do you know ? How wonderful is when one fine day our loved one receives a beautiful bouquet of money. And hopefully with this bouquet of money will help your relationship become happier.

Reasons to give flowers with money on your birthday

If you want to choose a money flower bouquet to give to your girlfriend, to give your wife a surprise on her birthday, then in addition to choosing the value of money, the flowers used in it also need to be selected carefully. The transportation also needs to be especially careful.

Bó hoa bằng tiền 200 k kết hợp hoa hồng và baby dễ thương

Money bouquet with roses and baby flowers

Choose a flower bouquet with money to give your lover

Recently, the trend of giving flower bouquets with money is the first choice of young people. How do you feel when the bouquets or flower baskets are wrapped with money? The appearance of these bills interspersed with flowers creates a highlight and is extremely surprising to the recipient.

Bó hoa bằng tiền 500k kết hợp baby bí ẩn tặng người yêu

Bouquet of flowers with money combined with baby flowers for lover

Some samples of flower bouquets with money

Depending on the preferences of each recipient, the denomination of the banknotes can be a flower bouquet of 20000 VND, 50000 VND, 10000 VND or a flower bouquet with money 100000 VND, 200000 VND, 50000 VND. When delivering flowers, the shop will attach free banners and greeting cards to you.

Bó hoa tiền mix dâu kết hợp hoa hồng độc đáo tặng bạn gái

Bouquet of money flowers with roses and strawberries for girlfriend

Bó hoa bằng tiền 99 bông - 81 kiếp yêu vĩnh cửu

Bouquet of 99 flowers in money - Eternal love

Bó hoa bằng tiền 50k - Như một giấc mơ

Bouquet of flowers with money love her dearly

Bó hoa bằng tiền 100 k - Vạn lời yêu thương với cô ấy

Bouquet of flowers with money - Words of love

Hoa tiền 500k đặc sắc dành cho em

Money flower bouquet - For you

Image of flower bouquet with money - Happiness in the heart

The price of the flower bouquet with money

The price of the flower bouquet with money will vary depending on the price of the flower shop.

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