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With the premium flowers samples at 360 Fresh Flowers which are designed differently so that men can use these imported premium flowers models to conquer the girls, like the truth sentence "Women love flowers like a flock." he loves beauty". The premium flowers shop regularly imports a variety of imported premium flowers with the mission of providing the market with premium flowers bouquets, the most luxurious birthday flower baskets for the person you love the most. The premium flowers shop has a wide variety of premium flowers from many countries such as the Netherlands, Australia in Europe, or Asia such as Japan, ...
mục lục

Distinguishing premium flowers and imported domestic flowers

Today's premium flowers are different types of flowers in terms of design and appearance, compared to imported domestic flowers to deserve the top to call premium flowers? Let's learn about these two sources of flowers with 360 Fresh Flowers !
Imported premium flowers
Premium fresh flowers will have a difference when you bring two (single) flowers including imported flowers and premium flowers, the size is the easiest sign to see because premium flowers imported from abroad will be larger. Another part of the premium imported flower line is the thick flower branch, showing the strong vitality and color of the premium fresh flowers, which is more pleasing to the eye, holding the premium flowers petals is sure to feel satisfied. Coming to a premium flower shop, the recipient is guaranteed to receive luxurious, elegant bouquets full of dreams, sure to make her heart flutter because of this meaningful and impressive gift more joy than ever.

Bó hoa cao cấp được kết từ hồng Juliet nhập khẩu từ nước Anh

Premium flowers bouquet made from Juliet roses imported from England

Imported domestic flowers
It can be said that depending on the needs of each person, choose each line of the premium flowers or different imported flowers. The important thing is that the recipient is happy and the person giving the bouquet is also very satisfied, there is nothing to be upset or embarrassed about. Speaking flowers imported good words, but also can not ignore the outstanding features of domestic flowers. However, domestic flowers and premium flowers differ in many places. And that is also the reason why there are 2 customers at 360 Fresh Flowers, 1 is choosing domestic flowers and 2 is choosing premium flowers . For example, some people have "healthy" financial resources and they don't have to worry about the price, they want to spend a bouquet of flowers from a sincere heart, so they will choose for the recipients huge, beautiful high-end bouquets of flowers, fragrant and fresh for a long time. And those who have financial barriers or have a preference for what it is "Vietnamese" national identity will be connoisseurs of choosing domestic flowers from provinces and cities throughout the country such as Dalat, Sapa, Lam Dong flower beds,...

Some features of Premium Flowers

Premium flowers samples at 360 Fresh Flowers, with modern, fancy but equally luxurious designs for partners and colleagues on the occasion of birthdays, opening congratulations...Next, we invite you to take a look at the premium flowers characteristics to see about the scent as well as the freshness.
- The scent of real premium flowers will not have the strong scent of chemicals sprayed on. You can try by being proactive, simply placing your nose away from the cotton surface, you will feel the sweet scent of high-class flowers. Note that, you should not put it too close to be smothered by pollen. Or you put flowers at the desk or in a private room with ventilation, the scent of flowers will gently spread throughout the home space.

Hoa hồng Ecuador cao cấp nhập khẩu

Imported high-grade Ecuadorian roses

- Price of the premium flowers: in this respect, domestic flowers will certainly not be compared with premium flowers , the name alone says that it is a high-class species. Not to mention the shipping from other countries and then back to Vietnam, so the cost goes up. But you can rest assured when coming to us, you will receive many incentives when ordering imported premium flowers such as discounts on women's holidays such as 8/3, 20/10 because of the fresh flower shop. Seniors who understand the psychology of women love to receive flowers from boys, their ideal type and understanding of their psychology.
- Flowers are beautiful and fresh for a long time: it is true that compared to the beauty of no flowers, they can overtake premium flowers line, because this imported flower line is often more prominent. Colorful beautiful colors from branches, branches to leaves and flowers have created a high-class bouquet. Especially, those of you who deserve foreign goods, this is exactly what you want. Flowers can stay fresh for more than 3 days because the flowers have been rigorously tested to release high-end flower models for fresh flower lovers in general.
Coming to the premium flowers shop, you will enjoy first-hand the luxurious premium flowers samples at 360 Fresh Flowers with a variety of modern and beautifully designed flower designs from the hands of artisans in the premium fresh flowers arrangement industry seasoned experience. Each fresh flower product at our premium flowers shop will be a special gift for you to give to your boss, partner or can be used to give premium flowers bouquets to colleagues on the occasion of opening and congratulation, birthday...

Where to put high quality flowers?

The demand for premium flowers of customers is increasing day by day, the requirements and requirements for new flower models following modern trends, eye-catching, delicate and luxurious are also increasing. On special occasions, customers want to thank and congratulate their partners, colleagues or loved ones, they want a new design that does not duplicate existing flower patterns on the market. to record memorable moments for the person receiving the flowers. Understanding this problem, 360 Fresh Flowers we have just launched high-class flowers for unique congratulations that combine 2 styles of Asia and Europe with the novelty of modernity but containing and mixing some elements classic colors, bring a new breeze to flower lovers.

Hoa cao cấp chất lượng

High quality flowers

Premium flowers include what types of flowers and the meaning of each type of flower

Premium flowers at 360 Fresh Flowers mainly include flowers such as roses, phalaenopsis orchids, sunflowers, lily flowers,...in addition, we also accept to make flower designs that customers require. Let's find out what these flowers mean!

Bó hoa hồng ecuador cao cấp cánh sen tuyệt đẹp

Beautiful lotus ecuador rose bouquet

Phalaenopsis orchid: Phalaenopsis orchid is the opening flower model chosen by most customers, the flower symbolizing luxury and wealth, phalaenopsis orchid has many colors and each color has different meanings suitable for opening and congratulating occasions, white phalaenopsis orchids mean wealth, yellow phalaenopsis orchids symbolize a new beginning, meaning wealth and wealth.

Hoa cao cấp chúc mừng sang trọng

Luxurious congratulatory flowers

Gerbera: The most chosen in openings, congratulations, housewarmings with many different colors of flowers, bringing a range of life values and meaning to send wealth and fortune. Calling economic success, money, giving someone a pot/bundle/basket of gerberas is your way of wishing them a successful career, money comes in like water.

Lilies: Lily flowers with wonderful fragrance and beauty are the choice for congratulatory occasions. When giving the opening flower, the lily is a wish for wealth and prosperity. With many different colors of lily flowers have created extremely special meanings. Yellow lily symbolizes power. Red lilies bring luck and glory.

Bó hoa baby xanh cao cấp tặng người yêu

Bouquet of pink lilies on the opening occasion

Chrysanthemum: A small, cute flower, but indispensable in the opening flower shelf, the premium fresh flowers baskets at the opening ceremony have a very special meaning, bringing great success and good.
Anthurium: This is a special flower and is chosen the most in holidays, congratulations, and openings. The flower represents fierceness, uniqueness, a belief in strength and endurance, symbolizing perseverance, desire and success ahead.
Sunflowers (sun): Sunflowers are also known as sun flowers. Giving sunflowers is a congratulation on success reaching further and growing more brilliantly. That is why the beautiful opening flower basket is the sunflower that is always chosen to be placed at the highest position, showing the outstanding successful development as well as always full of light on the business path.

Bó hoa hồng đỏ khổng lô cao cấp

Sunflower bouquet congratulations

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Some beautiful premium flowers samples at 360 fresh flowers

Premium fresh flowers shop - 360 Fresh Flowers converges flower arrangers with high professional skills and many years of experience in the profession, not only that, the process of making finished flowers is equally strict, from meticulous choose flowers as raw materials to prepare the arrangement, to how to arrange the most beautiful bouquet... Refer to the high-quality flower samples and flower prices at 360 Fresh Flowers!

Come to 360 Fresh Flowers at: 413 Le Van Sy, Ward 2, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City to experience the most attentive service, helping customers to be satisfied when choosing their own flower samples. The most beautiful high-end luxury gift for loved ones, with meaningful wishes.

Occasions to give premium flowers

Giving premium flowers on important occasions and big events such as opening ceremony, opening ceremony, housewarming,...Premium flowers are a way to replace the best words and create good impressions on partners. peers.
Opening: Luxurious congratulatory flowers are indispensable in opening ceremonies. Exquisite luxury flowers to enhance the value and send good wishes to friends, colleagues, important partners.

Hoa chúc mừng cao cấp sang trọng- Khởi đầu mới suôn sẻ

Luxurious congratulatory flowers- A smooth new beginning

Year-end flowers, Tet flowers: On the occasion of the New Year, displaying a vase of brilliant high-class flowers in your office or home will brighten up the space and attract good luck in the new year.

Flowers on October 20, Flowers on March 8: This is the right occasion to send greetings and love to important women, a bouquet of 99 brilliant roses is an interesting way to express your sincere feelings. Fort.

Bó hoa cao cấp Ecuador

A bouquet of 99 Ecuadorian roses captivates her heart

Flowers for partners: Giving flowers to partners as a token of gratitude, good luck and prosperity. With a luxurious and elegant beauty, a premium flowers pot for a partner will be a meaningful spiritual gift to help a favorable working relationship.

Chậu hoa cao cấp tặng đối tác

Potted white phalaenopsis orchid - Gift to a partner

Flowers to congratulate the housewarming: Giving flowers to congratulate the new house is like opening flowers, choosing high-class and luxurious flowers will bring luck in money, fortune as well as wealth.

Reasons to choose premium flowers service at 360 Fresh Flowers

Don't know where to buy premium flowers? When you buy flowers with 360 Fresh Flowers, we are committed:
-  A team of professional, highly skilled and enthusiastic artisans always produce the most beautiful high-class flowers.
- The high-end flower model at 360 Fresh Flowers is updated according to the new Asian and European flower arrangements, blending some classic features to bring a feeling of joy and warmth. But no less luxurious and eye-catching.
- Meticulously selected flower materials, freshly selected flowers are taken from Da Lat, do not use poor quality marinated flowers.
- Ensure the quality of dedicated service, commit that flowers are always delivered on time and with the quality that customers require.
- Delivery to the place, free for customers to feel secure about the difficult stage of flower transportation.
How do I contact 360 Fresh Flowers to order premium flowers?
You can contact 360 Fresh Flowers in the following ways to order flowers quickly:
Hotline number: 0936 65 27 27 - 0977 301 303
Website: https://hoatuoi360.vn
Address: 413 Le Van Sy, Ward 2, Tan Binh District.