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As you know, for a long time Phalaenopsis orchids have long been conferred the title of nobility and nobility among hundreds of orchid species. Unlike most other flowers with circular petals, phalaenopsis orchids have geometric petals. Not surprisingly, beautiful flowers are used to convey messages to your loved ones or your own family. Especially, the white phalaenopsis orchid symbolizing innocence and purity. So have you ever tried to learn about this white orchid? If not, don't worry, today 360 Fresh Flowers will help you understand more about this phalaenopsis!

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Lan hồ điệp trắng

Beautiful white phalaenopsis orchid meaningful gift

Some salient features of white phalaenopsis orchids

The white phalaenopsis orchid is a single plant without pseudobulbs. White orchids, large and thick leaves growing close to each other hugging the dark green stem, the lower surface of the leaves is lighter than the upper surface and the main leaf veins are prominent. The tree has long flower branches growing from the leaf axils, the flower clusters bloom in succession, one flower after another, which is extremely beautiful and eye-catching. White Phalaenopsis orchid with pure white color with 3 large and round sepals, two closed wings, curved flowers with 3 long antennae, so the whole flower looks like a white butterfly stopping on a flower branch. Flowers grow evenly on both sides of the branches, swaying like flocks of white butterflies flying. The number of flowers on each branch also shows the vitality of the White Phalaenopsis orchid, the higher the number, the healthier and better the plant is.

Đặc điểm nối bật của hoa lan hồ điệp trắng

Outstanding characteristics of white phalaenopsis orchids

The most outstanding feature of the white phalaenopsis orchid is that this flower is very durable and fresh for a long time, thanks to that, this flower is very popular as an opening flower, a congratulatory flower. A pot of orchids, if cared for carefully, can stay fresh for more than 6 months. On average, white phalaenopsis orchids can flower for 3-4 months.

The meaning of white phalaenopsis orchid 

Regardless of flowers, before we decide to enjoy them, we will always learn about their meanings first, right? And white phalaenopsis orchid is no exception. White phalaenopsis is associated with holiness and purity. This is considered the color of perfection. White represents successful beginnings and boundless hope. Unlike other flowers, phalaenopsis has a geometric shape. Moreover, the flowers are also used to convey special messages. So what is the meaning of the white phalaenopsis orchid, let's find out with 360 Fresh Flowers!

ý nghĩa lan hồ điệp trắng

Potted white phalaenopsis represents good success

1. White orchid with freshness and elegance

White phalaenopsis orchid is simple, simple but no less luxurious! Because of its elegance but still no less beautiful and charming, the white phalaenopsis orchid is very suitable for decorating the spaces of high-class restaurants and hotels. The white phalaenopsis orchid is suitable for any location. Especially in places with large spaces such as churches, or outdoors. Especially the beautiful white color of the luxurious white phalaenopsis orchid will help your wedding party look impressive. 

Bình hoa lan hồ điệp trắng

Luxurious and noble phalaenopsis orchid was chosen as the opening flower

2. White orchid, great gift for couple's love

The white petals that bring good luck are also a meaningful gift to give to loved ones and friends on special occasions,....In particular, the white phalaenopsis orchid also brings an extremely meaningful message to the people. love. With the pure white color of the orchid petals, it will symbolize the innocence and beauty of a girl. Not only that, it is also a symbol of pure and simple love. If you are given a gift by your lover on special occasions, what could be happier?

Hoa lan hồ điệp trắng tặng bạn gái

Beautiful orchids give your girlfriend the most meaningful gift

Beautiful and luxurious white phalaenopsis orchid pots

Depending on the ventilation and color of the interior space, choose the appropriate white phalaenopsis orchid pot. Lovely mini phalaenopsis orchids pots will help keep the family dining table warmer, the study corner brighter. For large spaces, a pot of white phalaenopsis orchids with many branches will be an appropriate choice. Here are some pictures of beautiful white phalaenopsis orchid pots at 360 Fresh Flowers.

1. Pot of white phalaenopsis with 5 branches
The 5-branched white phalaenopsis orchid pot has a simple beauty but no less luxurious, making the interior space brighter. The pot helps the desk to have more vitality, the bedroom space is more airy, the window frame is more poetic and attractive. This orchid pot can also be a gift that many people love.

Chậu lan hồ điệp trắng 5 cành đẹp nhất

Pot of white phalaenopsis with 5 most beautiful branches

2. Pot of white phalaenopsis with 7 branches

White phalaenopsis orchid pot with 7 branches can decorate the interior - the office can also give to customers, partners ...

Chậu lan hồ điệp trắng 7 cành - Niềm hạnh phúc

Potted white phalaenopsis with 7 branches - Happiness

3. Phalaenopsis pot with 8 branches

With a potted white orchid with 8 branches, the table in the reception hall will be more attractive, and the conference room will also become more formal. As for the sophisticated interior layout, the Ho Diep orchid pot has a fairly simple layout that will help lighten the hard lines but still retain the elegance of the room.


Chậu lan hồ điệp trắng 8 cành- Hạnh phúc dung dị

Potted white phalaenopsis orchid with 8 branches - Simple happiness

4. Phalaenopsis pot with 15 branches

Orchid phalaenonpsis pot with 15 branches including 15 branches of white orchids is placed in a pot with a wide-mouth porcelain pot and beautiful decorative accessories. The pot of 15 branches is spread around 2 floors with white orchid flowers that bloom evenly and elegantly.


Chậu lan hồ điệp 15 cành - nét kiều diễm

Potted orchid with 15 branches - graceful features

Nationwide reputable orchid delivery service

Instructions on how to care for the pot of white phalaenopsis orchids

– White Phalaenopsis Orchids likes wet.
– White Phalaenopsis Orchids likes to be planted in tight pots.
-  Light shines 10 hours/day
– White Phalaenopsis Orchids likes to grow in medium-sized media.
– White Phalaenopsis Orchids can produce flowers in conditions of temperatures below 65 degrees F or 10 – 25 degrees C.
– White Phalaenopsis Orchids is the orchid for the longest flowering under ideal care conditions.
Avoid the wind, avoid direct sunlight, avoid the source of pests, avoid mold
– White Phalaenopsis Orchids does not like standing water on leaves overnight. If water is left on the leaves, the leaves can become infected.
– White Phalaenopsis Orchids do not like to dry out between watering periods like some other orchids. Some orchids need a dry period between waterings.

Hướng dẫn cách chăm sóc chậu hoa lan hồ điệp trắng

Instructions on how to care for the pot of white phalaenopsis orchids

The current price of white phalaenopsis orchids

Seeing the delicate meaning of white phalaenopsis orchids, you want to become the owner of these beautiful flower pots but don't know where to order cheap and quality white phalaenopsis. It's simple, 360 Fresh Flowers is a reliable and affordable white orchid selling address. When you come to the store, you will admire the beautiful white phalaenopsis orchids skillfully designed by the hands of confident craftsmen that will not make you disappointed. To know the current price of white phalaenopsis you can see here there are many different patterns and shapes for you to choose from.

Chậu lan hồ điệp - hạnh phúc tràn đầy

Potted Phalaenopsis - full of happiness

In Ho Chi Minh City, it is probably not too difficult for us to find and buy white phalaenopsis orchids, but where is the best place to buy? The most reasonable price? The most enthusiastic and hospitable staff? Come to us, 360 Fresh Flowers where all kinds of beautiful flowers are gathered and decorated in a unique way. Especially 360 Fresh Flowers has free delivery service and online ordering service via the website htpps://hoatuoi360.vn. What are you waiting for, quickly visit the website and order now to get 10% discount and free shipping!

Giá lan hồ điệp tại hoa tươi 360

360 Fresh Flowers always brings the best quality white orchid pots


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Frequently asked questions 

How much does white phalaenopsis orchids cost?

White Phalaenopsis orchids company list price 250,000 VND / branch. Prices vary depending on the number of plants in the pot.

Is there a Red Invoice - VAT?

360 Fresh Flowers Support to issue red invoices for individuals and businesses quickly.

Payment method of the shop?

You can pay directly via visa on the web or - Ship cod or directly to the store - Bank transfer - Momo - Paypal Call now hotline/zalo/viber 0936 65 27 27 - 0977 301 303 for payment assistance maths

Does the shop support the delivery of phalaenopsis in 63 provinces?

You just need to order and pay directly on the web or call Holine/zalo/viber 0936 65 27 27 - 0977 301 303 to support flower delivery to 63 provinces nationwide.