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Today, birthday cakes not only appear on birthdays, but we can easily see them at any party. If flowers are a meaningful gift, a birthday cake is a unique and equally delicate gift.


Cheap birthday cake shop?

Birthday cake was born in Western Europe from the middle of the 18th century, when it appeared in birthday holidays and became a typical culture for the West. In Germany, cake also appeared as early as the 19th century, when it was accompanied by the ceremony of lighting candles on the cake to create shimmer.

Beautiful birthday cake

Beautiful birthday cake

Birthday is an opportunity for you to express your love, care and respect to the person you love, especially to your girlfriend/wife. In addition to meaningful gifts, fresh flowers, sweet loving wishes, birthday cakes are indispensable in every birthday party.

If you are looking for cheap birthday cakes to give to friends, lovers, family ... then come to 360flowers.net - The store provides a variety of birthday cakes for all important occasions such as birthdays, congratulations, weddings, engagements, etc.

Special occasions to give birthday cakes

360flowers.net birthday cake service will help you solve your worries when you don't know how to choose a really meaningful gift for your best friend or lover's birthday. Even graduation celebrations, wedding anniversaries, grand openings, etc.

Birthday cake

On a birthday, in addition to the presence of beautiful flower bouquets, birthday cakes are an indispensable highlight in any birthday party. Giving a birthday cake will increase joy, bring happiness, send affection and sincerity to the recipient.

Birthday cake as a perfect gift

Birthday cake as a perfect gift

We will act instead of sweet words, and a beautiful birthday cake will be your best proof of that. It is very meaningful and brings joy to many people when being given beautiful cakes by relatives and friends on birthdays. Moreover, a beautiful cake with a bouquet of happy birthday flowers will be a perfect combo for you!

Congratulation cake

To celebrate success in study, work, love, life of each person, we can use many different ways. Besides small gifts or beautiful birthday bouquets, a congratulatory cake is a great way to help you send emotional thoughts and messages of love to those around you.
The variety of designs and colors according to each different cake will bring a great style to convey messages of congratulation for success, luck, happiness in life, work, love. love, study...

Luxurious congratulatory cake

Luxurious congratulatory cake

Wedding cake

Wedding day is considered an important day, marking the love of a beautiful couple, so on such a big day, it is impossible without the presence of beautiful sparkling flowers. And even more indispensable the presence of the wedding birthday cake.
On wedding anniversaries, beautiful birthday cakes will be a special gift for us to send our wishes of happiness and all the best to the recipient.

Beautiful celebratory cake

Beautiful celebratory cake

Some beautiful birthday cakes

With a team of highly skilled staff, birthday cake shop always brings you beautiful, unique and new cake samples. If you are really looking for beautiful cakes, 360flowers.net will be one of the perfect choices for you.

Meaningful birthday cake

Meaningful birthday cake

Lovely congratulatory cake

Lovely congratulatory cake

Happy birthday cake to send thousands of wishes

Happy birthday cake to send thousands of wishes

Unique birthday cake

Unique birthday cake

The most beautiful congratulation cake

 The most beautiful congratulation cake

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According to today's trend, cakes seem to become a source of vitality for birthday parties and congratulatory ceremonies. Because the cake is not only beautifully decorated, but the taste is also very delicious. But how to choose a reputable, quality store to order a beautiful birthday cake is also a concern of many people. But all those worries will disappear if you come to our cheap Birthday Cake Shop,

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