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The most beautiful models of orchid pots for Tet holiday

Surely, the image of phalaenopsis orchid is too familiar to us, right? Each color of the flower has a different meaning. So when they come together, what will it be like? Have you tried to discover and find out what the Tet orchid pots are like? Don't worry, 360 fresh flowers will tell you about it!

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Lan hồ điệp tết -món quà sang trọng trong dịp tết đến

Phalaenopsis orchid pots with unique impressive colors

New Year's Phalaenopsis - New Year's colors

Tet phalaenopsis orchid (scientific name: Orchidaceae) is a family of flowering plants, belonging to the order asparagus, the class of monocotyledonous plants. This is one of the largest families of plants, and they are distributed throughout the world.
Distribution: The family Orchidaceae has a worldwide distribution, possibly occurring in nearly all habitats, except deserts and glaciers.

Lan hồ điệp màu sắc đặc biệt


About the characteristics of the Tet phalaenopsis orchid:

- Stem: has the function of storing water, on the stem will divide many nodes, each node will grow a leaf
- Leaves: leaves often have a long blade shape and depending on the species, each leaf has a different shape
- Root: usually grows at the base of the onion
- Flowers: most of them grow in clusters, with 6 petals, the 3 outermost petals are the long petals, and the inside is alternated with 3 long petals, which are 3 petals.

The meaning of phalaenopsis colors on Tet holiday

1. Purple Phalaenopsis Orchid
When it comes to phalaenopsis, people often think of purple, because this is also the first main color of this queen flower. But if someone gives you a pot of purple phalaenopsis, do you understand that that person is trying to tell you something? If someone gives you a purple phalaenopsis orchid, congratulations, you have someone who vows to be with you for the rest of your life. In addition, purple phalaenopsis is also a symbol of tolerance, elegance and feminine beauty. This is the perfect gift to give to your mother during the holidays. A pot of purple phalaenopsis orchids is not only luxurious but also brings wealth, wealth and fortune to your family.

Chậu hoa lan đẹp nhất

The dreamy purple phalaenopsis orchid is a symbol of charm, elegance and nobility on Tet holiday

2. Red Phalaenopsis Orchid

If pink represents a gentle love, red is a color that represents burning and passionate love. It burns like the flames of lovers in love. So when a guy gives a girl a red rose, he is telling her that he will conquer that girl. In addition, red phalaenopsis orchids on New Year's Day are a good thing, but red orchids are extremely rare, seemingly hard to find in flower shops. Please come to our orchid shop so that you can get a beautiful pot of orchids for Tet.

lan hồ điệp đỏ đẹp vào ngày tết

Beautiful red phalaenopsis orchid on Tet holiday

Lan hồ điệp tết màu sắc xuân

3. Yellow Phalaenopsis Orchid

Looking at the bright yellow orchids on New Year's Day, they seem to want to bring an abundant source of energy to those who are admiring it. With these yellow orchid pots not only looks beautiful and warm, but it also wants to bring the message of a full and prosperous life. You are wondering which orchid pot to give on New Year's Eve, you are wondering about the price of Phalaenopsis orchid on Tet holiday. Try our new orchid orchid shop, affordable prices with beautiful and qualified flowers will surely make you satisfied. A pot of yellow phalaenopsis orchids on New Year's Day will add color to your family's spring.

lan hồ điệp vàng chưng tết giàu sang- phú quý tài lộc đến nhà

Spread the golden phalaenopsis to celebrate the New Year of wealth - wealth and fortune to the house

4. White Phalaenopsis Orchid

White orchids all remind us of elegance and modesty. Pure colors symbolize innocence, humility and grace. Sending white flowers shows that you are sincere and full of hope, your love is pure.
White orchids represent kindness and truth. White flowers are also used to mark a new beginning, like the opening day or the wedding day, people often give each other pots of white orchids or flower shelves made with beautiful orchid branches.

Chậu lan hồ điệp trắng chơi tết sang trọng đẳng cấp

Luxurious white phalaenopsis orchid pots play a happy new year symbol of happiness

How to decorate phalaenopsis orchids for Tet holiday

Right now, go to the Tet phalaenopsis orchid shop and choose to buy the most beautiful orchids and follow these instructions:
- The first is the number of branches plugged into the pot. With feng shui flower players, choosing the number of branches to plug into the pot is quite important. Because the numbers have many different meanings, you should pay attention when arranging flowers. Specifically, if you pay attention, you will see that they often choose the numbers 1,3,6,8,9,13,16... So what do they mean? Number 1 = Born / Number 3 = Wealth / Number 6 = Loc / Number 8 = Phat / Number 9 = Truong Cuu / Number 13 = Sinh Tai / Number 16 = Sinh Loc. There are absolutely no numbers 4 (Tzu) and 7. If you don't believe in feng shui, choosing such a number of branches also makes it easier to arrange flower arrangements.
- The second is to choose flower colors according to feng shui, there are usually 5 main colors: pure white, spot white, yellow, purple, pink
Màu vàng của lan hồ điệp tết được ưa chuộng
The beautiful yellow color of phalaenopsis orchids
- The third is to choose the right pot: after choosing the appropriate branches and flower color, the next thing will be to choose the pot to make the phalaenopsis orchid stand out as well as the most beautiful.
- The fourth is to prepare plugging tools: Styrofoam or coir (fixing branches), ti trees (bending branches), clamps or decorative strings (fixing branches to ti trees)
- The fifth is to decorate and shape the flowers: this is the final step and the step to decide whether your flower pot will stand out

The most beautiful and meaningful Tet  phalaenopsis orchid pots

Cooking as each flower color carries a message of its own, when we combine the colors together, it will bring a much greater meaning. Not only that, it also adds elegance and when you see a variety of colors, you will feel more interesting and diverse, right? Choosing pots of Tet phalaenopsis orchids for decoration in homes, companies, restaurants, even as gifts for relatives and friends, you are still new, you can refer to 200 samples of beautiful orchid pots for Tet holiday at 360 fresh flowers.
1. Combine red pot with white phalaenopsis orchid
Bring good luck, wish the owner fortune. Not only brings beauty to the spirit, but thanks to the white and red color combination, it also brings elegance, nobility and creates a highlight where you display.

Lan hồ điệp tết kết hợp chậu đỏ và lan trắng

Phalaenopsis orchid on New Year's Day red pot combined with white flowers

2. Phalaenopsis orchid boat

The meaning of smooth sailing, wishing the owner a favorable job and prosperous business. In addition, it also shows a high aesthetic in combining Phalaenopsis orchids with the boat where you display.

thuyền lan hồ điệp - thuận buồm xuôi gió

Phalaenopsis boat on Tet holiday - smooth sailing

3. Orchid pot with white and purple Tet orchids

White Phalaenopsis orchid with pure beauty along with luxurious and noble beauty also combines with purple to express a deep loyal love and bring a mysterious beauty. Purple phalaenopsis is suitable for office decoration

Chậu lan hồ điệp kết hợp trắng với tím độc đáo, sang trọng

Unique and luxurious white orchid orchid pot combined with purple

4. Phalaenopsis pots with white and yellow branches

The combination of purple and yellow phalaenopsis contains many meanings and symbolizes wealth, nobility and warmth, creating a sense of security and serenity for the owner on the occasion of Tet.

Chậu lan hồ điệp kết hợp trắng và vàng ấm áp và hạnh phúc

Pot of orchids with white and yellow combination is warm and happy

5. Pot of phalaenopsis orchid with a combination of purple and white
The orchid pot combined with 3 colors becomes extremely luxurious and aristocratic, which carries many meanings of wealth and money for the owner. Order Tet orchids online to give the best wishes to the owner

Chậu lan hồ điệp tết kết hợp tím, trắng, vàng vẻ đẹp độc đáo

Phalaenopsis orchid pots combine purple, white, and gold with unique beauty

6. Phalaenopsis orchid pots for Tet with many brilliant colors

 Phalaenopsis orchids of all colors are combined together in the same good-looking pot that can be used for interior decoration, placing guest tables, decorative shelves, meeting tables, offices... Bring a bright and luxurious space to your home.

chậu lan hồ điệp tết kết hợp nhiều màu sắc thể hiện nét du xuân

Potted orchids with Tet orchids combine many colors to show spring travel

Chậu lan hồ điệp tết màu cà rốt tươi sáng mang đến gia đình bạn không khí ngày tết

Bright carrot-colored phalaenopsis orchid pots bring to your family the atmosphere of Tet holiday

Chậu lan hồ điệp tết màu đỏ may mắn cho cả nhà

Lucky red phalaenopsis orchid pot for the whole family

7. Pot of purple phalaenopsis for Tet holiday

The pot of 25 monumental branches is placed in a sturdy pot with orchids spreading around the pot. The pot of 25 branches will be the focus of attention and a useful product to promote the brand as well as create a luxurious and high-class space for display, especially for display in your office on Tet holiday.

chậu lan hồ điệp tết - vươn tới thành công

Phalaenopsis orchid pots Tet - reaching for success

Chậu lan tết tím nhạt mang vẻ đẹp tươi thắm, sắc môi hồng cho năm mới

Light purple orchid pot brings fresh beauty, pink lips for the new year

8. Phalaenopsis orchid pot with 6 white, purple, yellow branches

Potted Orchid with 6 branches white, purple, yellow with each color includes 3 flower branches, the pot is plugged into 3 floors with 3 purple branches on the top, 3 white branches in the middle and 3 yellow branches at the bottom, 3 colors white, purple, yellow when combined with each other make a pot of 6 very different and unique branches and it will be a valuable gift for the owner of the party or create a highlight for the lobby or booth.

How to take care of phalaenopsis orchids after Tet

Phalaenopsis orchid is one of the noble, splendid and luxurious flowers for any space. If you know how to take care of phalaenopsis orchids on Tet holiday, they will last a long time, can last from 3-4 months, even 6 months. And after the flowers fade, if well cared for, the orchid will be healthy and soon produce a new flower. This is a flower that needs light to grow well. The orchid pots when purchased for indoor display should be placed in a place with moderate light such as: the location near the window, the living room has artificial lighting... Must pay attention, absolutely do not leave the orchid pot under direct sunlight, because the plant will yellow leaves, burn leaves and flowers quickly...The ideal light for orchids to grow well is the sun in the early morning or late afternoon.

chậu lan hồ điệp vàng đẹp nhất

Potted yellow phalaenopsis happy new year - happiness and prosperity

Buy phalaenopsis orchids for Tet Holiday in Ho Chi Minh City

- About quality: We guarantee the quality of large orchids, long branches and uniformity of flowers. Guarantee the price of phalaenopsis orchids on New Year's Day as well as other days of the year
- Prestige: Free delivery to inner-city districts, ensuring on-time - fast criteria.
- Good preservation: When delivering the phalaenopsis orchids to our customers, the flowers are preserved in a thin layer of fabric to help the orchids avoid the sun and wind, and to prevent the petals from being crushed or torn during transportation.
- Free consultation: Free support to choose flowers before buying, consulting customer care after buying.
- Simple payment: Bank transfer or cash payment at the Company's office
In addition, the shop sells phalaenopsis orchids, we are confident that with the skillful hands of the shop's workers, we will not disappoint you with the most beautiful and delicate flower patterns.
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