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Spring bud is a species of tree belonging to the Willow genus, so it is also known by another name as Willow, the English name is often called Pussy Willow. This name comes from the feature of the flower having a lot of soft fluff like a cat's hair.
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Nụ tầm xuân đỏ vàng - Phát tài phát lộc

Red and yellow spring buds - Prosperity and prosperity

What is a spring bud flower?

What is spring bud? This is the question of many people, because this is a flower with a unique shape.
Sping bud flower is a species of tree belonging to the Willow genus, so it is also known by another name as Willow, the English name is often called Pussy Willow. This name comes from the feature of the flower having a lot of soft fluff like a cat's hair.
We can call spring bud as silk willow or another name goat willow. Scientific name is Salix caprea. Spring bud is low-growing, seasonally deciduous trees. Its flowers release soft silks. Flowers bloom in early spring after which young shoots grow.

Bình tầm xuân được ưa chuộng trong dịp tết nguyên đán

Spring bud is popular during the Lunar New Year

The flower buds of spring bud grow in the axils of the leaves and then the young shoots quickly grow with green gills. With this proliferative feature, the spring bud is a symbol of prosperity. And this is also the reason why every spring, Eastern people, especially Vietnamese and Chinese people often buy rose hip flowers to bring home, to bring fortune and luck into the house.

Cây nụ tầm xuân tết

New Year's spring bud tree

Slender spring buds, straight branches, and flower buds with vibrant colors such as pink, yellow, red, purple, blue... have really attracted the eye of the beholder. Although small, rose hips are as soft as velvet, soft to the touch, creating a unique and very attractive look.

Nụ tầm xuân - Hoatuoi360

Spring bud

Nụ tầm xuân đẹp - xuân sum vầy

Spring bud flowers are loved by many people every New Year to spring

How long does a spring bud last?

Compared with other flowers, spring bud is beautiful, you can buy this year's flowers to play, but if you keep it well, you can still take it out next year.
This is one of the biggest advantages of spring bud. Not only helps the sisters save costs during the New Year to spring, but also brings luck to the family. Because according to the concept of feng shui, if Tet flowers fade quickly, it will bring bad luck in the family religion. These are the reasons why spring bud is the most expensive flower in every Tet holiday.

Bình hoa tầm xuân - Sắc vàng đón xuân

Vase of spring bud - Yellow color to welcome spring

Spring bud is real or fake?

Many people still buy beautiful spring bud to take home every Tet holiday or decorate their home and office space every day. But among them, still wondering: "Is the spring bud real or fake?".
As analyzed above, willow is a tree belonging to the Willow family, so it is also known by another name. So the spring buds are real, folks!

Đón xuân rộn ràng cùng chậu nụ tầm xuân

Welcoming spring with a pot of spring buds

However, the color of spring bud is a dye color, so it needs to be preserved and cared for so that the color does not fade.
Spreading spring bud not only brings luck into the house, but it also gives you a luxurious and aesthetic living space.

Bình hoa Tầm xuân vàng - Tết đến rồi

Vase of Yellow spring bud - Tet is coming

The meaning of spring bud

Beautiful spring bud is a flower that carries the meaning of prosperity, luck and success. Therefore, this flower is most favored before each spring. When you choose a vase of spring bud as a congratulatory flower for someone on the occasion of Tet, you are giving them the most precious things, because Tet is the beginning of a year full of hope.

Cây tầm xuân - Hoatuoi360

Ý nghĩa hoa nụ tầm xuân

Not only that, the spring bud also carries the meaning of energy, the will to rise up and steady faith. The meaning of spring bud is based on the characteristics of long-lasting flowers, thin branches but strong vitality. With this meaning, spring bud is suitable as a birthday flower, congratulatory flower, opening flower for friends, relatives and colleagues before each important event.
The most beautiful branch of spring bud with a small bud shape, growing around a long stem with many eye-catching colors. Create a brilliant space to welcome many blessings. A new day, if displaying rose hips in the living room, will be the best way to welcome the best things.

Bình tầm xuân đỏ - Thăng hoa

Red spring bud- Sublimation

How to plant beautiful and meaningful spring bud

Method 1: Vase of blooming spring bud
The method of planting spring bud is very simple and popular, and it is easy to do so anyone can do it. This is the type of plug that brings the owner good luck in the new year.
Preparation: A vase with flowers, a flower arrangement, a flower branch with a rosebud.
How to plug: Put the sponge into the vase, gradually arrange the flowers in the style of spreading evenly and spreading out to the sides. In the middle of the vase must be placed taller branches to create a center and a special highlight, it is like a halo around.
If you want the vase to stand out, add some flowers such as auspicious, chrysanthemum, rose. Continue to use bows and ribbons to decorate the mouth of the vase and cover the flower foam.
On each rosebud, hang extra red packets, lanterns, and small couplets. With this decoration, your most beautiful rose hip vase is more impressive and outstanding.

Bình tầm xuân đỏ - Sung Túc

Vase of blooming spring buds

Method 2: Planting a vase with spring bud Swallow's nest
This is a way to arrange flowers in harmony with nature, suitable for those who love nature and plants. Compared with conventional arrangements, the arrangement of rose hips in the style of the swallow's nest creates a unique and novelty. Make sure that, when you finish this vase work, many people will compliment the beauty and can't take their eyes off it.
To shape the bird's nest, find some small twigs and roll them into a bird's nest shape. Then, to make a bird's nest or you can use coconut fiber to make a round nest.
The rest is that you choose fresh spring bud and cut small branches and insert them outside the nest. To keep the spring bud from falling off, tie them with steel.
To catch the eye and make an impression, choose fake eggs to put in the newly created Swallow's Nest. And it's great if you let the fake bird perch by the nest.

Hoa nụ tầm xuân đẹp - Hoatuoi360

Imitation bird's nest on spring bud to look more attractive and eye-catching

Hopefully, with the above two ways of planting beautiful spring bud, your family's Tet will be more joyful, reunited and full of luck. Let the new year be filled with exciting promises and outstanding successes.

The address to sell spring bud with reasonable prices

Although the spring bud is a unique flower, the price of spring bud is not as high as you think. Compared to other flowers, spring bud is still a flower with a "soft" price in every Tet holiday.

Nụ tầm xuân tưng bừng đón tết cùng bạn

A jubilant spring bloom to celebrate Tet with you

Cheap spring buds are now sold quite popularly, at flower shops all provide rosehip flowers. And of course, in each shop, the price of spring bud will be different. Maybe a few dozen to a few hundred a bunch. Therefore, to choose spring buds at a reasonable price, you should choose a reputable flower supplier before deciding to buy.

nụ tầm xu đẹp

Rosehip flowers announce the arrival of spring

And 360 Fresh Flowers is now the address to supply quality spring bud, with a much cheaper price than other flower shops in the area.
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Bình hoa nụ tầm xuân vàng phú quý

Where to buy prestigious and quality spring bud flowers?

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