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Our congratulation flower stand is curated with brightly colored flowers, a great choice for a grand opening or corporate event. Get your friends, family, or business partner a customize grand opening flower stand from 360 Flowers Shop today! A wide array of elegant balloon congratulation stand, opening ceremony flower, shop opening flower stand more with every piece is arranged thoughtfully and beautifully by 360flowers.net passionate florist.
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Đặt hoa khai trương giá 500k tại Hoa Tươi 360

The cheapest price of opening flower stand at Ho Chi Minh City

Give flowers at the opening ceremony is very important

Opening flowers are a great gift for you to give to your friends and relatives on their important opening occasions. So why do we absolutely have to give opening flowers and not other gifts, let's find out the meaning of opening flowers with Hoatuoi 360 right away. 

Each of grand opening flowers are represents as wonderful work of art to express the spirit of celebration to the fullest. Fowers to congratulate the grand opening are an extremely important highlight on this day.

In addition, the congratulatory flower shelves or opening flower baskets still have unique values, creating other meaningful motivations in life such as:
- Share the joy with them
- Use flowers instead of sincere congratulations
- As a spiritual gift to encourage them on the road ahead
- Create color, cheerful and lively atmosphere for the ceremony
- Opportunity to help strengthen affection and relationship

Hình ảnh hoa khai trương đầy màu sắc

Opening flower shelf at the opening flower shop


189 Grand opening flower ideas at 360 Flowers Shop

Popular flower designs for the opening ceremony

Opening flower shelf

Any opening celebration have to have opening flower shelves. Usually the most popular styles of opening shelves will have height from 160cm to 170cm, with this multi-use size, it is suitable for both outdoor events and the inauguration of buildings or establishment. The reason these large grand opening flower shelves are mixed with different types of flowers to help highlight the ceremony, make the atmosphere of the ceremony magnificent, and bring cheerful colors on this important day.

Kệ hoa khai trương

The grand opening is suitable for big events

Opening flower basket for the table

Some businesses still use flower baskets for the opening ceremony, but using each opening shelf alone will not make a really deep impression after the ceremony. In order to make a difference and impression to your company and business, 360 flowers.net constantly offers  variety of modern flower designs. Therefore, we have created a table opening flower basket with a moderate size, flowers to celebrate the opening of a small shop or can still be used for reception desks, ..

Lẵng hoa khai trương để bàn sang trọng

The grand opening flower basket on the table is loved by many people

Opening flower pot

The grand opening phalaenopsis orchid pots are one of the top choices for grand opening occasions. Phalaenopsis orchids give us a feeling of luxury, sophistication, and high-class, suitable for giving partners or friends for a new beginning. Flowers opened after the ceremony canOrchid to celebrate the opening is a luxurious gift that has also been trusted by many customers to choose as flowers to celebrate the opening. According to the experience of orchid players, giving the opening flower pot with phalaenopsis orchids will help bring luck to the homeowner.

Giỏ hoa khai trương nhỏ

The opening flowers shop with the most beautiful flowers to congratulate the opening

Opening vase

Another not-so-perfect, no-fuss, equally popular design is the opening vase, a masterpiece made up of many high-end flower lines meticulously arranged with a bright mind. Creation and skillful hands of professional florists. The opening congratulatory vase brings valuable and sincere wishes for the ceremony to be more solemn.

Bình hoa khai trương bằng hoa hồng đỏ thắm

Opening vase with crimson roses

Opening flower box

The opening flower box is also loved and chosen by many people, with the advantage of being compact, easy to transport, more economical but still bringing your message and congratulations to your loved ones and friends on the occasion of the opening ceremony.

Hộp hoa khai trương với tông màu vàng cam rực rỡ
Flower box to celebrate the opening with brilliant orange-yellow tones

Best flowers for Grand Opening Ceremony at 360flowers.net

Here are some beautiful flower opening patternsopening flower shelves... with many styles, you can refer to.

Opening flower colors

The color of the opening shelf or flower pot also carries a distinct meaning of the person intending to give it.

The grand opening flower shelf with red tone

The red congratulatory flower shelf is considered a color that brings good luck. Red flowers such as anthuriums, happy flowers, roses, ... are popular as flower baskets for the opening ceremony. In addition to the red color, the above flowers, there are flowers with many meanings such as gerbera: a symbol of wealth, prosperous business, bringing wealth to the owner.

hoa khai trương nên chọn màu gì

Shelves of congratulatory flowers in red and pink tones bring good luck

Opening flower shelf with red and yellow tone

Opening flower shelves with yellow and white tones are also chosen by many people because according to the concept, yellow helps to ward off bad luck on the opening day. Potted yellow phalaenopsis orchids, sunflowers are chosen by many people.

Mẫu hoa khai trương đầy sang trọng

Warm yellow-toned congratulatory flower shelf

Mẫu hoa chúc mừng sang trọng cho buổi khai trương

Luxury congratulations stand

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The meaning of the opening flowers

There’s nothing wrong with making a fuss over the significant people in your life. Send a congratulatory flower stand in a grand gesture that’s hard to miss. Make a meaningful dedication of flowers to close business associates, friends, and family to show your sincere appreciation in wishing them all the best in their endeavours.

The meaning of the flowers used on the opening day

Phalaenopsis orchids are the most beautiful opening flowers stand which is chosen by many customers, a symbol of luxury, fortune and wealth. Phalaenopsis orchids have many colors and each color has different meanings suitable for opening and congratulation occasions.

Chậu lan hồ điệp vàng mừng khai trương đối tác

Orchids for the opening of partners

Lily flowers: Giving a grand opening flower basket with many different colors from white lily, yellow, red or orange lily will create a very special opening flower shelf. For example, yellow lilies represent power, red lilies bring luck and glory.

Hoa tặng khai trương cửa hàng cực đẹp

The opening flower basket for the newly opened store

Anthurium: This is a special flower and the best chosen in celebration, congratulation, and opening ceremonies. The flowers to celebrate the opening show fiercely, uniquely, a belief in strength and endurance, symbolizing perseverance, desire and success ahead.

Hoa khai trương được kết hợp từ nhiều loại hoa mang đến tài lộc

Opening flowers combine a variety of flowers to bring fortune

Sunflowers: Giving sunflowers is a congratulation on success reaching further and growing more brilliantly. Therefore, the beautiful flower basket to celebrate the opening is the sunflower that is always chosen to be placed at the highest position, showing the outstanding success of development as well as being always full of light on the business path.

Lẵng hoa khai trương ly vàng đặc sắc

Special opening flower basket

Gerbera flowers: The most chosen flowers to celebrate store opening, congratulations, housewarming. With many different colors, bringing a life value and meaning wealth and fortune. The name of flowers evokes economic success, money, giving someone a flower pot / bouquet / basket is how you wish them a successful career, money comes in like water.

Hoa khai trương cửa hàng bằng hoa đồng tiền sang trọng

Opening flowers with gerbera flowers

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Some of the most beautiful floral designs for the grand opening

Let's take a look at some of the most beautiful flower shelves at 360flowers.net!

Hoa khai trương để bàn - Ngày mới tươi đẹp

Grand opening flowers for the table

Bình hoa chúc mừng khai trương

Flower vase to congratulate the opening

Kệ hoa khai trương hồng phát tông sắc đỏ

Opening flower shelf in red tone

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Popular wishes on the occasion of the opening

- Wishing the company more and more development, constantly reaching out further, prosperous.

- Wishing the company to prosper! Always leading the group with the highest sales.

- Wishing the company to prosper successful business! Always leading TOP in the highest revenue companies.

- The company is growing stronger and always the first choice of every customer. 

- Wishing the company more and more growth and growth in the coming time. 

- Wish the company success, breakthrough, sustainable development, successful breakthrough! 

- Congralulation! Wishing your restaurant is always successful and prosperous.

- Open smoothly, customers are busy, money is noisy! 

- Wishing your restaurant always good fortune, to disperse all the business is as smoothly.

Những lời chúc mừng khai trương hay nhất

The best greetings with opening flowers

Where to order cheap flowers for grand opening?

In order to have a luxurious and modern grand opening flower basket, grand opening flower shelf, and modern opening flower vase, the first thing to ensure is that the congratulatory flowers are not only beautiful, but aloso the price must be suitable for everyone's requirements.

Đặt hoa khai trương giá rẻ tại hoa tươi 360

Order cheap opening flowers at 360flowers.net

Come to our opening flower shop to get answers to your questions about where to buy cheap and quality flowers. You can choose the meaningful opening flower baskets suitable for your opening store. Here, 360flowers.net - We are always ready to serve when customers need to buy beautiful opening flowers to send congratulations to the owner of the opening ceremony.

The staff of the opening flower shop with many years of experience and expertise, ensure to satisfy all requirements of customers about opening flowers.

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Contact a reputable opening flower service provider

There are many grand opening flowers shop in Ho Chi Minh City, If you want to order opening flowers in Ho Chi Minh City, 360flowers.net is a great choice and suitable for you.

If you are looking for the best shop with the cheapest price and high - quality opening flowers, you can contact with 360flowers.net right now. In addition to providing opening flower services, we also provide other services such as birthday flowers, grand opening flowers, funeral flowers... with reasonable prices!

360flower shop is a service providing flower delivery online to Vietnam for people who are living abroad as well as for customers who live in Vietnam have the demand for sending flowers to Ho Chi Minh City , Hanoi and 63 provinces across Vietnam.. 360flower shop is the most professional local network florist in Vietnam. We provide the fastest floral delivery service, within 1-2 hours.

Hoatuoi360.vn has an almost unlimited global flower service. We can send flowers to Vietnam to 63/63 provinces in the territory of Vietnam. More than 150 countries on round the world.

Do you wanna sends Flowers & Gifts online to Vietnam? No matter how far you are away from your loved ones, contact us. We will send Flowers and gifts for your loved one to Vietnam when you are thousand miles away. If you want to buy Juice you can order it at 360 Fruit

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