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Price of purple phalaenopsis orchids and where to buy it cheap?

Unlike most other flowers with circular petals, phalaenopsis orchids have geometric petals. Not surprisingly, beautiful flowers are used to convey messages to your loved ones or to your family. Especially with orchid pots with gentle poetic purple colors showing off shimmering colors combined with luxurious and noble porcelain pots like a cool breeze to warm your home space. So what do you know about this purple phalaenopsis orchid? If not, let 360 fresh flowers help you!

Mục lục

The meaning of purple phalaenopsis orchid

When it comes to phalaenopsis orchids, people often think of purple, because this is also the first main color of this queen flower, which has a lot of meaning because of its color and shape, but you have tried to find out more. In addition to the purple color of the flower, there are other meanings that the giver wants to send to the recipient. Please refer to the following article so that you have a little more understanding about the meaning of this purple phalaenopsis orchid.

Chậu hoa lan hồ điệp tím hồng đẹp nhất

Gentle and noble purple phalaenopsis orchid pot

Purple phalaenopsis orchids - A great combination

If the white phalaenopsis orchid represents innocence, purity, holiness and virginity, the purple color of the phalaenopsis orchid is considered the color of fidelity, sophistication and romance. Orchid is purple to express many aspects of sincere affection because it is a blend, a harmonious combination between strong and gentle, between big and small. In life, there are quite a lot of people who like purple when it is easy to fit anytime, anywhere, creating a comfortable feeling when looking at the purple phalaenopsis orchid with a sharp color that makes the viewer passionate without being boring, but Purple is considered a combination, so purple phalaenopsis orchid pots will not be too prominent if alone, so keeping purple always has a little bit of mixing to create more elegance and nobility.

Chậu lan kết hợp vàng và tím vừa tươi sáng vừa mang nhiều ý nghĩa

The orchid pot with a combination of yellow and purple is both bright and meaningful

Summary of the hottest purple phalaenopsis orchids today

The purple phalaenopsis orchids – and their classification

Purple phalaenopsis orchid represents a romantic and poetic, however it is classified into 2 different types of purple. If light purple is the choice for women's designs to express romance and create a feeling of nostalgia and nostalgia, dark purple is preferred by men but creates a gloomy, disappointing feeling. hope. But purple in love, there is no distinction as above, it is always understood by the recipient in the sense that the other party will be faithful to one heart. If you choose to buy purple phalaenopsis orchid to give someone someone, then you want to express your heart before and after as your own unchanged.

Chậu lan hồ điệp tím dịu dàng quý phái

Gentle and noble purple phalaenopsis orchid pot

How to transplant beautiful purple phalaenopsis orchid pots

1. Phalaenopsis orchid pot with 2 branches

Chậu lan hồ điệp tím 2 cành độc đáo bán tại shop bán hoa tươi 360

Unique 2-stem purple phalaenopsis orchid pot for sale at a fresh flower shop 360

Pot of purple phalaenopsis orchid 2 branches will decorate your room more colorful. Placing decorative pots in the living room, family room or on the desk also helps to regulate the atmosphere, creating a relaxing space for you and your loved ones. Flower pots have both aesthetic value and great spiritual value that will make your life more colorful and meaningful.

2. Pot of 5 branches purple phalaenopsis orchid
The 5-flowered purple phalaenopsisorchid pot will be a reunion gift, bringing the colorful warmth of pink bows and flowers to your home, desk and a meaningful gift for those you love.

Chậu lan hồ điệp tím hồng 5 cành - hạnh phúc trào dâng

Pot of purple and pink phalaenopsis with 5 branches - happiness overflows

Products of purple orchids with 7 branches with bright bunches of flowers, cool green foliage, luxurious pots and outstanding decoration will be the right choice for luxurious and elegant spaces such as hotels, restaurants, elegant cafes, spas, resorts... Besides, this purple orchid pot is also very popular in decorating homes, offices or halls, etc. Above all, here It will be a valuable gift that you send to customers and friends on holidays, festivals, congratulations...

Chậu lan hồ điệp tím 7 cành- lòng chung thủy

Potted purple phalaenopsis orchid with 7 branches to celebrate a luxurious birthday

4. Pot of purple phalaenopsis orchid on 10 branches

There are people who spend their whole life struggling to find happiness, some people always wonder "What is happiness?" Then one day I realized: Happiness is the simplest things...Purple phalaenopsis orchids with 10 branches with a simple and delicate design will be a happy gift for relatives, lovers and friends. on the occasion of the holiday, Tet, opening ceremony, ...

Chậu lan hồ điệp tím 10 cành - hạnh phúc bất diệt

Pot of purple phalaenopsis 10 branches - eternal happiness

On what occasions are purple phalaenopsis orchid given?

Eye-catching and bright purple phalaenopsis orchid pots are always loved by everyone and chosen to send to loved ones or close friends on birthdays, birthday celebrations, grandparents, parents, or bring a message of happiness precious, prosperous, means of prosperity to businesses, partners, customers, friends, colleagues on the opening day. In addition, during the coming New Year and spring, pots of purple phalaenopsis orchids also become very popular as gifts.
1. Giving away purple phalaenopsis orchids on the opening occasion
With the meaning of purple phalaenopsis orchid, this is a necessary and meaningful gift that you give to your friends, partners, customers,...on the occasion of the grand opening. Because, the purple phalaenopsis orchid is a flower that carries luck and wealth, a meaningful gift for the opening day with the desire to bring prosperity and wealth to the recipient.

Chậu hoa hồ điệp tím mừng khai trương sang trọng

Pot of purple phalaenopsis flowers to celebrate the luxurious opening

2. Give purple phalaenopsis orchid to superiors
On important occasions like the boss's birthday, a pot of the most beautiful purple phalaenopsis orchid is a great gift that we should give to our boss. With the nobility, elegance and novelty of the purple phalaenopsis orchid, we can rest assured when assigning the task of 'transmitting our message' to the boss.
3. Give the purple phalaenopsis orchid to mom
In addition to luxury and nobility, phalaenopsis orchid is also a flower symbolizing filial piety and gratitude. Therefore, on mother's birthday and special days, there will be no more precious and meaningful gift than giving your beloved mother bright and fresh purple phalaenopsis orchids. Bright colors, meaningful wishes, and your sincere heart for your mother are the great gifts she wants to receive the most on that special day.
Above are suggestions on occasions to give purple phalaenopsis orchids that everyone should know to choose the right flower pattern.

Some of the most beautiful purple phalaenopsis orchids

360 Fresh Flowers suggests you some beautiful purple phalaenopsis orchids that you can choose as a birthday gift, opening occasion,...

Chậu lan hồ điệp đột biến - Sắc tím thủy chung

Mutant Phalaenopsis orchid pot - Faithful purple color

Chậu lan hồ điệp tím- Chậu hoa lan hồ điệp đẹp nhất

Purple Phalaenopsis Orchid Pot - The most beautiful Phalaenopsis orchid pot

Chậu lan hồ điệp tím - Vẻ đẹp mặn mà

Potted purple phalaenopsis - Salty beauty

Chậu lan hồ điệp tím hồng đẹp nhẹ nhàng và quý phái

Potted purple and pink phalaenopsis orchid is beautiful, gentle and noble

Instructions on how to care for purple phalaenopsis orchids

Choosing a beautiful purple phalaenopsis orchid pot is extremely important, but how to keep the orchid pot fresh and well developed is also essential. Today, 360 Fresh Flowers will show you how to take care of purple phalaenopsis orchid pots.
Like any other color of orchids such as yellow, white, pink, etc...the first factor to consider is light when caring. Purple phalaenopsis orchid is a flower used for indoor decoration, so the amount of light should be moderate, so you need to place the orchid pot to avoid direct light from outside, otherwise the plant will dry out and the leaves will wilt and yellow. It is best to place the plant in a place where it can be exposed to morning sunlight.
In addition to light, temperature is also an important factor when caring for flowers. The best temperature for purple phalaenopsis orchids to grow and flower is best 20-35 degrees Celsius. In times of low temperatures like Tet, you can use artificial light for plants.

Cách chăm sóc lan hồ điệp tím

How to care for purple phalaenopsis orchids

Finally, about the amount of water, this is an indispensable part when growing any plant. However, purple phalaenopsis orchids only need a moderate amount of water. When the sun has just risen is the best time to water the flowers. Be careful not to let the water splash, it will cause the flowers to fade quickly.
Today, the distillation of purple phalaenopsis orchids in particular and orchids in general has been very popular in families. To take care of a good pot of purple phalaenopsis orchids, most importantly, you must know how to get rid of pests. Because phalaenopsis is like other flowering plants, pests such as bud borers, snails, etc...can destroy them quickly.

How much does purple phalaenopsis orchid cost?

To answer the question of how much does a purple orchid cost? Then 360 fresh flower shop gives you a quick reply, purple orchids have prices ranging from 250-300 thousand / branch, the price applies to normal days and holidays, Tet. And if you want to know how much a pot of purple orchids is, you need to base on the flower variety, the number of flower branches such as a pot of 5 purple branches that are plugged into a beautiful orchid pot in decorating the office, reception counter, coffee shops or bonsai trees for anniversaries, ... with the elegance and sweet pink color make people's hearts flutter. People love phalaenopsis orchids in the beauty and uniqueness of purple orchid petals, the soul is like a young woman wearing a white and pink dress, fluttering in the wind, fluttering people's hearts, flower pots showing off their vibrant colors. spirit before the sun. With this beauty, their price will be about 1,250,000 / pot.

Chậu hoa lan tím đẹp tại tại hoa tươi 360

Beautiful purple orchid pots at 360 fresh flowers 

Where to buy cheap and quality purple phalaenopsis orchids?

With the special meanings of this purple phalaenopsis orchid, you want to buy but don't know where to buy cheap, reputable and quality purple orchids. It's simple, when it comes to 360 Fresh Flowers is the place only sell reliable and affordable phalaenopsis orchids along with beautiful purple phalaenopsis orchids skillfully designed by the hands of craftsmen, we are confident that you will not be disappointed.
In Ho Chi Minh City, it is probably not too difficult for us to find and buy purple phalaenopsis orchids, but where is the best place to buy? The most reasonable price? The most enthusiastic and hospitable staff ?Come to us, 360 Fresh Flowers where all kinds of beautiful flowers are gathered and decorated in a unique way. Especially 360 Fresh Flowers has free home delivery service. Fees and online ordering service via website https://hoatuoi360.vn/.  What are you waiting for, quickly visit the website and order now to get 10% discount and free shipping! 360 Fresh Flowers with address 413 Le Van Sy, Ward 2, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City (Near Pham Van Hai and Le Van Sy intersection) contact hotline: (028)22 298 398 - 0936 65 27 27 - 0977 301 303 for advice.

Hoa tươi 360 chuyên cung cấp những mẫu lan hồ điệp tím đẹp nhất

360 fresh flowers specializes in providing the most beautiful purple phalaenopsis orchids

Frequently asked questions

- How much does purple orchid cost?

Purple Phalaenopsis orchids listed price of the company is 250,000 VND / branch. Prices vary depending on the number of plants in the pot.

- Is there a Red Invoice - VAT?

Hoatuoi360 Support to issue red invoices for individuals and businesses quickly.

- Payment method of the shop?

You can pay directly via visa on the web or - Ship cod or directly to the store - Bank transfer - Momo - Paypal Call now hotline/zalo/viber 0936 65 27 27 - 0977 301 303 for payment assistance maths

- Does the shop support the delivery of phalaenopsis in 63 provinces?

You just need to order and pay directly on the web or call Holine/zalo/viber 0936 65 27 27 - 0977 301 303 to support flower delivery to 63 provinces nationwide.