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Unusual fruit bouquet attracts young people

It is rumored that there are edible flowers blooming seasonally and beautiful bouquets at 360 fresh flowers. The most unique and beautiful trend has appeared here, capturing the love as well as the wonder. hospitality of customers near and far.
mục lục

bó hoa dâu tây

The prettiest strawberry bouquet to meet the lover's heart-stopping version

Do you really want to give flowers to someone for their birthday, mother's day, valentine's day,...but feel regretful at the thought of it being thrown away after a few days because of wilting? The "edible bouquets" made from fresh fruit are no less beautiful but also edible, the way to make flower bouquets with fruit requires a lot of ingenuity and creativity that has been modeled by florists, can be great idea for you.

bó hoa ăn được

Unique beautiful cherry blossom bouquet guaranteed to be eaten

You are really lucky if you read this information! So immediately share with your friends the bouquets with a unique way of fruit bouquets, so that your friends know but also keep up with the trend, and easily find fruits to supplement vitamins for the body.

Collection of unique - strange - hot flower and fruit samples 2022

The original of flower fruit 

The fruit bouquet was inspired by the strawberry bouquet from the Netherlands, then modified and became popular. Combining from a variety of fruits, chocolate, ... with a variety of different arrangements, the fresh fruit bouquet has become a unique gift chosen by many young people.

Nguồn gốc hoa trái cây

Origin of flowers and fruits

The reasons looked from the hottest "Edible Flowers" in Sai Gon?

Edible flowers

The most satisfying reason is definitely edible, called edible flowers, of course, not only for viewing but also for eating. Eye-catching beauty no less than ordinary bouquets; This special edible fruit flower also comes with the freshness of your favorite fruits on request for the bouquet.

bó hoa trai cây ăn được

Edible fruit bouquet

Unique impressive beauty

A meaningful product without waste after many days of thinking about implementing the idea of ​​making flowers from edible ingredients quite meticulously and with a lot of effort but in return a beautiful and unique bouquet of edible fruits.

Hoa xài được

Unique usable flower bouquet


Edible flowers have a symbolic meaning instead of wishes, words of love or words to say to friends of the opposite sex as well as loved ones who sincerely convey their feelings to someone who is not too picky but delicate.

hoa trái cây đẹp

Say for me the most beautiful strawberry bouquet

New trends unique beauty buttons, edgetable

Knowing the trends is one thing, keeping up with the trends is another! Edible flowers are extremely suitable for gifts on occasions such as birthdays of boyfriends and girlfriends; Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, March 8, graduation day, etc. They are extremely attractive, unique and equally beautiful and meaningful. You can refer to the samples in different ways of fruit bouquets below!

giỏ hoa trái cây

Fruit flower basket

hoa trái cây ăn được

Fruit bouquet with baby flowers

hoa trái cây đẹp

Beautiful fruit and flower pattern

Depending on the climate, the bouquets in each region have different characteristics, so there are different ways to choose flowers. Fruit bouquets in Hanoi often use a lot of cold fruits such as strawberries, apples, ..., while the trend of choosing fruit bouquets in Ho Chi Minh City often uses fruits such as durian, rambutan, ...

Why is the strawberry favorite?

Strawberry bouquet
Strawberry flowers are combined from strawberries and auxiliary flowers such as roses, white marbles, purple star flowers, salem flowers and those are pale colors to create a beautiful strawberry bouquet naturally. Strawberries are attached on a bouquet without branches like other flowers, instead a bouquet of strawberries is made from skewers fixed on the face of the bouquet.

Hoa dâu tây phải chăng không chỉ lan toả hương thơm ngọt ngào

Very cute beautiful strawberry bouquet for girlfriend

A gift for that person is extremely romantic, in addition to strawberry flowers, it can also create other gifts such as durian flowers, cherry blossom bouquets, ... In birthdays, it is indispensable for a wonderful gift. Normally, a bouquet of flowers is only for looking at the beauty, now the artisans have created a bouquet of strawberries that can not only be seen but also eaten, while enjoying the scent and sweet taste from this fruity bouquet.
Strawberry flower basket
Strawberry flower basket will be a very hot gift if you want to give the other half a super surprise gift that makes the girls stunned from the moment they receive it. Not only dreamy and delicious comes from the sweet strawberry flower basket, but it also puts her in a better mood. Delicious fresh strawberries wrapped in a flower basket full of strawberries. Because of the harmonious color, the image of the strawberry flower basket is not inferior to the rose and it can also give off a sweet fragrance.

Giỏ hoa dâu tây trái cây đặc biệt tặng vợ

Special fruit strawberry flower basket for wife

Strawberry bouquets are chosen by many young people as gifts in dating parties, while contributing to creating a fresh atmosphere with delicious meals. Young people of today's generation are very fond of beauty, not far away, but right here, a bunch of strawberries have each of the sweet flavors of strawberries that are not only beautiful but also contain vitamins A, B1 & B2 and rich in vitamins C is much higher than in oranges and watermelons. Those delicious strawberries will help your skin slow down aging, reduce the possibility of colds and infections, increase resistance and help you relieve stress after stressful working hours.

Bó hoa dâu tây dễ thương

Cute strawberry bouquet

In addition, according to oriental medicine, the coolness of strawberries also has the effect of regulating digestive function, nourishing the lungs, purifying the blood and nourishing the body. And that's the great use of a beautiful strawberry bouquet, if you want to create a fresh and delicious atmosphere, think about arranging a fruit vase that can make an attractive dessert. Unique ideas create an unexpected success for a party.
When giving a bouquet of strawberries, don't forget the short message "Dear, eat strawberries, then come back to be my mother's bride!". A simple message like that is enough to melt her heart. If you need to find a shop that sells strawberry bouquets, 360 Fresh Flowers is here. Come on, let's score points in her eyes!

Shop bán bó hoa dâu tây giá rẻ tphcm

Shop selling cheap strawberry bouquets in HCMC

If you want to surprise that person even more with a handmade gift, you can learn how to make a strawberry bouquet, it won't be difficult, you are just shy.

How to make fruits at home

Fruit flowers are loved and favored by so many people, so why don't we try to make this impressive bouquet to give to loved ones and friends. Let's go with 360 fresh flowers to see how to make a simple fruit bouquet yourself to give to your loved ones. You can also make fruit flower baskets, but the bouquet will be simpler and takes less effort than fruit flower arrangement.
Prepare materials
- Fresh fruit (strawberry, cherry, apple...)
- Wooden sticks, wooden skewers
- Flower wrapping paper
- Flowers, auxiliary leaves (baby flowers, salem flowers, daisies, tana, dola leaves...)
- Scissors, tape, bows, ribbons...
How to arrange fruit flowers
Step 1: Clean the fruit, use a wooden stick to skewer the center of the fruit, do not skewer it.
Step 2: Insert all the fruit skewers into a circular sponge or foam in a circular shape.
Step 3: Bundle with flowers, extra leaves around the fruit, and use tape to wrap the base.
Step 4: Arrange flower wrapping paper and bunches around fruit flowers.
Step 5: Use ribbon to tie and decorate more bows.

cách tự làm bó hoa trái cây

How to make your own fruit bouquet

Popular fruit models

Due to being loved and chosen by many people, fruit flowers have had many unique and creative combinations. There are many popular fruit flower patterns on the market, let's take a look at the most popular ones
- Strawberry fruit flower
Strawberry fruit flowers are so familiar and are chosen and loved by many people, not only because of the sweet taste and aroma of strawberries but also because the shape is quite similar to fresh flowers.
bó hoa trái cây dâu tây
Strawberry fruit bouquet

- Cherry fruit flowers

Cherry blossoms are combined into a bouquet, cherry is a high-class fruit with a small fruit shape, eye-catching color is definitely a bouquet that everyone wants to receive.
 bó hoa trái cây cherry tươi
 Fresh cherry fruit bouquet

- Apple fruit flower

Apple fruit flowers are also a unique and creative combination when bringing the idyllic fruit to form a beautiful fruit bouquet.
bó hoa trái cây táo
Apple fruit bouquet
- Flowers and grapes
To create a bouquet of grapes, it takes a lot of patience and meticulousness as well as ingenuity to create a beautiful and eye-catching bouquet. In addition to the above popular flower patterns, we can also combine fruits together which is also very impressive.
bó hoa trái cây nho xanh kết hợp
Fruit bouquet green currant combination kiwi

What occasions should I give flowers and fruit?

Fruit flowers have many health benefits, so they are suitable for almost any occasion. Fruit is not only delicious but also nutritious! Vegetables and fruits are part of a healthy daily diet and can reduce the risk of heart disease including stroke and heart attack. Oranges and other fruits are high in vitamin C that helps keep body tissues healthy, while bananas and other fruits are high in potassium which helps maintain healthy blood pressure.

Dịp tặng hoa trái cây

The occasion of giving flowers and fruits

You can give a bouquet of cherry blossoms on many different occasions such as birthdays, congratulations, flowers for mom, valentine flowers, March 8 flowers... to create an unforgettable impression. Also you can use it to make a special gift in life.

Beautiful moments with flowers and fruit

“1,2,3 Blow out the candles, for the day I turn 30…”- FLOWERS AND FRUIT MOMENTS

giỏ hoa trái cây

Fruit flowers happy birthday mom

May still goes by gently, time is still the same, I am getting older and older. Anyway, I tell myself that a new year old will have more new things.
30 times of May 26 has passed and still feel like that. Still a girl born on a sunny and windy May day. Once upon a time, when I was a child, I did not know what the concept of a birthday was, so I just went through it like a normal thing in life. Then growing up, there are also happy birthdays, receiving flowers and gifts, many wishes from friends…There are birthdays immersed in alcohol and music. Then there are simple birthdays with just a few cups of coffee, a few cups of water...and a few close friends who are enough to remember their birthday - a milestone in life. There are birthdays that do nothing, go by themselves… silently look quiet. However, this day still comes once a year.
And this year, it comes again to mark another milestone in the "30-year-old" life. This year was special, it was impressive and left an impression on me thousands of times in the future.

Hoa ăn được và em

Happiness is like a beautiful bouquet of flowers and fruits

When I got home from work, on the table I saw something strange and suspicious like a hydrangea; oh no this is a bouquet of strawberries, a red rose, a chocolate covered cherry. A unique and indescribable combination.
“1,2,3 Blow out the candles, for the 30th birthday- Husband: “Happy birthday to wife”, Son: “Happy birthday to mom” …”
For the first time on my birthday, I received a bouquet of flowers made from fruit. Oh it's so beautiful and unique. I hugged myself for joy. The bouquet was so beautiful and shimmering that it was unbelievable, holding it but satisfied with it, I was complimented and praised for saying that "My husband buys flowers and fruits that are both psychological and not wasteful, but still shimmering and beautiful". I have to really admit it's really beautiful and meaningful, although it's not something high, but it's the most impressive special gift I've received.

Bó hoa trái cây là buổi tiệc thêm vui

Gifts of flowers and fruits make the party more fun

The party is about to end, the photos have been taken, the play is done, the food is enough, now this beautiful fruit bouquet is doing post-production work. Making a farewell dessert for everyone, commendable for the fun of edible flowers, both fun and nutritious; which is strawberry, which is cherry with candy, everyone takes turns picking fortune in a joyful atmosphere. The most meaningful birthday party of my life, and most impressed by having that bouquet.

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