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360flowers.net specializes in providing WEDDING VEHICLES with exquisite designs to help highlight the radiant beauty of the bride and groom on the wedding day. Please contact 360flowers.net immediately to choose for yourself the most beautiful WEDDING CAR for the big day, 360flowers.net will create unique flower patterns to make the wedding ceremony more solemn. Please trust the service of providing WEDDING CAR at 360flowers.net.

Mục lục

Wedding car model 2022

Unique wedding flower car for this year with a new decoration, the flower car is decorated meticulously, creatively and exudes a modern look.

In this year, elegant wedding car models with soft-tone flowers take the throne instead of the flashy and lack of aesthetics of the past years. The wedding car models in 2022 will be a cluster of flowers with the connection of many different flowers arranged in the middle of the front hood of the car, then a subject flower will be distributed, covering the entire front of the car, in the body of the car with the multiplier of the doors and the rear of the car also has a flower cluster...

Besides flowers, the wedding car also comes with accessories such as Happy Wedding boards or beautiful sayings in the wedding ceremony that will be attached to the hood, or a pair of teddy bears, a pair of swans...

Xe hoa phủ đầy hoa tươi

The hottest wedding car model 2022

Mẫu xe hoa cưới hot nhất 2019

The hottest unique and impressive wedding car model in 2022

The most popular wedding car decoration styles

1. Decorate the wedding car in the style of covering the whole car with flowers

This is a bridal car decoration that makes strong impression on the guests, creating an unforgettable impression for their relatives.

To design this style of wedding flower decoration requires a huge amount of flowers, so the price of this wedding flower car is a bit high. When decorating this flower car, you must create a large and sophisticated flower cluster made from one or more flowers to place on the front hood of the car so that the flowers cover most of the hood! The rear of the car also needs a large amount of flowers to cluster and cover ¾ of the rear area. The two sides of the car door do not forget to attach the attached bow and flowers.

This wedding flower car model with a car filled with flowers from front to back will definitely make a strong impression, and each road that the procession passes through will attract many people's attention. And surely, this image of the beautiful wedding car will be an unforgettable memory in the hearts of the bride and groom.

Phong cách xe hoa cưới 2019 phủ đầy hoa từ đầu đến đuôi gây ấn tượng mạnh mẽ

Wedding car style covered with flowers makes a strong impression

2. Decorate the wedding car with beautiful small flower clusters

To decorate this type of wedding car, you should choose small and lovely flowers such as baby flowers, heather flowers, daisies, roses, mokara orchids, salem flowers, and bird's nest flowers. .. to put together. Even though it is just a small cluster of flowers in a corner of the hood, it still exudes a lightness, simplicity and sophistication, enough to express great love.

phong cách xe hoa cưới 2019 đơn giản nhât

Decorate the wedding car with beautiful small flower clusters on the hood

3. Decorate the wedding car with cute accessories

In addition to flowers and leaves, the wedding day will not be complete without accessories that are considered a symbol of heart-to-heart connection, intense love such as the image of two hearts together, teddy bears,... To make the wedding car more meaningful and impressive, it is necessary to combine flowers and accessories.
To design this style of wedding car, it is necessary to use fresh flowers and leaves in clusters in front of the hood. And on that flower cluster add decorations such as bride and groom dolls, mini wedding photos, funny teddy bears or balloons.

phong cách xe hoa cưới kết hợp kèm đôi gấu bông cực xinh và dễ thương

Wedding car style with cute teddy bears

The most beautiful wedding car for different car colors

1. Red wedding car

Red wedding car with white or yellow floral decoration to highlight the car.

Some pictures of red wedding car.

Xe hoa cưới màu đỏ nồng nàng, rực rỡ

Brilliant red wedding car

Xe hoa cưới màu đỏ độc đáo và rực rỡ

Unique and brilliant red wedding car

2. White wedding car

The white wedding car shows luxury and modernity with a combination of beautiful flowers. Some of the most popular accessories for couples are bride and groom dolls, mini wedding photos, lovely teddy bears, balloons, etc., which are impressive and colorful.

In addition, if you choose a white car with a heart-shaped decoration that will help your wedding car always stand out in the convoy to pick up the bride, the white color of the wedding car always creates elegance but doesn't lose the luxury of the car and also shows the young and dynamic personality of the groom..

Xe hoa cưới màu trắng sang trọng và trẻ trung

Luxury and youthful white wedding car

Xe hoa cưới màu trắng sang trọng và năng động hơn

Luxury and dynamic white wedding car

3. Black wedding car

If you want a luxury wedding car but not too ostentatious. Nice but not too flashy. You are a mature and successful person. Our advice is that you should choose a black wedding car. The black wedding car is not eye-catching at first sight, but the more you look at it, the more beautiful it becomes. The beautiful black wedding car always shows the groom's personality as a mature, calm but profound person. Black is also the most basic of car colors.

Xe hoa cưới màu đen sang trọng và càng đẹp

Luxury and beautiful black wedding car

Mẫu xe hoa cưới đẹp và sang trọng dành cho ngày cưới

Beautiful and luxurious wedding car model for the wedding day

Xe hoa cưới màu đen không những đẹp mà còn sang trọng

Black wedding car is not only beautiful but also luxurious

Beautiful and luxurious wedding car flower designs

1. Heart-shaped wedding car flowers

Heart-shaped wedding car flowers are most popular with couples, it just stands out for the day of the procession with this bridal car decoration suitable for couples who like simplicity and lightness.

Hoa xe cưới hình trái tim đẹp và ấn tượng

Beautiful and impressive heart-shaped wedding car flowers

Hoa xe cưới hình trái tim đẹp và sang trọng

Beautiful and luxurious heart-shaped wedding car flowers

2. Orchid wedding car

Orchid wedding flower car contains many meanings, orchids including white orchids, purple orchids are loved by many people. Usually white orchids are suitable for white wedding cars, black wedding cars.

Xe cưới hoa lan trắng chứa nhiều ý nghĩa

White orchid wedding car contains many meanings

Xe cưới hoa lan tím thủy chung chứa nhiều ý nghĩa

The faithful purple orchid wedding car contains many meanings

Wedding car decoration service

The flower car is an important part of the wedding ceremony, the wedding car is designed with fresh flowers that will add to the luxury and happiness. If you have a need to decorate wedding car flowers, please come to the wedding car decoration service with the information below.

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