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Ecuador pink - Irresistible beauty

The Ecuadorian roses - a flower with a charming, passionate beauty that has consumed a lot of ink and paper by writers, poets, and composers... Looking at the gorgeous Ecuadorian flowers, surely no one can deny it. are from. Therefore, in recent years, giving Ecuadorian roses is a trend of young people.
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Where do Ecuadorian roses come from?

As the name itself, the origin of the Ecuadorian roses originate from the country of Ecuador - a country in Southeast America. This is a country with a subtropical climate and seasonal changes, full of sunshine, so it is favorable for persimmon trees to grow and develop well. Not only are there good varieties of Ecuadorian roses, but the labor force in Ecuador is very cheap, and the environmental regulations are lax… All have created a powerful rose country, with the exclusive name of Ecuadorian roses nowhere compares.

Origin and origin of the ecuadorian roses

Origin and origin of the ecuadorian roses

A few features of the Ecuadorian roses make many people enthralled:
Unlike other roses in the world, Ecuadorian roses have large sizes, hard petals, bold colors and long-lasting freshness. The structure of the Ecuadorian rose have a protective outer layer of very thick petals, so the flower usually lasts longer than other types of roses. In particular, the protective petals have a yellow or green border and are slightly curved outward. With this feature, Ecuadorian roses are easy to cause a wilting effect, many first-time buyers of flowers will be confused. 

Finished bouquet of ecuadorian roses

Finished bouquet of ecuadorian roses

Ecuador invests in advanced technology and professional processing, so it is the leading country in exporting commissions. Each flower is guaranteed to be harvested at optimum bloom, with a minimum of 30 petals per flower. In order to have standard flowers, Ecuadorian roses must be carefully screened from the selection stage, then planted on the most favored lands with unique characteristics and proper care. The roses will bring passion, seductive beauty and endless inspiration, satisfying all the most demanding guests. The beauty of the Ecuadorian roses make us admire and compliment, a unique and attractive beauty that only the Ecuadorian roses can bring.

Hoa hồng ecuador chinh phục những vị khách khó tính

Ecuadorian roses conquer difficult guests

Characteristics of Ecuadorian roses

Roses on the market today are very diverse with all types and colors. In particular, there is a type of rose that is extremely loved by young people thanks to its captivating beauty, which is the Ecuadorian roses. With a higher cost compared to other traditional rose models, being able to correctly identify what is an Ecuadorian roses are extremely important to avoid being mistakenly purchased.
Unlike traditional flower varieties grown in Vietnam, Ecuadorian roses are imported from other countries, so their prices are slightly different. The most distinctive and recognizable feature of Ecuadorian roses is that they are super long. With the shortest trees, it also has a height of about 60cm and the tallest trees, its height can be up to 150cm. Not only have great height, but Ecuadorian roses are also extremely large and beautiful. The tree has large, dark green, thick leaves, the trunk is strong and very difficult to break. And in addition to the outstanding red Ecuadorian roses, it also has many different impressive colors such as white, pink, yellow and especially light blue.

Đặc điểm nhận dạng hoa hồng Ecuador

Characteristics of the Ecuadorian roses

Summary of the most BEAUTIFUL and HOT Ecuadorian roses at 360 FRESH FLOWERS

Meaning of the Ecuadorian roses

Those who fall in love and fall in love with the beauty of the Ecuadorian roses may not be able to ignore the meaning of the Ecuadorian roses as a symbol of undying love. The Ecuadorian roses are like other flowers in the rose house, although beautiful, has thorns. With this characteristic, roses express a steadfast and undying love. That is, love going through thorns and difficulties will be strong. Because of this noble meaning, couples often give each other Ecuadorian roses, with the wish that: "We will be together forever, despite the storm, even if there is a separation".

Đóa hồng ecuador - sức sống mãnh liệt

Ecuadorian roses with intense vitality

In particular, the Ecuadorian roses with its intense vitality, is not subject to the weather, does not require too much nutrition in the care process, nor is it too meticulous... But the Ecuadorian roses are still full of blooming petals, shining brightly. Therefore, when choosing an Ecuadorian roses for that person, you want to express that: "My love for you is very strong, not self-interested, not demanding ...". Guaranteed, that person when receiving a beautiful Ecuadorian roses will feel the sweetness and affection.
Not only that, roses are also flowers with a sweet and romantic aftertaste to sublimate love. Whether you have been in love for a long time or in the early days of love, when exchanging Ecuadorian roses, you will find love stronger and more beautiful.
Besides the meaning of love, the Ecuadorian roses also give a message of love. In life, if you want to connect an emotional bond with someone, be it a classmate, colleague, relative... Let the Ecuadorian roses connect your emotions, the effect will surely surprise you. .
In addition, you can also choose Ecuadorian roses as opening flowers, congratulatory flowers, housewarming flowers... to your loved ones in life.

The ecuadorian roses for emotional attachment

The ecuadorian roses for emotional attachment

Why are Ecuadorian roses so popular?

What is the Ecuadorian roses that is so popular? A flower that attracts everyone's attention because of its outstanding size. Traditional roses are so familiar to us, so when Ecuadorian roses are imported to Vietnam, it is like a new breeze, satisfying beauty lovers and flower lovers.
Ecuadorian roses take flower giving to a new level, where people in the middle and upper classes have the opportunity to express their class, respect and affection to the recipient.
When you receive an expensive bouquet of flowers from someone it shows that they appreciate and love you very much.

Bouquet of Ecuadorian roses for birthday

Bouquet of Ecuadorian roses for birthday

How many colors do Ecuadorian roses have?

Like other types of roses, the color of the Ecuadorian rose are also very diverse. Including traditional velvet roses, red roses, orange roses, yellow roses, purple roses, pastel roses, peach roses… And each color of the Ecuadorian roses will represent a different meaning. 

Bông hồng ecuador biểu tượng cho tình yêu bất diệt

Red rose symbolizing undying love

If the red Ecuadorian roses represent undying love, the white Ecuadorian roses symbolize innocence and purity, a symbol of pure love. If the pink rose represents the sweetness and romance in love, the peach rose represents the secret love, timidity and conveys the words in the heart that do not dare to put into words. If the purple Ecuadorian roses represent loyalty and loyalty to love, the orange rose will launch a love full of energy and vitality. However, in love, you should not choose a yellow rose for your girlfriend, because many people think that this is a flower symbolizing betrayal. Based on the meaning of each color of Ecuadorian roses, please choose for yourself. A bouquet of Ecuadorian roses is suitable for making birthday flowers or flowers to congratulate the holidays, sent to "that person" to replace words that want to say from the heart.

Bó hoa hồng Ecuador đốn tim bạn gái

Bouquet of Ecuadorian roses steals girlfriend's heart

Ecuadorian roses – A valuable gift to give

The Ecuadorian roses are large in size and gorgeous in beauty, making it a valuable flower. Therefore, choosing the most beautiful Ecuadorian rose as a gift is that you are giving value. Not only the beauty of the rose conquers the recipient's heart, but the Ecuadorian roses have a high price, so it becomes extremely valuable in the eyes. Guaranteed, when you give someone a bouquet of Ecuadorian roses, they will appreciate it much more than a normal bouquet. It is the material value that the Ecuadorian roses carry that will do that. You can choose a bouquet of Ecuadorian roses as a meaningful gift for your girlfriend, wedding anniversary flowers for your wife, congratulatory flowers...

Bouquet of Ecuadorian roses - the memory of beautiful love

Bouquet of Ecuadorian roses - the memory of beautiful love

Bó hồng Ecuador màu vàng - Tình yêu mãnh liệt

When choosing an Ecuadorian roses as a gift, guys need to learn about the meaning of each rose color. Depending on the occasion, the guys can give her bouquets of Ecuadorian roses in different colors. Maybe when they first met, they will give a bouquet of different colors than when they asked for love or proposed. Choose the right flower color for "the one" on Valentine's Day, wedding anniversary, or when sad.

If a bouquet of bright pink roses is a gift when you first meet her to express your friendship, then a bouquet of Ecuadorian roses with bold colors such as red rose, velvet rose or purple rose to express her intense love and attraction.

Types of Ecuadorian roses in Vietnam market

The Ecuadorian roses are one of the most popular hybrid flowers, so there are many different varieties of Ecuadorian roses on the market. Let's go with fresh flowers to see the most popular Ecuadorian roses on the Vietnamese market.
Amnesia Garden Roses

 Unique ecuadorian Amnesia Garden Roses

 Unique ecuadorian Amnesia Garden Roses

Ecuadorian roses Sanoli

Impressive Ecuadorian Sanoli roses

Ecuadorian roses Splash Orange

The vibrant Ecuadorian Splash Orange

The vibrant Ecuadorian Splash Orange

Ecuadorian roses Polar star

Pure white Ecuadorian Polar Star rose

Pure white Ecuadorian Polar Star rose

Ecuadorian roses Pink Piano

Beautiful Ecuador Pink Piano Roses

How to give Ecuadorian roses

In order for the Ecuadorian roses bouquet to become absolutely valuable in the eyes of the recipient, you must have the art of giving flowers.
If you want to surprise the recipient, let the flower service help you, don't forget to write sweet words on the card and attach it there. And if you want to be romantic and sweet, make an appointment with her to the park, cafe, restaurant,...to give her a gift. You can gently put a bouquet of flowers on the bed, so that the moments of welcoming the new day become more poetic. You can also bring a 50-inch rose to her gate and text her to come down to receive it....
There are 1001 ways to give flowers, each way will bring a different nuance to the recipient. But no matter how you give flowers, respect must still come first.

Bouquet of roses ecuadorian mix - meaningful gift

Bouquet of roses ecuadorian mix - meaningful gift

Is it difficult to grow Ecuadorian roses?

Not only sought after for flowers, but Ecuadorian roses seed are also sought after by many people. Currently, the Ecuadorian roses variety are widely sold.
Growing Ecuadorian roses are also not very difficult. Just prepare the soil with enough nutrients and water regularly. After a short time the plant will give very beautiful flowers. In general, the way to grow Ecuadorian roses are no different from other types of roses.
For those who grow Ecuadorian roses on the terrace of the townhouse, it is necessary to pay attention to the sun. Because Ecuadorian roses do not like the sun too much. It is best to make a roof to give off gentle sunlight and moderate watering, do not water too much to make the plants waterlogged, and do not water too little to make the plants unfit for growth.

The ecuadorian roses for you

The ecuadorian roses for you

How much is the Ecuadorian commission?

How much do ecuadorian roses cost? It's definitely something that everyone is wondering. Compared with other rose species, Ecuadorian roses are imported roses, so the price is higher. However, it is not as expensive as other imported flowers, so you can still own it easily.
Ecuadorian roses have different prices depending on the prices of flower shops. And Ecuadorian roses in Ho Chi Minh City are cheaper than Ecuadorian roses in Hanoi.
At 360 Fresh Flowers, Ecuadorian roses are much cheaper than other flower shops in the area. The price of ecuador roses is 100k / branch on regular occasions and holidays can be doubled or tripled.

Giá một bông hồng Ecuador là bao nhiêu

How much does an Ecuadorian rose cost?

Where to buy prestigious Ecuadorian roses?

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