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Lotus – a flower with pure beauty, simple but pure

Lotus - a flower with a simple and pure beauty, but still exudes the luxurious beauty it brings. You know, not only is the symbol for the national flower of the Vietnamese people, but the lotus flower also has many meanings about love and life that you do not know. Let's learn about this special flower with 360 Fresh Flowers.
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Lotus - Simple flower

Lotus is an aquatic plant that is widely grown and popular in tropical countries, especially in the countryside in Vietnam. The image of a beautiful and simple lotus flower has been associated with Vietnamese people for many years. he lotus flower symbolizes purity, innocence, and purity. Beautiful lotus has the scientific name of Nelumbo nucifera, according to many documents, the image of beautiful lotus flowers first appeared in the land of India and then spread through China.

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Lotus is an aquatic plant

Currently, this flower is grown in many different parts of the world such as Korea, China and Southeast Asian countries. In Vietnam, it is grown a lot in the North, Central and South regions of our country and is grown most in the Mekong Delta such as Dong Thap, Tra Vinh....The lotus is not only for decoration, but the flowers that are used from all parts can be used as medicine from flowers, leaves, tubers,.... Bring a lot of high economic value.

Hình ảnh hoa sen đẹp bình dị

Pictures of beautiful idyllic lotus flowers

The meaning of the lotus flower

A flower associated with many idyllic images but is known as a flower with long-standing traditional meanings in the East. The lotus flower grows and grows in the middle of the mud, but it is not polluted and soiled, but on the contrary, it also radiates the fragrance of the whole area. That's why people often talk about the image of the lotus as the essence of a person, existing in the midst of a changing life but having overcome lust, greed, and good aura.
The meaning of the lotus flower in Buddhism
The lotus plant blooms out of the water, towards the sun, revealing the sepals, pistils and seeds. When it blooms, it gives off a pure fragrance that is loved by many. Any of us must have come across the image of the lotus associated with festivals, pagodas and holidays… The lotus is elegant, its sound is unpolluted, and its virtue is virtuous. Maybe that's why people often say "near the mud but not the smell of mud".

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Lotus flowers are associated with Buddhist images

The stem of a lotus flower grows under the mud, from the Buddhist point of view, the lotus meaning in Buddhism is likened to your mind being obscured because of birth and death troubles, the tree rising in water is likened to the process of life and death, cultivation, purification, flowers blooming above the water showing their fragrances under the sun are likened to a fully enlightened mind. You have also seen Shakyamuni Buddha, Guan Yin Buddha...sitting on a lotus pistil, perhaps that's why on the occasion of the full moon, or Buddha's holidays, people often choose a beautiful vase of lotus flowers to offer to their superiors. .

Vẻ đẹp tinh khôi của hoa sen

The pure beauty of the lotus

The meaning of lotus in feng shui

In this article, 360 Fresh Flowers will reveal to you more about the meaning of lotus flowers in feng shui, displaying lotus flowers in your living space such as placing a beautiful vase of lotus flowers on the altar, the living table... All have good uses for the family, with the meaning of purifying, regulating prosperity, enhancing good energy to help prevent bad things, helping homeowners avoid worries to calm down and enjoy happiness.

nét đẹp mộc mạc của hoa sen làm lay động lòng người

Lotus flowers help the space become gentle and relaxing

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Flower palace provides beautiful and prestigious lotus flowers nationwide

Popular types of lotus flowers in Vietnam

Currently, there are many rare types of lotus flowers being grown in our country, maybe they are ordinary lotus flowers, but there are also imported flower varieties with new beauty and bright colors. It can be mentioned that:
Great white lotus
This is a large white lotus, grown in India and China, with large petals, pure white color and light fragrance. The holy, peaceful and liberating beauty of the white lotus always makes people love, and love more when seeing the white lotus, even though it lives in the mud, but always shows off its color and gives off its fragrance to adorn the face. life.

Hoa sen đại đóa đẹp mãn nhãn

The great lotus flower is breathtakingly beautiful

Blue lotus

The blue color of the blue lotus is not like other blues. It is a white to blue color, quite soothing to the eyes, clear and pure, the blue lotus is also native to India. The meaning of the blue lotus is the symbol of freedom, equality, and charity. It is the supreme symbol of human belief, humanism, indomitable loyalty and the taming of the soul to emotions.

Hoa sen xanh đẹp, quý hiếm - Hoatuoi360

Beautiful and rare blue lotus - 360 Fresh Flowers

Pink Lotus
Pink lotus is very popular in Asian countries including Vietnam, pink lotus also has beautiful lotus petals like roses, the flowers look very eye-catching, beautiful flowers are loved by many people is the type of lotus that appears a lot. In the legends of Buddhism, the pink lotus flower originates from Thailand.

Hoa sen hồng đẹp ngọt ngào

Beautiful and sweet pink lotus

Royal L​otus

Royal lotus is a very rare lotus variety because only a few people play lotus and are connoisseurs of ornamental plants. This lotus variety is small, blooms beautifully, has a sweet aroma, spreads everywhere, suitable for growing in many conditions such as: ponds, gardens, miniatures, indoors, ...

Hoa sen cung đình hiếm gặp

The royal lotus has a beauty that captivates people's hearts

White lotus with pink border
White lotus with pink border, double petals, a very rare and rare type of lotus and sometimes there are some mutant flowers that will produce two colors, white and pink, on the same lotus.

Hoa sen trắng viền hồng đẹp thuần khiết

Pure white lotus with pink border

There are also many other varieties of lotus such as giant lotus, also known as king lotus grown in Dong Thap, pure lotus flower, Japanese lotus,...

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Beautiful, cheap Japanese lotus flowers - 360 Fresh Flowers

Techniques for planting and caring for lotus flowers

360 Fresh flowers reveals to you how to grow lotus flowers to bloom quickly and beautifully through the following steps:
- Step 1: You choose good seeds, with brown or glossy black skin to have a high germination rate
- Step 2: Find a location to plant lotus flowers with lots of sunshine and avoid strong winds.
- Step 3: The lotus pot is 60-70cm deep, 60-70cm wide. Clean mud for 2/3 of the pot.
- Step 4: The type of lotus that is intended to be planted is a tall lotus, so it is better to plant a high pot, a mini lotus or a royal lotus that is planted in a low pot with a wide surface will be more beautiful. After buying the seeds, use your hands to trace the mud to the sides, place the lotus plant in the middle of the pot, cover it with mud and fill the pot with water.
- Step 5: Every day must change new water for the shower by using overflow faucet. After 1 month, the lotus got used to the new place, we fertilized with aquatic fertilizer once a month.

Kỹ thuật trồng hoa sen đơn giản

You can grow simple lotus flowers at home

Taking care of a blooming lotus is not as difficult as many of you imagine. Pots need to be placed in a place with a warm temperature, with a lot of sunlight but not too harsh, shining directly on the plant. If the plant is placed in a place with good light, good photosynthesis, after about 2 months, the plant will grow strongly and grow to more than 30 cm tall, blooming beautifully.
You need to add NPK fertilizer to provide nutrients for the plant about 1 week after the seedlings are potted. When planting, if you see that the leaves are deep, you must kill them immediately, if the leaves are withered, they must be cut off, if the leaves are small and yellow, you must add a small amount of fertilizer and then add it to the water.
For potted lotus flowers, you must add water daily by lightly pouring water into the pot, not letting the water stand on the leaves. In addition, you can drop a few more tops of dogtail or aquatic plants to live with the beautiful lotus and filter the water.

Lưu ý cách chăm sóc cho sen nở hoa đẹp

Note how to care for beautiful lotus blooms

Beautiful lotus patterns are loved by many people

Bình hoa sen chúc mừng-  Sự tôn kính

Basket of congratulatory lotus flowers- Respect

Chậu hoa sen- Nét đẹp Việt Nam

Lotus flower pot - Vietnamese beauty

Bó hoa sen trắng đẹp nhất

The most beautiful white lotus

Bó hoa sen hồng đẹp nhất

The most beautiful bouquet of pink lotus flowers for a female friend's birthday

Bó hoa sen cách điệu

The most beautiful bouquet of pink lotus flowers for a female friend's birthday

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Lotus vase with glass vase

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