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360flowers.net designs elegant, gentle and fresh apology flowers. When you know your fault, you are a responsible person, and when you admit it, you become a good person. Please choose for yourself an apology flower basket with gentle tones, so that the recipient understands your sincerity. For the most sincere apology, please come to the apology flower delivery service of 360flowers.net.

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Sweet apology bouquet

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Why should you give flowers to apologize?

In life, besides the happy and sweet times, there will be times when there will be arguments and anger. Love brings us closer, anger helps us understand each other better. Pride makes us unable to say sorry and afraid to express it to the people we love. So why not use a beautiful bouquet of flowers to send a message of love?

A thousand sincere apologies

A thousand sincere apologies

Sorry flowers just like the name, they not only take the form of a beautiful bouquet, but they also bring beauty to the soul.

What flowers to apologize?

1. Rose- Is the flower symbolizing forgiveness

Rose is the flower of love, red rose is the expression of passionate love. White roses represent repentance, sincerely asking for forgiveness

Dispel anger should choose roses

Dispel anger should choose roses

2. Carnation – The flower that represents waiting

Carnations mean intense love, carnations mean apologies and show waiting. When you combine pink and white carnations together, this bouquet will symbolize an apology for missing the date and feeling sorry for it. With gentle tones, the carnation will make anger disappear.

Carnation bouquet instead of apology

Carnation bouquet instead of apology

3. Tulips - Symbol of forgiveness and apology

Tulips are chosen to convey apologies, the flowers represent rebirth and hope. The flower represents peace and forgiveness. A bouquet of tulips combined with baby flowers conveys deep care to the other person, the bouquet wishes for sincere forgiveness from those you love. In addition, Tulip carries the meaning of deep concern, which is a great choice for you when you want to send a sincere apology.

Simple apology flower pattern

Simple apology flower pattern

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The meaning of each type of sorry flower

Rose: a familiar flower that not only symbolizes passionate love, but it also replaces apologies to girlfriends when couples have conflicts. This sweet apology flower easily tames the angry girl and she will accept your sincere apology. The message that this beautiful sorry flower conveys is "Sorry to my beautiful lover for everything".

Flowers sorry girlfriend

Flowers sorry girlfriend

Carnations: With the meaning "This is the last time you have to wait", this is the most effective way to apologize to your girlfriend. If your lover is still angry by all means, then you should give this sorry flower bouquet, which is both sincere and romantic.

Beautiful apology flowers for lovers

Beautiful apology flowers for lovers

Tulips: choosing this flower as an apology flower is a great idea because this beautiful apology bouquet is meant to ask for forgiveness and show tolerance.

The most beautiful sorry flower images

The most beautiful sorry flower images

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How to choose sorry flowers for the person you love

1. Flowers to apologize to your wife

Give your wife a bouquet of purple roses to apologize to show your sincere and deep apology. Purple rose is a flower that represents loyalty and passionate love. In addition, the bouquet of blue roses to apologize to your wife represents intense and eternal love for only you.

Exquisite apology flower

Exquisite apology flower

2. Flowers apologize to the lover

To apologize to your lover, you can choose flowers to apologize to your lover like roses with the main color being red or pink, because red is the color of passionate and burning love. Or bouquets of pink roses express the sweetness of love, it seems that you are telling your lover that, let's build a sweet love together and do not talk about disagreements.

Sorry flowers to the lover express your passionate and burning love

Sorry flowers to the lover express your passionate and burning love

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