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Tulip flowers - Nostalgic about the beautiful country of the Netherlands!

When it comes to tulips, people will surely think of the beautiful Netherlands. However, tulips originate from another country. Do you know which country tulips are in? Fresh Flowers 360 will reveal to readers interesting secrets about tulips. You will surely be surprised.
mục lục

Do tulips come from the Netherlands?

Where are the tulips? Referring to tulips is referring to the beautiful and passionate Netherlands. But really in which country did the tulips appear first? The origin of the first beautiful tulips did not come from the Netherlands, but it came from the Himalayas. Then, it was shipped to and planted a lot in Iran, Turkey. And the tulip itself is the national flower of Iran and Afghanistan. The name tulip comes from the word "Tulipant" which means head scarf of Turkish women. Because the shape of the tulip is like the oil turban of Middle Eastern women.

Hình ảnh đẹp về hoa tulip đỏ

Gorgeous tulips

The first time beautiful tulips appeared in the Netherlands was in 1593, in the garden of Leiden University. Thanks to its charming beauty and captivating charm, tulips quickly caught the eyes of many people and became a sought-after flower. At that time, in the Netherlands, the "fever" of hunting for tulips was very strong. Specifically, in the 1630s, the tulip variety was sold at a sky-high price, about 10,000 Dutch gilder per bulb. This price is equivalent to a floating house on the river in Amsterdam.

Collection of beautiful tulips bursting with life

The irresistible beauty of tulips

The characteristics of tulips are herbaceous plants, growing from bulbs, leaves growing from stems, elongated and glossy green. Flowers grow at the tip of the branches, there are single-petaled and double-petaled flowers. The color of tulips is very diverse: white, pink, purple, yellow, red,...striped or not... The whole tulip tree exudes a noble, gentle, and full of vitality beauty.

Hình ảnh hoa tulip trắng

Pure and noble white tulips

The most beautiful tulips in the world are considered to be the most diverse of all flowers. Currently, in the world, there are more than 100 varieties of tulips with vibrant and attractive colors, in which the Netherlands is the place to develop the most flower varieties such as Single Late, Crystar Satar, Orange Balloon, Pink Present...They are available in a wide range of colors and floral shapes.

Tulip syndrome in history

Looking at the beautiful and attractive tulips, surely all of us want to know about the legend of tulips and the meaning of tulips. Legend has it that, once upon a time in a small village, in the family of an old farmer, there was a girl named Tulip who was very beautiful and charming. Her beauty made the boys in the village wish to have, the good news spread far, Tulip caught the eye of the landlord. On a sunny day, Tulip brought rice for his father as usual. On that long and deep road to bring rice, she was kidnapped by the landlord to come back to weave carpets for him.

Nguồn gốc của hoa tulip vàng

The brilliant beauty of yellow tulips

Tulip is like the girls who were kidnapped before, locked in a dark house, boring and boring life. Dark summers, desperate autumns, cold winters, and lonely spring colors keep repeating. The life of a girl full of dreams is tied up, along with a longing for her father, Tulip must come to a decision: either die or return to freedom. Then, with the help of a girl working with her, Tulip broke through the broken wall, her body covered in blood. She tried to run as fast as she could, but the more she ran, the louder the hooves of the horses behind her. She knew she couldn't escape, so she risked herself at the foot of the horse's hooves, and the landlord fell to the ground. And she was covered in blood and fell face down in the white snow. Miraculously, the next morning, in the cold white snow - where Tulip buried, red flowers bloomed. And from here, a flower named Tulip has entered the list of the most beautiful flowers in the world, adorning life with more meaning.

Hoa tulip đen đẹp mang ý nghĩa gì

Black tulips have a magical beauty

Based on the legend of the tulip, the main meaning is a symbol of perseverance, courage, and determination not to succumb to the winds of life. So, when you give someone red tulips, you are sending them a compliment and feeling admiring their courage.

The meaning of white tulips

The white tulip itself represents love and passion. In particular,the white tulips are also associated with peace or it also mean "victory", it signifies that you have won something expected in life.

Hoa tulip trắng đẹp hiện nay

Vẻ đẹp cao sang quý phái của hoa tulip trắng

There are many meanings attached to white tulips, and among them are purity and innocence. This paved the way for a more romantic meaning of the white tulip which is pure and perfect love. This is also the reason why many people choose white tulips as the main flower in their weddings.

The meaning of yellow tulips

Yellow tulips have symbols associated with friendship. However, many meanings of these tulips also exist. Yellow represents the sun. Therefore, it is used to give gifts to friends and relatives. Yellow tulips represent positive and fresh energy. At the same time, these tulips also symbolize rejection in love. Therefore, when choosing tulips to give to someone you love or have feelings for, you should pay attention to avoid choosing yellow tulips!

Ý nghĩa hoa tulip vàng

The noble beauty of white tulips

The meaning of red tulips

The story goes that a prince named Farhad was attacked by a maiden named Shirin. When Farhad learned that Shirin had been killed, he was heartbroken to commit suicide - riding over the edge of a cliff. It is said that a bright red tulip grows from every drop of his blood. Therefore, the red tulip means "perfect love".

hinh ảnh hoa tulip đẹp nhất

The most beautiful Dutch red tulips in the world

In feng shui, the red color of tulips is especially suitable for people of the Fire par. Therefore, this person can use tulips to decorate at home or work to bring good luck.

The velvety red color of the tulip petals symbolizes the heart of a lover, containing heat and passion. Red tulips show sweet charm. Therefore, a bouquet of bright red tulips will be an intense yet subtle confession when you want to confess to your loved one. For lovers, couples, bouquets of red tulips will replace words to say about a lasting love.

The meaning of pink tulips

Pink tulips are used to symbolize perfect happiness. These flowers are often used to mean best wishes. Pink and red tulips have some similar meanings. Pink tulips are also used to show care and concern.

Ý nghĩa vẻ đẹp hoa tulip hồng

Pink tulips symbol of undying love

How to keep tulips fresh for a long time?

Tulips after cutting can stay fresh for 5 to 7 days, but you can still keep tulips fresh for longer by the following preservation methods:
- Buy flowers before they bloom to keep them fresh for as long as possible
- After buying, cut the flower stalk diagonally to make the flower absorb water faster
- Cut the leaves below the base, because the leaves will spoil faster than the flowers and to gather water and nutrients to feed the flowers
- Clean the vase to remove bacteria and chemicals from soap that can easily rot plants
- Use slightly cold water to pour into the vase to help keep the flowers bloom slower and fresher for longer
- Add a little lemon juice, coins, vinegar... to help with antibacterial and acidic substances to help flowers stay fresh longer
- Buy nutrients or preservatives for flowers at fresh flower shops
- Store in cool places below 30 degrees Celsius, avoid direct sunlight or near electronic devices
cách bảo quản hoa tulip
How to preserve tulips?

The most beautiful flowers combined with tulips

Tulips are often planted or bunched alone because of their simple, delicate shape. Tulips do not have a special shape or texture, so the simpler the arrangement, the more elegant and gentle they are. But there are also beautiful and unique combinations of tulips and other flowers.

Bó hoa tulip tím với hoa salem

Bouquet of pink tulips with purple salem flowers

Bó hoa tulip với hoa lá phụ

Bouquet of tulips with side flowers

Tulips are combined with beautiful small flowers such as salem flowers, baby flowers, dollar leaves, making the bouquet more vivid and pretty but not blurring the tulips.

Bó hoa tulip kết hợp hoa hồng trắng

Bouquet of tulips with white roses

Tulips are combined with other white flowers such as baby flowers, white roses and auspicious flowers that are both pure and simple, not only can be given as gifts on ordinary occasions, but a bouquet like this can be used as a holding flower. The bride's hand is also very suitable.

bó hoa tulip mix cẩm tú cầu

Bouquet of tulips and hydrangeas

Tulips combined with other outstanding flowers do not accentuate the beauty of the flowers, but make the vibrant bouquet softer, softer and more elegant.

On what occasions do you give tulips?

The splendid beauty of Dutch tulips brings a fresh and lively New Year's Eve space. Whether appearing in any space from home or office, this flower is always an attractive highlight. Tulips are most beautiful when planted in porcelain pots, decorated on desks, living rooms, bedrooms, dining tables, balconies, TV shelves, bookshelves, reception desks.... They bring a fresh and energetic atmosphere, improve mood, improve labor productivity, work efficiency, and relax the soul.

Tặng hoa tulip vào những dịp nào

The sweetest pink tulips

In addition, arranging tulips in jars or in bunches does not take much effort but still promotes the inherent gentle beauty. If you want your home to be more vibrant, plant tulips in a flowerbed or in the garden in front of the house entrance as an invitation to show the host's hospitality. When planting, you should choose flowers with similar blooms to create harmony.

Tặng bó hoa tulip vàng cho người thân

Give a bouquet of yellow tulips to your loved ones

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What is the market price of tulips?

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Giá hoa tulip trên thị trường hiên nay là bao nhiêu?

What is the price of tulips on the market today?

Shop selling cheap tulips

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