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Flowers for mothers are considered a form of expressing the children's affection for the person who created, raised and raised them to be human. People often give flowers to their mothers on special occasions such as March 8, October 20, Mother's Day, Mother's Birthday,...or simply give flowers to their mother because they want to make her smile every day. But if you are wondering what flowers to buy for your mother, don't worry, 360 Fresh Flowers will help you choose the most beautiful and meaningful bouquet for your mother.

Hoa tặng mẹ

Những bó hoa tặng mẹ tuyệt vời nhất

mục lục

Original and meaning of Mother's Day

Mother's Day is a day for children to express their respect, gratitude and honor to their mother - who has always taken care of, taught, and spent all night and morning when they were sick, always making silent sacrifices. for you, always be forgiving with your mistakes….and especially always love you unconditionally. On this day, you often make your mother happy by giving her flowers, or it can also be a gift, or a meal cooked by yourself,....

Hoa tặng mẹ thân yêu

Hoa dành tặng cho mẹ đều được những người con thực hiện hằng năm

Mother's Day has its origins in ancient Greece and Rome. The festival of gratitude for mothers was held annually in the spring and the Greeks at that time often offered sacrifices to the goddesses, especially the god Rhea - the mother of many gods in Greek mythology. Another document says that the origin of Mother's Day first appeared in England around 1600. This day is celebrated every year, 40 days before Easter to honor mothers. On Mother's Day, children often had the custom of giving their mother flowers or fruit cake. However, this custom gradually fell into oblivion in the nineteenth century.

Nguồn gốc và ý nghĩa ngày của Mẹ

Nguồn gốc và ý nghĩa ngày của Mẹ

In the US, thanks to the patience and struggle of a girl named Anna Jarvis in the state of Philadelphia - USA, Mother's Day has become an official holiday. Mother's Day has been celebrated in many countries around the world on the 2nd Sunday of May. In Vietnam, Mother's Day has been introduced into our country since the beginning of the 21st century. Although it has not become an official holiday, many people still consider this a special occasion to give their mothers love and meaningful gifts.

ý nghĩa hoa tặng mẹ

Hộp hoa tặng mẹ vào ngày 8/3 ý nghĩa

On any occasions to give mother flowers?

For some Western countries, it is usually the second Sunday of May every year. For Vietnamese people, in addition to Vu Lan's filial piety to parents, October 20 "Vietnamese women's day" is also considered an important holiday for mothers. On this special day, in addition to sending mom good wishes, roses for mom, or peonies, sunflowers for mom or maybe a gift for mom is also a way to express gratitude to her - who have raised and cared for me for all these years.

Hoa mừng ngày của mẹ đẹp nhất

Đóa hoa tặng mẹ trong ngày “ MOTHER DAY”

On this special day, in addition to the wishes sent to your mother, flowers are also a great gift to express gratitude to your mother, because - flowers are a talking gift.

Bó hoa hồng đỏ tặng mẹ ý nghĩa

Bó hoa hồng đỏ tặng mẹ ý nghĩa

Flowers for mom on March 8

8/3 is not only for girls, it's also for our beloved mother. Let's discover which flowers match your mother's personality best to surprise and happiness with a bouquet of 8/3 flowers for her with loving wishes! Choose a meaningful flower pattern for your mother on this occasion, it will make your mother extremely warm.

Giỏ hoa tặng mẹ 8/3 đẹp nhất

Hoa tặng mẹ- điều hạnh phúc nhất 

Flowers for mom on October 20

A bouquet of fresh flowers given to mother on October 20 is not only a wish to her mother, but also shows the love and gratitude of a child to her mother on the upcoming holiday.

Lẵng hoa tươ tặng mẹ ngày 20/10

Hoa tặng mẹ - mỗi điều hạnh phúc

Flowers for mom as an apology

Flowers help to calm our soul, no one can help but feel angry when seeing a fresh flower, showing off its color. Using flowers to give your mother an apology is a sincere and delicate way of showing civilized behavior. Understanding your needs,360 Fresh Flowers will design the most beautiful apology flowers for you to say sorry to your dear mother.

Bó hoa hướng dương tặng mẹ thay lời xin lỗi

Hoa xin lỗi mẹ - phút dỗi hờn

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Flowers for mom's birthday
Mother's birthday - is an opportunity for children to express their gratitude and love for their parents' day and night care work with meaningful gifts. Instead of choosing luxurious and expensive gifts but not sure that your mother will like them, flowers for your mother's birthday are always your top priority. You know, grandparents have a saying "give nothing by giving", mom won't care how expensive or luxurious the gift you give her is, but what she cares about is how the children give the gift. , giving flowers for mom's birthday. So, don't forget to say love to your mother on this special day!

Giỏ hoa mừng sinh nhật mẹ theo phong cách hàn quốc

Giỏ hoa mừng sinh nhật mẹ theo phong cách hàn quốc

Flowers for mom - I still miss my mom when I go away

Dear friend, it is only when we are away that we feel love for our family and also when we are far away can we see how good our mother is right?. It's not a special day, just today you suddenly miss your mother dearly, you want to give her a beautiful flower basket to show her gratitude, but you are far away. Then don't worry, we will thank your mother on your behalf!

Hoa tặng mẹ - đi xa vẫn nhớ đến mẹ

Hoa tặng mẹ - đi xa vẫn nhớ đến mẹ

The most meaningal gift for mother

Fresh flowers are always one of the gifts that are not only easy to choose but also help you easily express your sincere feelings to your mother. However, not every bouquet you can choose, because for each type of flower, the bouquet carries its own message or in other words, they are all aimed at different audiences. Let's go with 360 Fresh Flowers to refer to the following beautiful flower samples for mom:
Sunflowers for mom
Sunflowers with bright and cheerful colors are often used as birthday flowers for mothers. Sunflower symbolizing health, longevity and happy life will be the best birthday wishes you can give to your mother. With sunflowers for mom to avoid monotony, you can combine them with white roses, or a little lily, carnation are all very beautiful and suitable for making flowers for mom on her birthday.

Bó hoa hướng dương- Nụ cười rạng rỡ

 Bó hoa hướng dương nụ cười rạng rỡ

Roses for mom

Roses are colorful and diverse with different meanings, not only representing the love of the couple. Roses also convey a message of gratitude. So roses for mom is the next suggestion that we want to suggest to you. Bouquets will help you send your message to your mother in the most sincere and recognizable way. A bouquet of white roses to give to your mother shows respect, and if you give her a bouquet of yellow roses, it will show gratitude and deep thanks to your beloved mother. In addition, other colors also bring special meanings for Mother, so you can choose any flower color your mother loves.

Hộp hoa hồng nhẹ nhàng món quà tặng mẹ ý nghĩa

Hộp hoa hồng nhẹ nhàng món quà tặng mẹ ý nghĩa


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Phalaenopsis orchids for mom
Orchids bring an elegant, noble and luxurious beauty. Orchid gift to mother is an expression of deep gratitude for her mother's nurturing and great sacrifices for her children, moreover, she also wishes her mother to be healthy and always happy. And orchids also mean filial piety, orchids celebrating mother's birthday are really a useful gift. If your mother takes good care, she can still play for 3-4 months.

Hoa lan tặng mẹ, sang trọng và ý nghĩa

Hoa tặng mẹ - hạnh phúc trào dâng

Lily flowers for mom

Next will be a bouquet of lilies for mom, it can be said that one of the flowers that mothers love very much is lilies. Because perhaps the flowers are not only beautiful but also durable, and especially they are very fragrant, the fragrance is extremely attractive and seductive. The lily symbolizes the joy, happiness and virtue of a woman. Pink lilies are the most suitable choice to make flowers for mom on her birthday.

Bó hoa ly đẹp nhất tặng ngày của Mẹ

Hoa tặng mẹ -  lòng biết ơn

Lotus flowers for mom
The lotus is considered the national flower of Vietnam with its elegant and simple beauty, the flower symbolizing the most sacred and noble things. Lotus flowers are given to mother on the occasion of her birthday, or 8/3, 20/10 as a deep gratitude, wish her mother can be at peace, forever and ever with her children and grandchildren.

Lẵng hoa sen lòng biết ơn gửi đến mẹ

Lẵng hoa sen lòng biết ơn gửi đến mẹ

Carnations for mom

Carnations are always known as the most popular flowers for mothers. Carnations given to mothers represent gratitude and love. While red carnations signify admiration. The white carnation is a flower used to remember the mother, even though she is no longer in the world.
If your mother receives a bouquet/basket of carnations with a card to send her words of love, it will be the most meaningful gift for her.

Bó hoa cẩm chướng - quà tặng mẹ ấm ám

Bó hoa cẩm chướng - quà tặng mẹ ấm ám

Suggestions for samples for given to mother in stylish

What is your mother like? Do you know? Explore to see which flowers will suit your mother.
The "delicate and elegant" mother
Your mother is very stylish and attractive. She always looks amazing in any situation. Talking about her, we immediately think of a harmonious combination of sophistication and elegance. She has a graceful figure and an irresistible charm, so the appropriate flower for her mother might be a tulip. A flower that blooms only in spring. Or it can be a peony for mom, or an elegant lotus, or a gentle - delicate carnation.

Bó hoa tulip vàng tặng mẹ tuyệt vời

Bó hoa tulip vàng tặng mẹ tuyệt vời

The "housewife" mother
Your mother always knows how to make the short moments in life bring joy to those around them. Your beloved mother has the style of roses because roses look so elegant and always make everything around them brighter and more beautiful. Therefore, a bouquet of roses for mom is a great choice.

Bó hoa hồng giản đơn tặng mẹ

Bó hoa hồng giản đơn tặng mẹ 

The "strange" mother

With a strange beauty, adventurous and never boring people around, this mother has the style of orchids. Everything related to mother is unique, rare and surprises others. Mom doesn't fear or prevent you from venturing into new worlds. Orchids given to her mother show elegance and elegance but are very temperamental.

hoa lan hồ điệp dành tặng mẹ yêu

Hoa lan hồ điệp trắng dành tặng mẹ yêu

The "friendly" mother
Your mother attracts people with her grace before they realize it. Mom always smiles to those around her, always letting everyone feel the positive energy when she is around her. So the sunflower gift for mother is the most appropriate. Because sunflowers are like aura, a respect and friendliness.

Bó hoa hướng dương hạnh phúc vuông tròn

Bó hoa hướng dương hạnh phúc vuông tròn

The "great friend" mother
Carnations for your mother will be very appropriate if your mother is a sociable and lovely person. The person with the carnation style will always listen and help you accomplish the great things in your life, and be the one to sympathize with your mistakes.

Bó hoa cẩm chướng đẹp nhất tặng mẹ

Bó hoa cẩm chướng đẹp nhất tặng mẹ

The "skillful" mother
If your mother is a patient, listening and understanding woman, a basket of chrysanthemums for her, or gerbera flowers for her will be very suitable for her.

hoa tặng mẹ- hy vọng mẹ mãi hạnh phúc

Hoa tặng mẹ- hy vọng mẹ mãi hạnh phúc

Where to buy the best flowers for mon in Ho Chi Minh City?

By now you probably know what style your mother has and which flowers are suitable for you? And in Ho Chi Minh city, it must be difficult for you to buy a bouquet of flowers for your mother, right? But where is the best place to buy flowers for mom? The most reasonable price? The most enthusiastic and hospitable staff ?Come to us, 360 Fresh Flowers where all kinds of beautiful flowers are gathered and nicely decorated. Especially 360 Fresh Flowers has free home delivery service fee. What are you waiting for, quickly visit the website and order now to get 10% discount and free shipping!

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