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Funeral flowers are used to decorate the room for the funeral, the coffin and then the gravesite. Those who attend a funeral service often bring mourning bouquets or sympathy arrangements as a display of condolances for the dearly departed. All of our funeral flowers are hand-crafted with the utmost care by our 360flowers artisan florists, working with you to create a meaningful tribute for your loved one.

Condolence wreaths express your respect for the deceased

Condolence wreaths express your respect for the deceased

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Criteria for choosing condolence wreaths

The funeral wreaths on solemn funeral days help express feelings, share words with the bereaved family, and ease the pain of loss for the deceased. The flower shelves for condolence need a simple design with gentle, delicate tones but show solemnity. Funeral wreaths must comply with strict regulations that white as the dominant color.
Condolence flower shelf to encourage each other to overcome the pain of loss
Condolence flower shelf to encourage each other to overcome the pain of loss
When giving funeral wreaths, do not forget the region, whether funeral flowers or condolence flowers must be designed delicately and accordance with the culture of each region. In the North, condolence flower shelves are arranged in 4 circles combined with coconut leaves like an oval. Flower shelves used in the North are more diverse when combined with yellow tone.
In the South, for funeral wreaths to express your thoughts and condolences, you should choose a funeral flower arrangement in a pattern such as a circle, an equilateral triangle or a pointed triangle, an oval or simply a pattern.

Wreaths and flower shelves for funeral condolences with cheap price at 360flowers.net

Order cheap funeral condolence flowers

Sending a wreath of condolences for the funeral will show your respect to the deceased, bringing hope and comfort to us who are still alive. Every funeral flower has a special meaning, the condolence flower shelf has the meaning of paying respects, mourning for the deceased and sharing the pain with the family, but it is necessary to choose the type of flower, the color of the flower depending on the age and gender of the deceased to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings. 

Funeral wreaths of condolence

Funeral wreaths of condolence

Condolence wreaths show respect and mourning for the deceased

Condolence wreaths show respect and mourning for the deceased

Type of funeral flowers at 360flowers.net 

From time immemorial, each flower has its own message. Some flowers are used to congratulate, others are used to apologize, in which others are used to replace condolences, express condolences to relatives, friends and acquaintances before the moment of death. Meaningful funeral flowers instead of mourning for the deceased and comfort, sharing sadness with your family should choose flowers such as chrysanthemum, orchid, lily, lily, peony, carnation hydrangea, hydrangea,...

Luxury funeral flower shelfs with white tone

Luxury funeral flower shelfs with white tone

Normally, condolence flower shelves have many colors, but the main colors are purple, yellow and white:
- Pink and white flowers: are colors used for funerals of young children.
- Yellow: this is a sad color used a lot in funerals, creating respect, nostalgia and sincere mourning in memory of the deceased of the visitors.

- Purple: Most used in a woman's funeral, remembering a loved one who has passed away...

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The significance of flowers for a funeral

- Daisies signify peace and hope.

- Snapdragons represent graciousness and strength.

- Lavender signifies grace, purity and devotion.

- Tulips represent love, peace and hope.

- Orchids signify hope, peace, courage and love.

- Gladiolus represent strength and integrity.

- Calla lilies signify resurrection and rebirth.

- Yellow lilies represent thankfulness.

- Iris flowers signify faith, hope, courage, wisdom and admiration.

Condolence flower shelf with white chrysanthemums

Condolence flower shelf with white chrysanthemums

Condolence flower shelf with orchids

Condolence flower shelf with orchids

Instructions for choosing a condolence wreath pattern in Ho Chi Minh City

1. Condolence flowers round shape

The funeral wreaths of condolence represent the earth, heaven and reincarnation of people, born from the earth, living in the human world and returning to dust when they die.

Condolence flowers round shape

Condolence flowers round shape

2. Funeral spray Oval shape

Classic funeral arrangement is often oval-shaped flower arrangements, without too many by-materials. A generously designed classic funeral piece is also very suitable as a casing cover.

Funeral spray Oval shape

Funeral spray Oval shape

3.  Funeral Standing Cross Flower Arrangements

If you have lost a family member, friend, or loved one, chances are good that you will think of flowers as a way to remember their life and presence on earth. If the family or the deceased is a Christian, a fitting flower arrangement might be flowers on stand, cross shaped. The Christian symbolism is a powerful message of hope that the deceased is in God's hands, enjoying peace and rest.

Funeral Standing Cross Flower Arrangements

Funeral Standing Cross Flower Arrangements

The most beautiful condolence flowers

At Hoatuoi 360, we always create condolence flower shelves in different styles, from traditional to modern styles, from simple to sophisticated flower shelves. In addition to the funeral flower patterns available on the website, customers can also choose flower patterns which you like. Let's see the most popular condolence flowers at 360flowers!

Modern style condolence flower shelf
Modern style condolence flower shelf
Kệ hoa chia buồn kết hợp nhiều loại hoa
Condolence flower shelf combined with different types of flowers
Impressive condolence flower shelf
Impressive condolence flower shelf

The most beautiful, touching and meaningful funeral condolences

The best and most meaningful funeral condolences:

1. On behalf of the brotherhood, I would like to express my condolences to the family. Everyone will have to leave, hope the family will try to overcome this difficult time.

2. Pray for the soul.... will return to the good realm. This flower basket serves as a reminder that we will always remember you. Rest in peace you!

3. This wreath is our most sincere condolences to the family. I hope the family gets through this difficult time. Extremely sorry.

4. Everyone will have to leave eventually, we will always remember your good deeds and deeds... Please allow us to share this sadness with your family.

5. Birth, old age, sickness and death, every human being has to go through. I hope that he/she/you/her/uncle will be able to escape and return to the realm of the realm. Please allow my family to share this sadness with me!

Sending funeral wreaths should be accompanied by deep condolences

Sending funeral wreaths should be accompanied by deep condolences

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Funeral flower delivery in Vietnam

Condolence flower service in Ho Chi Minh City is committed to delivering flowers within 60 minutes in the inner city and 90 minutes for suburban locations from the time you order funeral flowers. With a team of professional and knowledgeable staff, skilled florists as well as professional shippers in delivery, surely funeral flowers service will help you send the most beautiful and fastest condolence flower shelves.
Impressive condolence flower shelf
Impressive condolence flower shelf

Buying funeral flowers online to Vietnam

360flowers.net is a reputable address where you can trust and order cheap funeral wreaths. We will repay your trust in the deepest way with funeral flower services to help you show all your deep feelings, sympathy for the passing of a human life.

Condolence wreaths express feelings

Condolence wreaths express your feelings

When you order funeral flowers from 360flowers, a skilled and compassionate florist works directly with the funeral home to ensure that your delivery is timely and accurate. Let us take care of assisting you in sending a beautiful funeral flower arrangement to celebrate the life of someone who was precious to you.

To order funeral flowers delivery you can always trust the professionals. Our florists are familiar with the mourning traditions of flower decoration and will help you choose the right composition or shelf. Same day flower delivery guarantees fresh flowers, delivered on time.

Do you wanna sends funeral flowers online to Vietnam? No matter how far you are away, contact us. 

If you need help or any question, please contact florist shop online in Vietnam at:

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