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The lily symbolizes undying love, despite going through many ups and downs, that love remains steadfast, faithful, and ironic. Therefore, when you have loved someone and want to stay connected with them for the rest of your life, give a bouquet of lilies with the meaning that "I want to love you all my life, my love for you is forever".
mục lục

What country do lilies come from?

The origin of lilies originates from China, which is the earliest lily - growing country in the world. This is proved by the record in the ancient document "Shen Nong Manuscript", with many uses, so the lily tuber is used for food and medicine. According to historical records, lily bulbs have been used since the Tang Dynasty of China. But before the Tang Dynasty, the lily was a flower recorded in legendary singers, becoming the boundless inspiration of writers of the Tang and Song dynasties.
With its captivating beauty and many health benefits, lilies were propagated and grown in large numbers by China in 1765. The places where many lilies were grown at that time were Suzhou, Gansu, Sichuan, Yunnan…

Nguồn gốc của hoa ly

The lily was introduced from Europe to the Americas

Until the sixteenth century, British botanists had ushered in a new era for lilies, discovering and naming varieties of lilies. By the early 17th century, lilies were introduced from Europe to the Americas. And in the 18th century, at that time Chinese lilies were introduced to Europe. With its beauty and seductive aroma, lilies are now widely grown all over the world. In Vietnam, lilies are grown a lot in Da Lat, Sapa, Lang Son...

What are the outstanding features of lilies?

The most beautiful lily is a hermaphroditic, solitary flower, flowers growing in the leaf axis or tops, flowers with 5 petals with different colors, including: white lily, yellow lily, purple lily, pink lily, tiger lily...The lily has a passionate and seductive fragrance. The characteristic of lilies is that the inside of the petals may have small protruding thorn-like dots. Stamens and pistils are long and thin, slightly curved. Many people believe that the fragrance of lilies comes from the pistil. Legend has it that lily is a light-loving plant, suitable for cool climate conditions, light intensity is not too high; grown by separating tubers.

đặc điểm nổi bật của hoa ly

The lily has a strong and seductive scent

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The meaning of white lily

Unlike roses, lilies do not represent romance. From the time of Victory or in British royal weddings, bouquets of white lilies are often indispensable. Only white lilies in the wedding reveal their role most clearly. The lily symbolizes humility, nobility and purity. The faithfulness of the girl and the happiness of the couple, so the white lily is favored by many brides.

Ý nghĩa Những bó hoa ly trắng

Bouquets of white lilies bring elegance and modernity

In the West, people often use white lilies to give to the Virgin Mary. Flowers bring pure beauty, gratitude, dedication to mother. In daily life, you can also give it to your beloved mother. The white lily brings the beauty of a long and beautiful gathering, the interference of heaven and earth. So in the first days of spring, lilies will bring fortune, prosperity and peace to everyone.

The meaning of the yellow lily

For a long time, yellow lily has been known as a flower that brings to itself the nobility, nobility, a gentle beauty that other flowers do not possess. Thanks to that, lilies are very suitable for giving to family members, friends and congratulating on important events such as opening flowers, graduation, anniversary, etc.

Ý nghĩa hoa ly vàng

The meaning of the yellow lily in life

Right from the shape of the yellow lily, the long petals, the large, smooth and straight version create a noble and noble appearance. It is thanks to the brilliant yellow color that shows the elegance, symbolizing the personality of people. Thanks to the meaning of the yellow lily, when receiving these flowers, part of them also feel the wishes from the giver.
The meaning of the yellow lily is also known as the pure soul of youth, the beautiful yellow lily because of both its form and its value. That is why writers and poets have used the image of lilies to symbolize the personality and soul of a woman. The overall pictures are harmoniously combined with images of beautiful yellow lily flowers.

The meaning of red lily

Red lilies or other colored lilies have the common scientific name Lilium Longiflorum or lily. Originating from Eastern countries, especially since ancient times, the Chinese used the name lily on important days such as weddings. They hope for consummation, a hundred years of harmony. Up to now, lilies are present everywhere in the world.

Hình ảnh đẹp về hoa ly đỏ

Red lilies are everywhere and have become very familiar to Vietnamese people.

Red lily has a noble and seductive beauty that captivates many people. The red lily also represents passion, aspiration and passion, making the surrounding atmosphere energetic and full of vitality. Red is also the color representing youth, red lily is the enthusiasm of youth. Many young people both in the East and in the West use red lily flowers to make hand-held flowers or headbands on occasions such as weddings and important festivals. Because the red lily symbolizes happiness, optimism and fidelity as well as the old age, living together for up to a hundred years.                          

The meaning of pink lily

Pink lilies symbolize ambition, pride, and dare to face difficult challenges. So often used as a gift on the occasion of opening or graduation.

Ý nghĩa hoa ly hồng

The beauty of pink lilies captivates people

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Giving opening flowers as a meaningful gift

Lilies, also known as lily flowers, are beautiful and popular flowers that are popularly used as gifts, flower arrangements to put on the desk, decorate the family dinner table because the flowers have a gentle and fresh fragrance long. That's why this flower is used by many people in the flower industry in the opening flower, they decorate the design and create each wreath, flower basket, opening flower shelf all have beautiful lilies with many colors like white, yellow, pink different. The lily is always a symbol of happiness, for purity and innocence, bringing a sincere and sweet affection deeply, adding elegance, nobility and wealth on the opening day.

Tặng hoa ly khai trương hồng phát

The yellow lily is used as the opening flower to symbolize money

In feng shui, the opening lily is a flower representing luck, fortune, wealth, and wealth. Therefore, choosing lilies as the opening flower is that you are wishing the owner of the ceremony to reap much success in his business career.

Kệ hoa ly khai trương phong cách hàn

Lilies are used in the opening flower shelf to bring luck to the owner

The lily symbolizes wealth. It is often used during special holidays and in a beautiful location. It is often used in making lily flowers to wish the recipient always rich and lucky. Lilies not only make the opening ceremony space more luxurious, modern and brilliant. But it also brings a lot of luck and good luck to the owner on this special day.

Interesting facts about lilies

- There are hundreds of different varieties of cups with more than 1,000 colors found all over the world.
- The English name of the lily is Lily. The name comes from the Greek word "Leirion".

Hình ảnh mẫu hoa ly đẹp nhất

Pictures of the most beautiful lilies

- Although it is one of the flowers that contain low levels of toxins. But lilies can be used as food thanks to their high calorie content.

The most beautiful lily patterns

The lily is a flower that can vary from modern to classic. Let's see the most beautiful and outstanding lily samples at 360 Fresh Flowers.
Bó hoa ly kết hợp hoa hồng
Bouquet of lilies and roses
Bó hoa ly hồng rực rỡ
Bright pink lily bouquet
Bó hoa ly trắng tinh khôi
Pure white lily bouquet

How to take care of long-lasting lilies

Lily plant is one of the familiar flowers to us, often decorated by Vietnamese people in their homes or placed on family altars, people often want to keep lilies fresh for as long as possible to display them in a special way Tet holiday. We'll show you how to keep lilies fresh for the longest time.
- After buying flowers, cut the root and remove the leaves to collect nutrients to feed the flowers
- Add a few solutions to the water (lemonade, vinegar, bleach, coins...) these will provide acid and help disinfect to help flowers last longer
- After the flower blooms, remove the yellow pistil inside to avoid causing dirt
- Should put flowers in a cool place, avoid direct light, away from electronic devices with high temperature.
- Change the water twice a day in the morning and evening to keep the flowers fresh

Cách giữ hoa ly tươi lâu

How to keep lilies fresh for a long time

The image of lilies in the eyes of Hanoi people

Hình ảnh vườn hoa ly trong mắt người Hà Nội

The image of a lily garden in the eyes of Hanoi people

A family in Hanoi said that they planted 4 sao of lilies, but now 2/3 have bloomed. If the weather is cold from now until Tet, maybe the remaining original glasses will be able to welcome Tet. Currently, each bouquet of 10 beautiful lilies with 3-5 ears will cost from 170,000-180,000 VND. Meanwhile, if the flowers bloom on the right occasion of the Lunar New Year, the price will be about 350,000-370,000/bundle of 10 branches.

Hình ảnh vườn hoa ly trong mắt người Hà Nội

The lily garden is in bloom at a famous garden in Hanoi

Hình ảnh vườn hoa ly trong mắt người Hà Nội

People in Hanoi harvest lilies

Is the price of lilies expensive?

The Vietnamese market divides lilies into 5-ear lilies, 3-ear lilies, 2-ear lilies, and 1-ear lilies. The more flowers in the bouquet, the higher the price.
The price of lilies depends on the type of flower
There are three main types of lilies in the Vietnamese market: LA non-fragrant lilies, OT aromatic lilies and OR scented lilies. The LA non-fragrant flowers have a relatively low selling price, while the fragrant cups are much more expensive.

Giá hoa ly tại thị trường có cao không?

Is the price of lilies in the market high?

The price of lilies depends on the time of purchase
This is the factor that has the greatest influence on the price of lilies. Due to the large demand for double lilies for various purposes, lilies are often more expensive at the following times:
- Days of the month (1st lunar month and 15th lunar month)
- Special days such as October 20, November 20, March 8, Noel, New Year, Buddha's birthday...
- Lunar New Year: The demand for Tet lilies is the highest in the whole year, because the demand for Tet flowers exceeds the supply capacity, the price at the garden for a beautiful bouquet can be up to more than 700 thousand VND.
- Festivals after the Lunar New Year.
The main farming methods on lily farms today are still heavily dependent on the weather, so the time to harvest the flowers may not be the same as the gardener's expectations. This makes at the time of the days immediately after the special occasions, the price of lilies tends to decrease deeply, the difference is large.

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