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Top 3 bird's nests - The best bird's nests are popular today

Salanganes'Nest is a food taken from the nest of a bird's nest, known as a "panacea" that is very good for health. Are you looking for a place to sell reputable bird's nest? You do not know the appropriate dose of bird's nest for each object. Check out the article below to get more useful information.
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Delicious and nutritious ready-made bird's nest

Bird's nest is a processed product, combined with many high-quality ingredients, to become a nutritious beverage for both children and adults. You are a busy person who does not have time to process bird's nest, so choose ready-made bird's nest with the same nutritional content, helping the body recover quickly. Bird's nest at 360 Fresh Flowers are imported from reputable brands, has been tested for quality with the best price in the market, you can rest assured to use it. The price of ready-made oats is not too expensive, fluctuates around 500,000 VND, suitable for many people's pocket.

Tổ yến chưng sẵn thơm ngon bổ dưỡng phù hợp với mọi đối tượng

Ready-made delicious and nutritious bird's nest suitable for all subjects

Premium bird's nest

Premium Bird's Nest has been cleaned to remove feathers, dirt and impurities. It is then refined into fibers from the bird's nest before reaching the consumer. Premium bird's nest retains its natural flavor and high nutritional value. Buy premium bird's nest products, customers just need to soak in water to expand, then squeeze out the water to be able to process and use immediately. Premium bird's nests often have long, large, clear white oats with a gentle fishy smell. Currently, the price of premium bird's nest is sold on the market at about VND 1,000,000 to VND 4,000,000.

Yến sào cao cấp thường có sợi yến dài, to, màu trắng trong, thơm mùi tanh nhẹ nhàng

Premium bird's nests often have long, large, clear white oats with a gentle fishy smell

The most advanced types of bird's nest - Bird's nest today

Premium quality bird's nest

The process of processing of premium grade 1 bird's nest is similar to premium bird's nest, because they are completely cleaned into white bird's nest according to the fibers, very beautiful and luxurious. The refining process is carried out completely by hand, without impurities and chemicals, so the product quality remains the same. You can use premium bird's nest as a gift for your parents, or sick relatives. Premium bird's nest allows processing into many different dishes such as bird's nest with alum sugar, bird's nest soup, bird's nest porridge,...to nourish yourself and your family members. This is a grade 1 bird's nest, so the price is extremely expensive, the price of bird's nest fluctuates in the range of 5,000,000 million VND. Depending on your budget and needs, you should consider choosing the right product.

Yến sào cao cấp thượng hạng chế biến thành yến chưng đường phèn, canh yến, cháo yến,...

Premium bird's nest processed into alum sugar oats, bird's nest soup, bird's nest porridge, ...

The effect of bird's nest - ready- made bird's nest

Salanganes'Nest - ready-made bird's nest is a premium product with high nutritional value suitable for people who are weak in health, the elderly need to be nourished. This is the best traditional dish with outstanding advantages such as:
- Bird's nest itself is very rich in nutrients, including 18 amino acids and proline, aspartic acid, many precious elements: ca, cu, mn, cr...very good for the digestive system, restoring damaged cells damage, increase the amount of red blood cells in the blood.
- When combined with accompanying ingredients, the nutritional value of bird's nests is doubled, which is very good for users.
- Is a nutritious food for the digestive system, strengthens the resistance, beautifies the skin, fights the aging process, increases longevity
- Quick processing time, simple way to process bird's nest with alum sugar ensures high nutritional value
- Provide many nutrients for the body, reduce stress, fatigue and for deep sleep

Tác dụng của yến sào - yến chưng sẵn rất tốt cho sức khỏe

The effect of bird's nest - ready-made bird's nest is very good for health

Subjects and dosage of effective bird's nest, ready-made bird's nest

Premium bird's nest has a very good nutritional content. However, you should not eat too much because it will not promote the effect but also easily counterproductive. To make bird's nest, ready-made bird's nest effective, immediately refer to the dosage used for each object that will help both save oats and bring maximum efficiency.
Children under 1 year old should not use bird's nest because breast milk is the best source of food. But according to studies, children under 1 year old can use bird's nest because bird's nest is made from bird's saliva, so it is rich in enzymes. Moreover, bird's nest also has a glycoprotein structure, many amino acids, and many trace elements to help the body easily absorb. However, bird's nest should only be used when the baby has too low resistance, or minor illnesses, must take antibiotics, ... to enhance immunity. Note when feeding children bird's nest when the child is 7 months old, the bird's nest must be carefully processed and pureed. The appropriate dose for children to eat is 0.5-1 gram of dried bird's nest/time. Dosage for children from 1 to 3 years old can be applied daily, 1/4 cup per day for the first month. Over the next month, use 1 time every 2 days, 1/4 cup per day.

Trẻ em dưới 1 tuổi có thể dùng yến sào

Children under 1 year old can use bird's nest

Bird's nest is a very good nutritional supplement for pregnant women. Using bird's nest every day helps to improve the health of both mother and child. In addition, eating bird's nest also helps mothers recover faster after giving birth. Pregnancy stage in the 4th month, use daily, 1 cup per day. After giving birth, use once every 3 days, 1 cup per day.

Yến sào là thực phẩm bổ sung dinh dưỡng rất tốt cho phụ nữ mang thai

Bird's nest is a very good nutritional supplement for pregnant women

In particular, the elderly and the elderly should eat a lot of bird's nest, bird's nest because there are many trace elements in the bird's nest to promote health. Bird's nest has high iron and calcium content and contains elements good for memory and nervous system such as manganese, bromine, copper, zinc. As a result, family members who eat bird's nest regularly will help enhance memory, limit insomnia and sleep better. The dosage of oats is suitable for the elderly, the first month uses 1 cup per day, an average of 150g/month. From the 2nd month onwards, use it every 2 days, about 100g/month.

Tổ yến hỗ trợ rất tốt trong việc điều trị bệnh giúp phục hồi sức khỏe nhanh hơn

Bird's nest is very supportive in the treatment of diseases to help restore health faster

For sick people, bird's nest is very supportive in treating diseases to help restore health faster. The two main components in bird's nest are glyco and protein, which provide many nutrients for the patient's body. Therefore, patients should use 1 cup of oats per day, an average of 150g/month during the treatment.

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